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Inner Child Healing

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Healing the Inner Child
I have been doing Inner Child work with a therapist for a couple years.

About 6 months ago i started going to Intensive Outpatient inner child group therapy.

I must say, this is the healing I have always wanted, asked for, prayed for, and believed impossible, except my therapist kept promising me it was true.
Her other promises came true, so I trusted her.

It is unbelievable what we are experiencing. The level of emotional, physical, spiritual, mental healing we are both experiencing in ourselves, our relationship, our parents and our children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to encourage you all. Go after your broken hearted inner child with courage. The gems you are wanting are here for you...If It seems scary and impossible. It is NOTHING compared to what you have endured. It is more freeing, not less. You will be empowered ultimately.

Here is an article discussing this work. They also discuss the importance of the spiritual component.

I remember when I lived in violence, I could not believe this was for meI looked at this guys book (A Gift for/to Myself), and said " no way, I cannot do it, it is too much" Raise myself again ? There is not time !

I was wrong. Please look at this stuff. Try again.

quote from interview:

( And the peeling away process does not always look like we think spiritually it ought to look. When Donna Cary, Dennis Robillard and I were on our east coast tour, the major theme that developed was the idea that our joy sits right next to our pain. The experiential processes we presented enabled a lot of people to experience their pain. But being in that pain did not result in feelings of separation. Instead, there was a profound bonding of people, because of their willingness to share their pain. So then, right next to the pain, there was an incredible feeling of joy. It was almost spooky. But it just underscores how paradoxical this process is.
The whole process of becoming an authentic person means that we need to embrace our entire experience. This is not an antiseptic process. It is not a process that you can go through and use the word "forgiveness" lightly. You need to be present emotionally in whatever your experience is. And there's a real sense of brotherhood and sisterhood that comes through just being willing to be honest about our experience.)

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I didn't do inner child therapy as you did; however, the argument I had with my mother a couple of months ago was the result of my inner child wanting some sort of stop from the continuance of what was going on and healing to happen. So, things were brought to my realization, people would say things, lots of "oh my, wow" moments before the argument and afterwards...

I'm much healed now and much happier in that area.
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