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What mischief has your toddler got into recently?

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Just for fun...

A few weeks ago dd came to find me to tell me "I've made the carpet all stripey for you, Mummy." Indeed she had. She'd drawn stripes all over the living room carpet with blue chalk. It took me hours of wet-vacc to get the marks out.

Then yesterday, she was too quiet for comfort. I called to ask her what she was doing. "Just playing with my play-dough, Mummy." Actually, she had ground an entire tub of blue playdough, mixed with water, into the living room carpet, making 'dinner'. Out came the wet-vacc again.

My wet-vacc was a great investment, it seems, for the toddler years. :

So, what mischief have your toddlers got into recently?

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my ds is not into too much mischief. But he did take a yellow highlighter and color all over the dining room chairs and the top of the table.

OH! and he made my dh coffee one morning. He put the beans (whole) in the filter and then poured water in the pot and then into the coffee maker. This is the point where he got caught. He was so proud of himself for making daddys coffee.
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My 2 3/4 is not really mischievious, I was quite surprised at this one yesterday. He applied an ENTIRE tube of zinc oxide butt cream to his face, hands, arms. Just came walking in like nothing was there. Maybe he forgot. I have white prints all over everything. Urgh..
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She climbed into the top drawer of her very high dresser. She was bouncing in the drawer, about 4.5 feet off the ground, when I walked in the room ...she took my brother's wedding photo off the wall and washed it with soap and water...painted the bathroom with hand lotion...thank goodness for warm weather so we can burn off some of this creative energy outside
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"The anti-helper" as she has been know since she was mobile (4 months by the way : ) has most recently taken a pair of sisscors to eveything valuble in the living room (arm chair, new baby swing, her baby quilt, her sisters quilt and another blanket, the case to her leap pad, and something else but i am starting to block out that horrible day), she is always "applying " stuff to her skin. the worst by far is this cream we got from burts bees in a sample pack. everything else smells wonderful but this stuff is rank. And of course it always goes in her hair too. Last Christmas we bought a breakfast nook thing and I drifted off to sleep when i woke up whehad a permanant marker and was coloring in all the carving. All of our furniture has been wrecked mostlky by coloring but some cuting too. That is only 2 years old. We found a ton of condom snaks in our bedroom the other day. and she hates nutritious food and so often we are finding "snacks" in her bedroom. one morning was an entire loaf of bread, half a carton of ice cream and a tub of butter. She had consumed an impressive amount of crap. Not to mention how impressed we were that she had gotton it all bny us while we were wide awake and in her path. Funny for such a clumsey child she sure is stealthy!
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He covered the cat in icecream, ever had to bathe a screaching siamese cat?

He got into my lip gloss stuff, smeared it on himself, the t.v., thankfully the cat was hiding .

Then today alone he's crawled into the laundry basket and got stuck, and colored all over my mailing envelopes.
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piercedmama - your poor cat! I thought our cat had a hard time, until I read your post.

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Ha! :LOL When my best friend was about three her cat had kittens and she took them all to the changing table and smeared them in desitine and then powdered them because "that is what you do with babies."

Thanks for bringing that back ti mind.
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this is too funny! My son is only 8 mos old, but I love reading the funny threads over here!

Noah likes to stand over videos and pee on them :
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Originally posted by lilyka
Ha! :LOL When my best friend was about three her cat had kittens and she took them all to the changing table and smeared them in desitine and then powdered them because "that is what you do with babies."

Muhwaaaa!! That's hillarious! I know I feel so sorry for my poor kitty. He's a sweet little lap cat, but won't come near me when the little dude's awake and active
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Hello, mamas. This is my first time posting, so forgive me if I do something goofy! I just had to tell this story about my son, Sky, who is two. He's been peeing in his potty since just before Christmas and after careful instruction and many demonstrations, we started to let him take it to the toilet and pour it out himself. Well, one very cold night, we were not paying attention when he used his potty. He came into the living room where we have a floor heater and, you guessed it! Pee goes into the heater, pee steam rises and we all FREAK OUT!!! Hot pee is the worst smell in the world!!!! And it has a way of lingering...

While I hope none of you ever has to experience this, I appreciate having mamas to tell my story to. This is life with Sky Ryan

Gentle, mom to fabulous Sky Ryan born 3/12/01
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I posted this on it's own post, but then I saw this thread today and thought I would add my little guy to the rest of these cute littel trouble makers!!
Oh my! This busy little boy is keeping me on my toes lately! I just bought new latches for our screen doors because ds figured out how to open them. As of yesterday I hadn't put them up yet. So, I'm washing dishes and he's doing his own thing. Our plan is for me to finish the dishes and we were going to go outside and play with the dog. All of a sudden, you know, that split second where you realize it is WAAAYYY too quiet?? So, I go looking for him. His new game is to hide when you''re busy so you can find him. He hides in corners, under beds(complete with little feet sticking out) it's too cute. Check the dog crate(his new favorite hiding place), behind the shower curtain(his other hiding place)....no sign of him. Into his room I go and the back door is wide open. He is out in the backyard, with the dog, wearing my blue fuzzy slippers, playing catch. I asked him how he opened the lock and he told me he used his horse. One of those horse head on a stick things. Knocked the latch out. He got a stern talking to, while inside I was dying because it was so cute. He wanted to go out and he did. The new latch will be going up tomorrow!

So, after the escape, I'm back to finishing the dishes, he's playing in the living room. He follows me as I toss in a load of laundry. I go upstairs and he's lagging behind in the basement. No big deal, he likes to turn off the light and close the door for me. A minute later he comes running into the kitchen, drags his chair to the drawer, pulls out a screwdriver and leaves. I give him a couple minutes and go see what he's up to. He's standing on the basement stairs(there are only 5 of them) blowing bubbles out of the huge jug of bubbles he got for Easter. I ask him what he was doing with the screwdriver. He points to the foil on the top of the bubble container and tells me, "womp(which means open)". He wanted his bubbles opened and found a way to do it.

I am scared that my 2 1/2 year old is smarter than me. He figures out things faster than I can. I am scared to do dishes now he might get in the car and take off!! I love watching his little brain work. He is amazing, smart and making me crazy! I love 2!
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Lets see, My ds knows how to open the fridge so he has this fascination with eggs. he pulled a whole carton out and dumped all 12 on the ground. He came into our bedroom to show us a bug he found then 2 minutes later came back in and said" I ate da bug,it was icky." His knew thing is hiding the kitten, he hides her in the shower or under a bin, oh the fridge again. We are constantly on kitten watch.
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This morning I heard the baby (9months) squealing, so rushed into the living room to find her crawling around with dd (two and a half) on her back (she just started crawling this week). It's lucky she's a big girl, as she was heaving under the weight.

When I told dd that she wasnt to sit on her sister, her answer was "Oh, don't worry. We're playing Camel Rides and she said she wanted to be the camel."

Amazing that my 9 month old is verbal enough to express a preference to her sister. :

Still, at least I didnt have to get out the wet-vacc this time......
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She recently put a roll of toilet paper in the washing machine- ugh!

We have some great pix of when she got into my lipstick!

lilyka I remember your quilt thread awhile back. How are you doing with that?
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I don't know where to start!
lets see...
my darling 2 yo ds has learned how to escape from the fenced in back yard... he crawls under the deck and squeeszes through a tiny opening and runs to the neighbors or to the front driveway and gets in our cars...

last night I walked into the kitchen to find him and a pile of pancake mix, a pile of brown rice, and a pile of oats all on the floor...

this morning he was eating the Burts Bees night cream...

he frequently gets ahold of pens and colors his entire body in like 10 seconds!

the past few days I found the cats water dish full of waterlogged cat food...
not to mention him chasing the poor cat every time he sees him...

oh, yesterday he went in the yard and pulled down all the clean laundry off the line that he could reach...

throwing shoes off the deck is another favorite pasttime of his...

I could really go on and on!
But at least we all are staying active
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I forgot about the cat food in the water dish, everyday! The other day he comes up to me with wet hands that smell like cat food, I say"Joey were you playing with the kitties food?" he say no and then i say"Joey I smell cat food on your hands." he goes"No fair momma,no fair" Sure enough water dish full of soggy cat food waiting for me to clean in the kitchen.
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Oooh, these are all so funny!

My kids love to draw on the walls, our last apartment was quite decorated, complete with a lovely portrait of DH with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth! (He hasn't gotten the hint and quit). Of course, they only do this when they get ahold of the non-washable crayons.

I've got a cute pic of DD with my mom's new Clinique lipstick all over her face. And she loves scissors too, she's cut her hair 3 times (and she's only 3), and snipped her shirts, DS's and DH's too, and once even my sheets. She currently is sporting a bare spot in her bangs.

DS likes to take the water pitcher out of the fridge and dump it on the floor. Last week he did it with a gallon of milk. UGH! And of course every time we're at my mom's I have to get the dog's food off the floor or it all ends up floating in the water bowl, IF the water bowl doesn't get dumped.

DS loves to write on himself too, so I have no idea when I'm going to get his 2 year pictures taken! He also loves to flush stuff down the toilet, so we had to buy a snake to get out toys, his toothbrush, etc. Once we thought he flushed his glasses, but thank heavens he only hid them.

We just moved from a 2-room apt. into a 3 bd house, and DD loves to run thru the house, locking doors behind her. And of course, she can undo the locks on the outside doors, so we've had to buy new ones.

Will it ever end . . . LOL

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My ds (20 months) and I went outside to check the mailbox the other day, and I let him carry the keys. I was walking a bit ahead of him, and I looked back to see him squatting over a storm drain in the driveway. He looks at he and says "Keys!" Yup. He threw the keys down the drain. They're covered by at least 8 inches of sludge. So we're locked out, it starts to rain, and we go to the neighbors' to call the city. The city water dept won't help us. Big surprise. Eventually my landlord ends up fishing them out for us, and we had a good laugh over it. (Especially since my ds's dad told me about an hour beforehand to be careful because ds tried to throw HIS keys down the drain earlier!)
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Originally posted by lilyka
[BWe found a ton of condom snaks in our bedroom the other day. [/B]
Lilyka I just have to ask...what are condom snaks?!

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