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A lot of people ask dh and I if we will pierce dds ears. It's not something we feel comfortable with. We want it to be dds decision, not ours. I think if she wants her ears pierced when she's older we'll go together and make it a special event (like a pp said). My mom waited until I asked to get them done when I was in grade school. I'm thankful she respected me as my own person and didn't assume that just because I'm a girl I would want my ears pierced.
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I'm against ear piercing infants. I can't stand stand!! If you're going to keep your son's body whole, I think you should give the same respect to your daughter and if she later on wants her ears pierced, you'll have to make that decision with her and find a professional to do it. GOOD LUCK MAMA!
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Originally Posted by vbactivist View Post
what if your mom lightened your skin as a baby? Would that be okay?

I am astounded that anyone here would think it is okay to modify their childs body permanently
Not nearly an equally comparable issue to me....
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Originally Posted by kimiij View Post
Not nearly an equally comparable issue to me....

why not? some people would see it as "no big deal"...in both cases you are permanently altering your child's body/appearance.
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Originally Posted by DoubleLove View Post

Truthfully, mine were pierced at 2 weeks old and I've never been upset about it in the least.
Yeah mine where to, they closed when I was 9 and I pierce them myself at 10:nana:
I also pierce my DD's ears and my DH right ear WE have never had trouble with DD's ears, no infection nothing! She's not wearing earings now, but becuase I took them off and haven't put them to her again.
Not such a big deal:

Originally Posted by kimiij View Post
Not nearly an equally comparable issue to me....
I agree here, is not the same, you can' compar an ear piercing that if you want you can take the earings out and it will close over time that to lightened your skin.

But that was the way I was raised and the way DH was raised, that way, Is not somethinmg unacceptable in my opinion, now getting a child a permenant tattoo is unacceptable
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I don't think it is comparable either. However, not everybody's holes close. Mine never have.
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OK, personal experience here:
I grew up in Venezuela. The ONLY girl I knew whose ears were not pierced as an infant was... ME. It is "just what we do" (sound familiar?)

I was always very happy and proud that my mom had left that decision up to me. I never really intended to do it, actually. Many of my friends battled constant infections and metal allergies, by the way.

On the run-up to my wedding (I was almost 31yo) I found beautiful earrings that I really loved, my dad bought them for me and I just had my ears pierced.

No pain involved whatsoever. Is it called a "gun"?, I guess, but it really does not hurt. My holes don't close (It's been 8 years), never got infected AND they are much nicer (and smaller) than those of most of my friends who had them done at birth. Theirs have mostly transformed into slits and pull right up to the edge of the earlobe (I find it a bit creepy, I must say).

IMHO, earings look a bit ridiculous on babies. Don't do it. Leave it up to her.
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I used to work in a daycare and the toddlers with pierced ears were all the time getting them caught or trying to pull them out. I think that it is a personal choice, and since they are not my ears, I don't have the right to choose.
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My mom never pierced my ears for me, and when I was 18 I went out and had it done myself. It was cool - I felt very adult after having it done. I'm glad she left that decision up to me.

If you do decide to go ahead with this, take her to a reputable, clean piercer, not a mall jewelry stand. You'll get better results with a piercing needle than a gun.
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Not for my son, or a future daughter.
The 'so they know its a girl' argument is so ridiculous, I can hardly respond. 'So what?' Is what I say.
Because of the clothes that are available - my son wears mostly dark colors, blues, reds and greens. Mostly blues actually, everytime he leaves the house - he gets mistaken for a girl. He has luscious shiny curly hair - but I'm not going to cut it, just so he can abide by what 'boys look like.'
Nor am I going to dress him in Monster Truck shirts to Prove that he has a certain genitals.

I see earrings to be the same thing.
"Look, she's a GIRL." Blah.
Way to encourage your kids to abide by cultural stigma.

If my son wants to wear a dress, I'll help him pick out the fabric, and we'll make it together (when he realizes it is harder to play in, he may think otherwise.)
If my daughter wants to pierce her ears, I'll find the reasoning, and discuss it with her. Until she's old enough to have that conversation, no way.

Theres a difference between putting your baby girl in a dress and altering her body to conform to whats 'cute'.
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CUTE is an outfit, or a silly grin, or a jiggly belly or bum... not a body-altering, non-medical, non-imperative procedure that requires metal to pass thru a child's body-part.
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First of all I would like to commend and congratulate you for learning so early in the parenting game to question *everything!* Kudos to you! It will save you and your babes a lot of needless trauma!

Secondly, I couldn't pierce my newborn infants ears. Not only does it seem pointless to put them through unneccesary pain, they'd be uncomfortable laying on their little ears for at least the time it took to heal, and for what purpose? I do think it is similar to circ, although in a lesser degree. Also, my holes in my ears haven't closed and I haven't worn earrings in 7 yrs? I am sure I will always have a mark there.

Better to let them make their own choice later. Karina is 6 and still hasn't asked! Whew! When she does, I will let her, but I'm certainly not mentioning it!
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