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Favorite Type of Carrier

Poll Results: What's your favorite type of carrier?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 35% (42)
    Sling - no padding
  • 5% (6)
    Sling - shoulder padding
  • 0% (0)
    Sling - rail padding
  • 9% (11)
    Sling - shoulder and rail padding
  • 5% (7)
    Sling - knot tying kind
  • 12% (15)
  • 18% (22)
    Baby Bjorn/Baby Trekker type
  • 4% (5)
    Frame back pack
  • 9% (11)
    Other (I know you'll tell me about more! =) )
119 Total Votes  
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Ok, the last time I started a similar thread, I was looking for a new sling type carrier but wasn't very clear and that was a good thing. I learned about a ton of carriers from all you smart moms! So now I'm just wondering what *type* of carrier you like the best. =)

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My favorite type of carrier is the long fabric kind that wraps over both shoulders.

I have an ultimate baby wrap, but would LOVE a didymos!!
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Well, I chose the Baby Bjorn because that was the only carrier I had for Jonny(it was given to me). I wanted a sling, but I'm petite, and I couldn't find one that would fit me for under $50.
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We use a mayawrap sling and LOVE it! Baby loves it as well....
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I have a kissasling wich has a padded shoulder, but no padding in the sling. We love it.
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I go back and forth between my maya wrap (no padding) and my Love Sling (over the shoulder baby holder) with all padding. Lots of padding is nice for my very big toddler when she want to cuddle, but when she was younger (she is 19 months now) I preferred a padless sling, especially when nursing. I find myself using the maya wrap more these days because she is in and out of it so much instead of just hanging out for long periods. Plus the maya wrap has a pocket in it and doubles as my purse
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I think I would say a wrap around carrier, but it depends on the age of the child. I loved my Didymos when DS was little. I used the Cross Carry and was able to carry him almost constantly with both ands free. He was put down for diaper changes and for the odd few minutes, but mostly I wore him through out the day. He slept in the Didymos, nursed in the Didymos, in fact he lived in the Didymos his first five months on this planet, until he began sitting independently and crawling.

Once they get older, 7 or 8 months when they are really mobile and like to explore a bit on their own, I think it is easier to carry them on your hip because they like to be in and out. I also didn't find the Didymos as comfortable as a regular sling with the hip carry, so I would go for a ring sling that has a slight about of padding. I found the OTSBH a littled too padded for me though. I also liked to carry them on my back for when I need two hands free and for naps. So then I could recommend a backcarrier like the Ergo or the Packababy. It holds them close to your back and keeps the secure and I find them way more comfortable than a frame style backpack. My youngest is now three but I still carry him on my back now and then.

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The Mayawrap was my favorite for ds #1. I used it with him until he was almost 2 yrs. I'm planning on using it with this next baby.
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We loved our OTSBH; Delia would sit facing forward with her legs crossed and hold onto the padded rail to "steer". The padding made me feel secure that I wouldn't lose my tiny one (less than 20 pounds at 2 yrs).
If I had another, tho', I have to admit I'd look into some other slings, just like I'd look into other diapers...the New Native looks cool to me!
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I just got a kabuki carrier. I'd have to say it's my favorite, though my baby is still little (5 weeks) and we just got it on monday. but I've used an OTSBH with other kids that I've cared for, and hated what it does to my shoulders and back. also didn't work too well for long legged babies in the upright position.

the kabuki carrier is a trad. japanese design, a long peice of fabric with a padded center that wraps in a criss-cross fashion over the soulders. you can wear it at least 4 different ways and works from birth through toddler. it's very stylish too, mine is a red batik print.

I found mine at a website called peppermint.com (not sure of the exact url) which also has other rad carriers from around the world.

we also have a mayawrap, prolly my favorite sling.

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Maya Wrap.

mamapixie, mine was $29 brand new, just a few months ago, and they come in small sizes ...
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I can see that I'm going to be a sling hyena too and not just a diaper hyena. ag

That peppermint site is cool, I'm checking it out right now.

Back on topic, I love my Khanga sling. It has a padded shoulder and rails in a cool fabric. I think I'll like it this summer because the fabric is thin. I got mine NIP on eBay for $16 BIN, they retail for $43.50.

I'm interested in a Maya wrap and some of the tie ones too. I also have a New Native Baby Carrier, but prefer it for the toddler because it's not adjustable and my newborn is so tiny.
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Love, love, love my maya wrap!!! As big as ds is it has been a life saver! We also have a frame backpack for dd. I've wanted a fleece pouch, but have held back. I did, however, make a "fomal" sling for my brother's wedding. It's my fancy sling.
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I just want you all to know that it's your fault! I'm a carrier-aholic now! =)

I have my NoJo, DH uses is mostly. I have a Kissasling, love it. I used the Bjorn for a while when DS was lighter and loved it too. I've now got a Maya pouch on it's way. I can't wait! And I want a Packababy, and I'd love to try the Baby Trekker, and the Ultimate baby wrap looks really cool... *sigh* So many carriers, I'm gonna hafta have more kids! =)

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1. Maya Wrap (unpadded, rings)
2. OTSBH (padded, rings)

First year - just MW sling
2nd year - switched back and forth between the two. I usually favored Maya Wrap.

Photos of us using the sling (me in sunglasses)

I can't wait to sling another baby!
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I also love our Maya wrap!! But I also have an organic cotton OTSBH that is so soft and comfy. I am thinking ogf trying the Ergo next.
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I made my own sling 24 years ago and used it for my 3 children and several children I have cared for. To find directions for a similar sling, go to www.google.com and type in sew baby sling. You can make the sling for less than $5 in less than an hour in a variety of fabrics. I always make them for gifts.
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We've had a maya since munchkin was born, but he's never been a sling baby like some. I use it for taking the dog out and when he's sleepy, but that's about all he'll stand. However, I just go the Ergo and he LOVES it. It's a bit tricky to get on, but it's getting easier and once it's on it's great.
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I love my New Native pouch! But now that my DD is going on five months and doesn't always want to be in the cradle hold, I am trying to figure out what to try next. I am looking at the Ergo carrier. I have a Maya wrap but haven't figured it out yet. I am not sure I like all that extra fabric.
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I love my new native too. My dd will be 2 mo. old tomorrow and has never liked the cradle hold, but likes being able to "sit" in it so that she can see. I also have a baby bjorn and like that on warmer days.


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