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sanguine - congrats!!!

thanks for the feedback. glad to have company here at least!
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Well, you can ignore the origional post below... only three hours later, full-blow AF. I feel so... defective...

"Okay... no BFP, no AF... some spotting today. I don't normally have spotting before AF, I just wake up one day and there it is! So, spotting is weird.

Also, I have a back injury and spend a lot of free time reclining to rest it. The last few days I have been uncontrolably organizing, shopping for presents (I hate shopping... normally...), wrapping gifts...

I wish our bodies were designed with a small spot just under our belly buttons, and it would change colors depending on our uterine situation- for example, it could be purple when preggers, green just before AF, red durring AF, ect... that would be so much easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My spotting has seemed to have stopped. Is that progesterone induced or am I crazy? It's been more then 36 hours since I spotted last.
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ValarieR, so sorry AF showed up.

Kat, it could just be the progesterone. Hard to say. It looks like the next day or so could tell us what's going on!
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Originally Posted by barose View Post
: Really?
Sure did!
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Well, never mind -


Didn't actually realize how excited I was about it. (Anyone else imagine announcing at Christmas? )
Hugs to you, ValarieR. Crossing my fingers for the rest of you!

~ mb
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New here!

I have just read all nine pages! I have gone through so many emotions too- isn't that funny, to be so excited and looking at your pictures then feeling sad at the next post?!

I do some minor charting but you all seems to be pros and I don't understand some of the things like knowing when your cervix is high or low? All I know is mine is tilted!

We dtd the day b4 and the day after *O*. AF is due Monday the 18th. This past Wednesday I had faint bright red spotting- only when wipeing. Then Thursday I had enough to not even fill a whole tampon the whole day. Friday and today NOTHING!! My periods are normally 3 days of dark brown spotting, then 1 terrible day of heavy bleeding, 1 day of light spotting then over.

I am wondering if or when I should take a test. Could it be implantation spotting? I read that some of you are gassy- I never knew that was a symptom- major gas here and bloaty and full feeling- haven't eatten much the past few days and I have been having heart burn too. My breast are tender and my tooth is hurting (always get sensative teeth during pregancy!)

Do you think it is too early to test? I don't understand some of the lingo on charting stuff. My last period was Nov. 19th and it is due Dec 18th, my cycles have been 29 days.

Thank you and I am glad to have found you all!
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My temp is bouncing around again (I fell asleep at 8:30 and woke up at 12:30 97.3 Fell asleep st 3:30 and woke up at 8. 98.0) and I'm having O-pain like I might ovulate again. I had a huge gush of brown when I went potty, as opposed to the tiny, dime spots I had two days ago.
I think I'm going to start my period today.
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I am slow- I just found the thread about abriv.! Ah ha!

Another added thing - constipation and thirst! SO thirsty, been chugging the water and I am still constipated! :
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I'm not a pro either. I don't know about cervical position or fluid.
Most tests have the greatest results the day after a missed period, but some claim the ability to work the day before a missed period.
Personally I don't trust pee sticks (that's just me) but they seem to work really well for alot of women.
But then there are always the odd few who could be in the throws of full on labor with half a human sticking out of them and still test negative with a pee stick.
I'd hate to encourage you to test, only to have you get a negative. That's a bummer!!
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Wendee, if you can, I'd hang in a few more days to test. Testing negative really sucks.

Oh, btw, I got a BFP today! So miracles can happen! I don't understand what the miracle is, but still. I'm happy.
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Its over! I off this thread. : AF showed her ugly face in the wee hours of the night. Of couse it was because we are sleeping on white sheets (but caught her just in time).

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Congratulations flapjack!!!


barose, sorry about af. Glad you could save the sheets.
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
Wendee, if you can, I'd hang in a few more days to test. Testing negative really sucks.

Oh, btw, I got a BFP today! So miracles can happen! I don't understand what the miracle is, but still. I'm happy.
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barose, I'm sorry.
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familyof4ks, extreme thirst was my biggest pregnancy symptom! Fingers crossed for you! :

Sorry AF found you, barose & mamabutterfly!


Congrats FLAPJACK!!
: : :
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I am so sorry your af came- mean mean mean relative!!

Well.....so I was out and about today on my way to my sisters house and I did the 'ol dollar general but they were out of them, so then I saw a $ shop and my dd had just said she needded to go potty- so in we went and i got 3 of them! Got to my sisters house and did the test- you have to pee in a cup then suck it up in the sucker thing and drop it into the tester and WAIT for 3 min!!


IKES! ok- well I am sure I will use up those other 3 to just make sure :

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: : :CONGRATS familyof4ks!!

Sticky vibes!!
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Congrats to all the bfp mamas!! s to all the bfn/af mamas. Sorry to group everyone together but I am short on time. to all of you waiting to test.
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Congrats again flapjack!!! Congrats to you familyof4ks!!!!! Hurray! :
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