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on that note, i was naked for the majority of my labor with m. about 20 hours in, sitting buck naked on the birth stool between contractions, i looked over at my midwife and thought, "really, when you get down to it, i don't know her that well. and yet, i've been sitting with her completely naked for hours and hours. interesting."
OMG this had me lol. : I never really though about it. I was naked for all my births except the hospital one. I don't even remember taking my clothes off. I do it because I am uncomfortable not cause I am crazy with pain and have no idea what I am doing. Kinda like getting naked for sex (people do do that right?), its juts more comfortable naked.

Back ot: Standing to deliver. Can you imagine? How uncivilized And how silly to want to drink while you are in labor. What a silly thought.
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No kidding, nova.

I didn't like that because my mom, who used to work up in L&D, always talked about loud laboring women as a bad thing. Like any noise. She swears she didn't make a SOUND. (Dad rolls his eyes at that). So I used to think that was important - don't make an a$$ of yourself during labor by making noise.

Now, I know, you can be quiet, going inside yourself is good, whatever...I need to make noise. I just do. And what is the big stinkin deal?

I just felt like that article, while I'm sure not meaning to do so, made people feel really ashamed of themselves and their labor behaviour. Look we already know the Drs and nurses are talking about us behind our backs, we really dont need the reminder!

And what on earth is wrong with crying?
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Originally Posted by tie-dyed View Post
Another exploding head here. Freaky.
color me exploded, too!
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*Gasp* Water? Who needs water after doing really hard work for several hours? That naughty naughty 'girl'...she needs to apologize. IMAGINE holding the baby HOSTAGE like that!!! Can't you just picture it?

Nurse: *waving the water glass around in front of mom's face* Just one push and you can haaaave a siiiiip...don't you want it? Doooooon't you?
Mom: I'm not pushing a g*&^d^%m thing until you give me some water. *reaching for glass*
Nurse: *pulling glass out of reach* Uh uh uuuuuh! You gotta gimme a push..push..just ooooone little push and you can have a sip.
Mom: *pushes*
Nurse: *gives teeny tiny slip of water-leaves mom gasping for more* Okay...oooooone more!!

Makes me livid.

Oh, and I was one big naked pregnant lady makin' all kinds of noise!...(but DH likes it like that)
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Originally Posted by nova22 View Post
Everything I was reading made it sound like once you were in labor, you became a disgruntled she-beast who will scream and claw at anyone who attempts to touch or comfort you.
it's true, I read that stuff too--thought I'd be cursing my husband for doing THIS to me...

I am so tired of this The Medical Establishment/mainstream attitude which distorts the powerful, triumphant, mama-tiger creatively wild birth forces natural labor concept into an out-of-control woman who is loud, silly, stupid, and annoying (and should apologize) natual labor concept.

You can only be loud, sweaty, naked and primal if it's porn? Nice family values, America. Disgusting.
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This is what I think of the article ::
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Originally Posted by tinyshoes View Post
You can only be loud, sweaty, naked and primal if it's porn? Nice family values, America. Disgusting.
Can I get that on a T-shirt?
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Originally Posted by Spark View Post
Can I get that on a T-shirt?
If you wear one I'll wear one! Can I get it in Maternity?

And what on earth is wrong with crying?
Apparently its the emotion. Having watched enough baby story and birth day I can say I have seen very few emotional births. Mommas rarely cry, laugh, anything. Its spooky - a life changing event and its like you were handed a package at the po. Watch a hb video and its so drastically different in that respect.
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You can get *anything* in a t-shirt. Looks like the only "maternity" options would be to get a t-shirt that's too big though.

Now, what sort of graphic would be appropriate for this? Hmm...
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If someone pulled that water stunt on me, they'd probably need admitting too.
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All I can say is thank God for my midwives. Not only was I naked *gasp* but they helped dry me off after I got out of the tub. How scandalous!!:
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Yeah, the water one was a little crazy...I mean, I was having popsicles (made with real fruit juice) the whole time....what's the difference between that and water?!?! But, I gotta wonder...why was she insisting on holding her toddler if the kid was screaming?? I think that must be an exaggeration...

For the "standing" one, though, it wasn't like the mother WANTED to be standing...it said that she "dove" for the bed and ended up wedged between the bed and the wall...obviously not a planned move! lol

I found them pretty hilarious...
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just wondering...why aren't labouring moms "supposed" to have water?

reading some of your comments got me remembering my son's birth...i can't believe how foolish i was...i pushed for 2.5 hours because i was scared that if i really let loose i would poop (the fact that the nurses were all really rude to me and dh didn't help). how are women supposed to have babies if the people delivering them are scared of the process?

another thing: the only place i was comfortable was naked on the floor...the tiles were sooo cool and i was so hot, but the nurse wouldn't LET me stay there ~ she kept saying "you can't stay there" as if i was breaking some law. grrrrrrr!!!!
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Originally Posted by stacey2061 View Post
just wondering...why aren't labouring moms "supposed" to have water?
ice chips!

ice chips ice chips ice chips!!!

don't you know the American Birthing Machine runs on ice chips and 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 PUSH!!!! commands!

Nothing by mouth is an archaic, and often practiced, hospital rule that limits surgery patients--and OB patients, who are ALL POTENTIAL surgery patients--to nothing, or ice chips, to prevent a potential (and rare) complication of aspirating food contents into the lungs during general anesthesia.

who would run a marathon on ice chips?!?!?! you need water and food! labor is hard work!
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i got that same *shocked* reaction from people when they found out that i had delivered standing up... it is so sad how many women really believe all that crap the doctors tell you and think that they have to listen, or the baby will not be okay...
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btw, on the off chance the no-water mama didn't have an iv, does no one get how awful dehydration is? My midwives were begging (NOT ordering!) me to sip water! I got so dehydrated bc I was vomiting even plain water and didn't want any. The only thing that really had me feeling poorly in the couple of days pp was having gotten so dehydrated. Does no one get that this is important?!?!
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Okay, I am so with you on this, and what about that bull$&(# about how if she pushed the baby out on the toilet it would fall in the water ?! WHAT?
I gave birth to my daughter on the toilet and personally found it the most comfortable position to push in.
And , um, no she did not fall in the water.
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Um, wow.
While there was probably a lot about my hospital birth experience that wasn't *ideal*, it was nothing like the horror stories I hear! I was loud, I pulled my gown mostly off during transition (um, I wasn't crazy, i was HOT), I was encouraged to try all sorts of different positions(including on the toilet) , and I was not only 'allowed' but encouraged to eat and drink. My nurse was reminding me to drink water and ordered up some sandwiches for me, telling me how great I was doing at this hard work and please eat and drink so you keep your strength up.

Hope I didn't 'offend' anyone by not apologizing after :
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Even if she *did* fall in the water...she was just IN the water Not the best, but not the end of the world either, right?

I'm sure the no-water mama had an iv.

Me, I love puking on an empty gut : Deeeelicious - stomach acid is so much better coming UP.

I am actually thankful for the semi-normal hospital I birthed my DSs in - I got to eat, drink, whatever. Pushed stand/sitting (wanted to on all fours but that wasn't working for them ). And no one counted while I was pushing.

I didn't apologize for anything, even though I know I was the 'crazy lady' while I was there

I hate how scared everyone is of poop. It's okay! It's poop! It's too bad that natural labor is so embarrassing for most people to think about.
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What scared me was the baby who fell out of its mother and they labeled it the "bungee cord baby". That could have been so dangerous for the mother baby and the placenta.
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