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fabric dyeing

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I found instructions to make natural dyes from veggies and fruits, but before dyeing it calls for mixing up cream of tartar and potassium alum to make the dye set. I went to a craft store and all they had was urea and soda ash. I googled potassium alum and couldn't find anywhere to buy it. Does anyone know if the soda ash would work just as well to set the dye?
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Apparently, potassium alum sulphate is available in grocery stores over there in the US, in the canning department (possibly sold just as "alum." Otherwise, I'd try ebay- which is where I got mine. I wouldn't try the soda ash, it'll just make the colours go a bit weird.
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I once got alum from CVS- they had to order it- but it came the next day. We used it to make a crystal- it's neat- you dissolve the alum in water and then hang a thread into the water and a crystal (like rock candy) will grow in the thread. You might consider buying extra alum to try that too!
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