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The December 4 yr old thread

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Thought I'd start the new thread for a change. hungry baby calling...
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thanks sarita!!!

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dang, here i am.

leah, i'm ordering you to feel better about it all with julianna. you are smart and sensitive and giving yourself a hard time unnecessarily. she is behaving like a pain and she needs you to laugh. so many hugs to you.

ruby's tongue is covered with ulcers. nowhere else. i can't find my book, and at the time i first saw them, i didn't have the truck and my phone has quit working. i panicked and then told myself most things like this are viruses an i need to just watch for the day since she didn't seem very bothered and had no other symptoms. so now it is the middle of the night and i'm worried about it again.

there are ads to the left i am finding distracting.
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and hello sarah!:
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hey mamas!

sorry casina! i hope you get some insight or at least inner calm until things clear up.

yeah, those ads suck ballz. luckily i can just pretend they are not there. but everyonce and a while i really notice it, and i'm like WTF. /sigh @ mothering.

so my god- K slept for a couple hours then was so upset and wouldnm't let me out of her sight/feel. every time she fell back to sleep she'd wake up after i snuck out of the room. wtf. she kept saying over and over that i needed to stay by her side. one time when i went ouf the room to GO PEE OMG she had a total sobbing fit. i think this actually helped get some stuff out as she slept prett well after that, albeit i was laying next to her.
i can't get a grasp on wtf is going on w/ her. i've had NO dairy or soy that i know of. but she did have a bagel yesterday. i didn't think wheat was a culprit for us but who knows. its all a very large puzzle for me and it seems i continue to lack the pieces to make the picture whole. :/

she keeps saying she is weaning at 4, but HELLOOOOO that is in like 3 weeks. i'm thinking, HOW? lol and ftr, it is not me saying she needs to wean at 4, or even that i want her to. it is soemthing she came up w/ awhile ago. and a few days ago she told me again that when she turns four i won't need to sleep w/ her or give her munyas. poor thing must be going thru it on some level. :/

i have gotten the official go ahead from dh that when she DOES wean, i'm going away for the weekend. goddess, i can't wait. but i am not keeping my hopes up of that happening any time soon. all i know is that after 4 years i could use one or two nights of sleep.

my brother is moving out soon. he finally got custody of his boys (14 and 15 yo) and is too broke to get his own place atm (long story) so he's moving in with my parents (along with his sons). k is totally bummed, but wes is estactic since we'll be able to have sex in the kitchen at will now.
i will miss him, esp since k really loves him and loves to hang out with him and it was like havinga live in distractor. but, he's alos bi polar, who is past drug addict and a current self medicator. lol I love him, and we have a very close connection, but he really drains my energy at times.
anyway, more life changes.

meg- i hope you feel better soon. do you guys still have pink eye? i could send that homeopathic bottle i got while in FL if youwant.

ok, i've blubbered enuf

hugs to all!!!
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thank you sarita, for starting things anew!
how is rajani today?is she feeling any better?

casina: thats really strange about ruby's tongue.. do you think it could be a food allergy? i get that from eating fresh pineapple, but not canned stuff.. i hope you figure out what it is..
thanks for your words, BTW..and im sorry for being stupid before on the other message board. i feel really bad. i was hurting.

busy days here.. with no end in sight.

Happy 4th Birthday Haeven Soleil!
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Happy birthday Haeven!

Tea Olive, I don't know about the ulcers. Hmm. Keep us posted.

Mona, that's funny. Some while back dc1 was playing a game with her dolls and made a comment about how only babies nursed, not kids. I said some kids nurse, even kids older than her. She thought about that and then declared she would START nursing again when she was 4! That's a laugh. She just likes to milk me like a cow, squeezing my breast so milk shoots into her mouth. It's nfl/ap weird sometimes?

Just a thought, maybe K's issues will clear up a bit with her uncle gone. As much fun as he is, he seems to have a lot of weight in his aura, and that could be draining K as well, as much as she enjoys him. So, where will you be going on your weekend?

Still sick, but getting better. We hear tomorrow if dh got the firefighting job. That will either pull me out of this pit or kill me.
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Hi everyone-

Casina, I get TERRIBLE mouth ulcers from fennel and cinnamon.

Leah, all i can say is I'm sending you so much love! As I think I mentioned my mother grew up in the foster care system and I personally thank you every minute of my life for the love and security you are giving J.

Punk, i sent you an email from your post on the yahoo group. In case you look here first please send me your new address as well as the name of the place you can go to access the internet. comming your way .....

Big News Here ... GA hasn't nursed since before thanksgiving. I never would have beleived it a year ago but they actuallyDO self wean
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hey everyone!
glad to see you fern. hugs!

her ulcers got wider not deeper and today they are almost gone.
i have no idea all i can think of is if she stole an unripened seckel pear from the box, which would have normally have just puckered or from taking a sip from me and dh's potion she doesn't like by accident - a strong brew of licorice, ginseng, and ginger. no cinnamon or fennel lately, though thank you for the heads up amy! she cannot stand anything slightly spicy or strong, not even too much black pepper, so who knows. i gave her a bunch of probiotics cos i had figured it was probably virus related and that wouldn't hurt and she is pretty durn yeasty lately.

can anyone tell me offhand how old mariah, punk's little girl is?

meg, good luck with the news about the job.
lisa, where would you go for a whole weekend? my dh is wanting to go on an exotic vacation and i suggested he just go by himself.

we just went hunting for a wii and rented pirates of the caribbean.
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and happy birthday haeven!
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thanks saritasmile for the new thread
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Happy Birthday Haeven!!!!
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ruby asks me everyday when is her big party with lots of presents. shrug.
hmmm i haven't even figured out holiday gifts or cards or whatnot!

it looks like we will have a family gathering with my mil around xmas. thanksgiving just us 5 was weird and peaceful.
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Originally Posted by tea olive View Post
ruby asks me everyday when is her big party with lots of presents. shrug.
hmmm i haven't even figured out holiday gifts or cards or whatnot!

it looks like we will have a family gathering with my mil around xmas. thanksgiving just us 5 was weird and peaceful.
im having a hard time this year with parties.. i didnt really do much more than make a cake and buy sushi for ngaio's birthday.. we had family and thats it...a few gifts, no more than 5.. i keep meaning to plan a big 1st birthday bash for her , but im totally unmotivated..or maybe just too busy.
i was going to do elwynns' 4th birthday combined with ngaio's 1st.. but i might do it in the new year,when all the craziness of christmas and everything has passed.. i find it overwhelming to say the least!without 2 really specials birthdays to celebrate. every day of my life is full up of other peoples needs..most of the time i enjoy it but at 6 am.. not so much.
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how did the day go jaz?

god, i am so not attuned to the dates and events. sorry i'm missing birthdays and such. :
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Happy Late Birthday to Haeven!

Has anyone found 4 years old to be challenging? Christopher likes to challenge me on everyone front and it is driving me crazy! :
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Oh yes, this is the third time I have a 4 year old too. She delights in teasing her sisters which is something new for me.
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Leah, my mind goes blank when I'm on the 'puter-- but here goes:

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seriously, see why i only have one kid? lol

can't wait to hear about the birthday scenes!!!!

hugs and
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well, lisa, if ya hafta know.... it was pretty laid back...balloons, only guests were grama and grampa (the real ones, lol)... haeven loved all the presents, cake, and attention (which she gets every day anyways, but the extra was wonderful)... I made a chocolate cake, as usual, two teir smothered in chocolate icing... beeswax candles... I made her a birthday hat.... my mom and I both told her about what we remember about her '0' birthday.... told her she came out my yoni and grama told her what I said when I phoned after she was born. and how little she was.... I cried, while icing the cake (as usual)... got presents from grama B in QC, and great grama in mission, and fern and family ( puzzles, new clothes, activity book, dressup trunk, musical instruments).... we blew out candles all night after the guests left... 'more cake, with candle'....

good times.:
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