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What do you give a vomitting child

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Of the endless arguements in my household... this has come up recently as my 2 1/2 yr old ds is sick

He has been vomitting for a little over a day, and all he wants is to bf. My husband, going on the theory that cow's milk makes he stomach float when sick, thinks I'm exascerbating the problem by " allowing" (men.... at this point, like I have a choice with the demanding fellow ) him to bf. I've tried 7 up, seltzer water, saltine crackers... all good to a point, but he prefers to bf.

Any opinions, experience, on this matter?

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Breast milk really is considered a clear fluid, even by many anesthesiologists. I agree that it is the best thing you can give him. Ice chips are sometimes helpful too. I used to make sure that my ds wasn't getting too much at a time when he was vomiting. Since he is an older nursling, I don't know how high your supply is. If you still have a lot of milk, you may want to express or pump before letting him nurse. That way, he won't be overloading his stomach. Dehydration is the most serious concern in little ones, so any amount of fluid retained helps. Hope he is better soon.
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I gave my dd breastmilk when she was vomiting as well.She still threw up after feedings,but I knew that was the best to give.I also gave homeopathics.Tried ginger ale,but she wasn't to much into that.
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thanks for your replies. That's what my gut was telling me.

Besides, he was avoiding all other foods as his stomach was upset, but not bm.... tells me that at the very least it's not providing for further upset.

Good news... he hasn't puked for a whole hour.... nay i say we're improving!
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If it's so bad that he can't keep anything down there's always phenergan suppositories that the doc can phone in. I can tell you though from personal experience with my little girl, just the site of the box after they've ever had one and the vomitting magically seems to abate.
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definitely give breastmilk. it was all my ds would ever drink when he had vomiting. it is considered a clear fluid. it is not the same as giving cow milk.
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