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single mamas in CA? Bay area?

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I need some info on how easy and/or difficult it is to be a single mom in the Bay area and California, in general. From a financially struggling perspective.

PM me if you'd rather. I just need to get as clear a picture of this situation as I can so I can create a wonderful reality for myself and my four kids.

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bumping b/c I know some of y'all live in Cali!
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I don't live in the Bay area, but my dp does. He lives in Alameda, when he is not here living with us or, currently, living in Japan.

We have considered, and are still considering, moving down there after I finish grad school next summer and I will tell you...housing is CRAZY expensive!!!!

As a single mama of one child on a teacher's salary...I would definitely be struggling financially, that is if I could even make it work.

It is a beautiful and wonderfully liberal area, though, and I can definitely imagine the pull to live there. But, realistically, I think it would be HARD as a single mama. Heck, it might even be hard as a partnered mama.
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What do you mean by "hard"? I mean, I know it's expensive. My mother's from San Francisco. What will $1000/month in rent get you in CA? Is that even enough?

I'm going to look on those sites like apartment.com, but I have found that sites like that give an inflated look at an area. I don't have to have a luxury apt, you know? As a matter of fact, I don't want a luxury apt.
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Dp lives in a small studio in Alameda (not luxurious, but clean) and pays about $800 a month.

1 bedroom apartments run about $1,000-1,300 a month.

My aunt and uncle live in San Leandro, due to a job transfer. They sold their brand new house in Southern Oregon for $350,000 and ended up having to buy a 3 bedroom condo for $750,000.

This is why so many Californians move to Oregon, particularly to Southern Oregon.
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You could also check craigslist for a more realistic idea of the cost of rents in the area.

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I'm thinking I may go more north, now. But, I must make it to the Bay area before I die, so it's not off my list, yet.
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I live "in the north" (Oregon), so if you need any resources or information, let me know.
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Oh, I meant northern Cali. Must. stay. in. Cali.

Thanks a lot, tho! That craigslist posting was eye-opening, but I'm hopeful. I think w/in a couple of years, I'll def. be able to afford to move to the Bay area. Def. not right now, though.
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East Bay

Hi. I am almost single, mom of 3 youngsters. STBX has finally moved out. Our rent is $1225 for a 2bd/ 1 1/2 bath & one car garage. And that is a good deal! I applied for social services, but I recieve too much money ($1000 voluntary child support). Can you believe that? I am a high-roller with my $12k/ year income, IN east bay CA! Imo, those kind of standards supports homelessness. At least I have a home, though. If I had no income, CA cash aid (for our county anyways) is about $850.

Upside? I live in a nice apartment complex with many families, with children. My obvious option is to open a family childcare. I am fully committed to staying home with my children, homeschooling/unschooling, and supporting it all. So, my application for FCC is almost finished. It seems that I will need about 3-4 children regularly to make a nice living.

I will be a full-time student in January: two classes in person at Las Positas, 5 distance ed through Las Positas, and one class with Fountainhead Montessori Teacher training. Educational grants will help. I cancelled the digital cable. We wear layers to keep warm, so the cost of utilities stay low. I will probably have to switch to dial-up. We eat every crumb I buy before I can buy more. Somehow the groceries always get restocked, even at the last moment. Our laundry piles way up high before I can get enough quarters for the machines, but it always works out. The kids love sports and the city activities, but I can not afford that. Our homeschooling group coordinates sports for free, so we will have to stick with them! Just have to drive further sometimes, that's ok.

I'll be very happy when we aren't stretched so thin financially. The peacefulness in our home is more than worth the inconvenience though!

PM me if you'd like to meet up sometime. My children are dd2, ds4,& ds5.

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Thank you for your post, Lori. It was very helpful.
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i am in sacramento. a decent one bedroom apartment anywhere starts from about 800 and upwards. a small house about 1200. anything less than that u dont really wanna live there. hope you have a car coz public transport sucks!!!
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Yes, I have a van.

Thanks for the info.
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hi.....i'm a single mom and i live in san jose.....i have one 6 year old dd.....right now we live in an awesome house on a hill but the rent is 1600 for a 2 bedroom which is way too much for me.....we were living with my dds dad but that didn't work out.....he's been helping with the rent but i'm gonna have to move soon.....i wish i could live with another single mom....
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Have you looked into that program? It is in one of the links at the top of the page. You can be matched up to another single mom in your area to share a home. **I could have put the link right here, I know. But, we'd all miss out on the exploring......**

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