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Would you NIP at a wedding?

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We are going to a wedding tomorrow night for a friend of DH's. I have never met this friend nor any one else there. I need to dress up (obviously) and dont think I want to be pulling out the boobs in the middle of the ceremony. I am planning to take a bottle of EBM to give ds. I just wondered if anyone here had bf at a wedding or how you think you would handle that.... I kind of feel like I am wussing out!
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Sure. Why wouldn't I? I'd dress in easy access clothing and carry on like what I was doing was perfectly normal, because that's what I believe it is.
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I would nurse her in the rain, I would nurse her on a train, I would nurse her on a float, I would nurse her on a boat . . . .

nurse her, nurse her Sam - I - Am
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Yes, I would. If I'm there and my DD is there, then I will nurse there, where ever there might be.

I also sure wouldn't want to try the very fun adventure of getting DD to take a bottle from me (something I've never tried, but know can be difficult) at a wedding, when she would already be frazzled from all the noise and people.
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I would nurse and just handle it likes its the most natural thing in the world ( which of course it is )
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I would.

I don't go ANYWHERE I can't nurse.

I have nursed though every church service, and an ordination.

and I have yet to go anywhre i could not take DS -- DH and I have gone to dinner when he was with my folks, for short amounts of time, at our choice, but no one is going to tell me i can't bring him.

I would wear a nice skirt and a cami -- someinthing silky -- doesn't ahve to be nurseing per-say just some thing that can be pulled aside...and a nice button up blose over it

and a sling or baby carrier and you are set -- if dc is young enough no one will even know.

Nurseing is great -- what a way to shut up a noise babe -- or distract or clam one who is getting broed or tired or frazzled. a bottle jsut doesn't have the same effect.

Also -- wedding is about family, babes are family, nurseig is about family -- i can't think of a better place to do it.

i have a pic of my 2.5 yo DN nurseing with his mom in a maid-of-honor dress at the main table at my wedding. LOVE IT. (he is licking iceing off his fingers too)
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
Sure. Why wouldn't I? I'd dress in easy access clothing and carry on like what I was doing was perfectly normal, because that's what I believe it is.
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In all liklihood, both the bride and groom would be happier that there was a contentedly nursed child there than a whining or worse yet, screaming child. Think of any wedding video that you have watched; in the middle of a beautiful love poem or the vows, there is that quiet whimper that becomes a scream. Children can be unpredictable and may be quiet or loud at any moment. A child who is used to being bf will probably react better if his feeding method is not changed abruptly.

You would be doing everyone a favor by bfing (and you'd do yourself a favor, 'cause its easier than lugging the bottles).
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I would nurse....but then I don't give bottles to my babes, so that wouldn't be an option for me. My kids MUST nurse, they aren't bottlefed. ( and they wouldn't take one either)
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I would absolutely nurse at a wedding. I'd just wear a dress or skirt/shirt set that is accomidating.
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Let me preface this by saying I normally whip it out anywhere and everywhere. However, I chose to use the lovely powder room they had adjacent to the bathrooms- it was kind of like a lounge area that everyone had to pass through to go to the restrooms. More people actually probably saw me nurse there than they would have at the table, but I didn't feel it was necessarily "appropriate" to nurse at the dinner table at a wedding. That is just my opinion. And come to think of it, I *probably* would have if DP was more comfortable with it : , and my dad wasn't sitting there.
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I would nurse in this situation, but I would not go in with the attitude that I don't have to do anything differently to accommodate anybody. I think if you were at a wedding and the people there might be the types to be uptight about NIP, there is an obligation to be VERY discreet. In the case of a wedding, I would want to do anything possible to avoid controversy or awkwardness, whether it is "right" or "wrong" because to me the couple's comfort is more important than the guests' comfort. One's wedding day only comes once (hopefully) and it is not the time or place for me to be a lactivist. I would wear something that I could be very discreet in and bring a shawl for a cover and use it, even if I didn't usually use a cover.
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Yup. I nursed dd (over age one at the time) at a wedding over the summer. I did go out to the hall way and cover myself with a blanket because the dress I was wearing wasn't very nursing friendly and I had to drop my entire sleeve to nurse. If I had been wearing a friendly dress, I would have stayed in the sanctuary.
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I would, and I have nursed at a wedding. If you are worried about expsosure, I second what another mom suggested, and wear your baby in a carrier or use a shawl (if your baby will be okay with that).
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Yes... My kids never took a bottle from me... and they won't take a bottle if they can smell/see/hear/sense me... Anything done discreetly enough doesn't really matter....
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Another vote for "would and have"

My sister got married last May when DS was 4.5 months. Both of my cousins (1 was nursing a 4.5 m/o DD and the other was nursing 13 m/o DS) and I nursed our LOs on the comfy couches in the reception hall which happened to be next to the buffet

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Originally Posted by PGNPORTLAND View Post
I would nurse her in the rain, I would nurse her on a train, I would nurse her on a float, I would nurse her on a boat . . . .

nurse her, nurse her Sam - I - Am
This reminded me of something else I read...

You Can Breastfeed Anywhere

by Laurie Coker

You may breastfeed in a store,
on the floor,
in a roar.
You may breastfeed in a jam,
eating fried green eggs and ham.
You may breastfeed on the stair.
You may breastfeed anywhere!

Your baby can latch on in a swing,
on the wing,
in a ring.
He can latch on in a car,
where you are,
at the barre.
She can latch on in a storm,
on the farm:
that's her charm.
She can latch on in a train,
on a plane,
without pain.
They can latch on to a rhyme.
They can latch on any time.

You can nurse Jane or Joe.
You can nurse Clyde or Moe.
you can nurse Betty or Sallie.
you can nurse at a political rally.
You can nurse any time, anywhere.
You can nurse clothed or bare.
You can nurse unshaved of hair.
You can nurse Tim, Tony or Tom.
Who can nurse? Any mom!
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I would be way too embarassed to feed my baby a bottle!

If mothers can't feel comfortable nursing at a wedding, our society has a serious problem.
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I was a NIP bridesmaid at the last wedding I went to!

I had to wear a dress that wasn't exactly easy access. I just went off to a comfortable, quiet spot (I have I highly distractable nurser, so this was only part modesty) and whipped it out. I don't think anyone noticed.

Why not be sure you're there in time to nurse before the ceremony, or else wear something with easy access and just plan on keeping your baby occupied with nursing (and thus quiet) during the ceremony.

Have fun!
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You bet I would. Wedding or not, I will feed my baby if he needs me

ETA...I'm getting married in April...and I will nurse DS at my wedding if he needs it but then I'm a MDC mama
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