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losing patience (OTSBH)

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I have two OTSBHs and twins. I have to take them out once a day to walk my dog. We were doing fine, but now the boys are getting really stiff, fidgety and frustrated when I'm trying to get them set up and don't want to settle in. I'm at my wits end and am ready to ditch the slings and go with the stroller. I've ordered the instructional video and was really peeved to find that it had no instructions for twin wearing!!!!!!! I've looked at every picture on the internet I could find and have attempted various positions. Is it just my kids? Or are there some tricks to getting them settled down? Even when I try to wear them one at a time they get all stiff, fidgety, frustrated so any tips from singleton parents are appreciated, too.
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please delete, thank you
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Okay, I see that they are 2mos old. I have found 2-4mos to be kind of awkward for slinging in certain positions. What positions are you trying? My guess is they are too big to be in the same sling or even to be cradle carried at this point. But too small for hip carry or kangaroo carry. The only position I can recommend is the tummy to tummy, with legs tucked in. I think you'll only be able to carry one at at time, though, for this.

Nothing wrong with strollers!

You could sling one and push the other and then the next time switch them.
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Try a wrap or mai-tai. You can wear one on the front and one on the back. Thebabywearer.com has directions for carrying multiples if I remember correctly.
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At 2 months old you could probably get them both in one sling tummy to tummy, but the OTSBH is totally not my first choice for wearing two. Personally, I'd want something with little or no padding, pouches even, or a pouch for one and a ring sling for the other.
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thanks, everyone, for your responses. The boys must have just been in a bad mood for a few days because they're not having such a hard time now. They are definately too big to be in one sling together and I cannot get the cradle position to save my life so I do a modified hip/tummy to tummy carry with both of them because I like wearing them both in front at this point. I do agree with you all that OTSBH is not the best for two because all the padding gets pretty claustrophobic. I appreciate all your tips!
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