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hello... haven't read all the responses but i vote no... i actually used to think i would do it... and then someone did that comparison with circ... and well, valid point. it isn't my body, so why assume something that they can decide to do later if they want?
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Originally Posted by ~Nikki~ View Post
The holes never grew over.

As an adult, I can still put earrings in. It's not the end of the world, but it really does bother me that my ears were pierced without my permission. I never would have chosen to do it, if I had been given a choice at any point in my childhood.

Let your daughter decide.
Ha! That was actually one of the reasons I thought it would be a good idea originally, "well, see, then it will be permanent and isn't that better because then they won't have it closing up on them????" and then a friend did it to his daughter and i felt ... *sigh* live and learn....
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I just realized why everyone thinks DD is a boy, she doesn't have her ears pierced. (Its pretty common around here)

I also vote no. For the reasons everyone said and one I didn't see. It just doesn't hurt that bad to have it done *properly* as a tween, teen and adult. OK, my cartiledge piercings hurt but the regular ones stung a little and that was all. My hep vaccines hurt more, a lot more. -I was going to areas of the world where I thought hep vaccines would be helpful so please do not yell at me for having myself vaccinated.
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I agree with PP.

There's no reason whatsoever to do it, and a multitude of reasons not to.

In our family getting your ears pierced was an exciting coming of age thing. We had to wait until we were 16, I waited longer.
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Nope, wouldnt do it. I know some people do it for cultural reasons but it still bothers me. I really do not see that as being much different than circ.
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I would not pierce my daughter's ears b/c I believe it should be her choice. However, I do not feel that it is as serious an issue as circ. b/c it does not actually damage/remove a functional body part. It is purely cosmetic,though, and may not be to her liking later in life. Leave it to be her choice.
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I was under pressure to have my son circ'd by my son's father, and didn't do it. Had I had a girl, I would have been under pressure to have her ears pierced as an infant, since he's hispanic, and it's the done thing as far as he's concerned. We had a frank exchange of views about both of these subjects before we knew our child's gender...I felt more strongly about the circ thing--we aren't/weren't married, and I told him that I'd decline to have his name on the birth certificate if he persisted about the circ issue (it was odd to me that Sprogly's father was so in favor of it, since he's intact).

I didn't feel quite so adamant about the piercing issue--I didn't want to do it on general principle, but I don't know if I would have caved on that one. The circ thing is a no-brainer as far as I am concerned, since neither of us is Jewish or has any other major cultural reason to circ.
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Another take.

I pierced my DDs' when they were three months old.

When they were teens, we double and triple pierced. It was fun. Never a problem.
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I refuse to ever pierce baby's ears. Three main reasons:

1. I think they look creepy on babies. JMO

2. Not. My. Body.
What right do I have to alter someone else's body without their consent? Not everyone likes or wants their ears pierces. There are NO benefits. It's totally cosmetic. It HURTS.

3. Piercing Guns are horrible!
I can't imagine any professional piercer who would be willing to pierce a baby, and I will NEVER allow a child of mine to get anything pierced with a piercing gun. I will never again get any of MY body parts pierced with a gun. They are dangerous! They cause much more damage than piercing needles, they can cause infections and spread diseases (because they can't be sterilized), and they can cause some NASTY complications. Here's some more info on piercing guns, but feel free to google your own research! :

http://www.safepiercing.org/FAQ.html -(scroll down)
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I know the peircing studios in my city wont peirce ears on anyone under the age of 2.

The baby is not an extension of ourselves. They are people, not dolls.
I love this!
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My 3.5 yo wants to get her ears pierced. We have been talikng about it for 2 months & she still wants it done.... But she's not vaccinated- is there a problem with tetanus?

I told her that we could consider doing it for her birthday (in April). If she is still wanting it done then...
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I wouldn't worry about tetanus, but I WOULD worry about all the things that can go wrong with piercing guns. There are several links earlier in this thread, and google will bring up tons of info too. Piercing guns are SCARY! I would NEVER let any child of mine get pierced with one. At the same time... I highly doubt that you will fine any profesional piercer who is willing to pierce a 4 year old. Unless s/he is an EXTREMELY close personal friend of yours.
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i don't think it's right to have body modifications done to a baby. and ear piercing is a body modification just like nipple rings, navel rings, tatoos, etc. these are things that are personal choices. besides, it's just unnessecary. and a baby is just as likely to have problems with infections and the piercings closing up as an adult, if not moreso.
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I never got my ears pierced. I would have been livid if my mum had done that. Around the ages 5-9 I really wanted to be a boy, and actually had friends who thought I was a boy. Pierced ears would have totally ruined that

I've got one piercing, my lovely labret that I got at the ripe old age of 19. I just don't want earrings. And I have to say (no offense to anyone) that I think they look quite creepy on babies. The same way I'm not going to pierce my kids' lips, even though I absolutely love lip studs and the like, I wouldn't pierce their ears. I'm not dressing my kid in pink just to let people know it's a girl, why would I make permanent body modifications for that exact same reason?
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Never had my ears pierced. Don't wear jewelry, as a rule. I'm glad there are no holes in my ears.

*If* she ever wants it done, she can. If you make the decision for her, though, it might not be so simple for her to undo.
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While I don't think ear piercing is AS BAD as circ, I think they're on the same continuum, namely, mutilating a child's body for cosmetic reasons without the child's consent.
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I won't pierce my DD's ears until she is well old enough not only to take care of them herself, but also to understand that the holes are there for life, and even if she chooses in the future to not wear earring and allows the holes to "close" they don't ever truly heal, and can still get infected, etc.

Sure, the hole will get small - too small to comfortably put an earring in. But it's still going to be there.

I'm almost 30 - I HATE the holes in my ears that I begged for at 6. I never wear earrings, and I still get infections in my holes several times a year as stuff like shampoo, soap, sweat, etc gets inside the hole.
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Originally Posted by JustJamie View Post
If your DH protests, saying he thinks it's "cute" and "feminine", do a counter-offer. "I don't want to pierce her ears, but you know, I think a labret piercing would be just ADORABLE on her! Don't you think? Or maybe a tiny stud in her nose?"
That's the argument I used when dd was a baby Along with the ridiculousness of it - everyone thinks I should get her ears pierced, and yet I would have her taken away for a stud in the nose (which probably hurts less!)
It's all body modification, and it's a serious thing. My kids have to be old enough to make the choice and take care of it themselves, and when she is, she's lucky enough to have a professional piercer as one of her godmothers, so she's covered...the other is a tattoo artist..so we're set
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Originally Posted by Ubelle View Post
I have heard that the pain would be minimial and they would forget it
And many, many, MANY people say that about circ'ing little boys. Doesn't make it true, does it?
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I don't have a little girl, but if I did I would choose to wait. I had mine done when I started my cycle as a right of passage/welcomeo to womanhood. And my second holes done when I was out of high school and my parents could not stop me! LOL
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