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Just how contagious is a stomach bug?

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I know that stomach viruses can be very contagious, and I'm not looking to blame anyone for dd's sudden bout of vomiting and diarrhea (well, maybe a little ), but here's my question:

Last weekend, friends of ours canceled their baby's first birthday party b/c all four of them (both parents, baby and 4-yr.-old boy) were sick a few days beforehand. They recovered, Mom cleaned the house top to bottom, and rescheduled for this past weekend. So we went on Sunday and today, two days later, dd is sick. Could she have picked this up at their house anyway? It doesn't really matter, I'm just curious! :
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Going by my day care's guidelines, I think most stomach bugs are still contagious up to three days after symptoms disappear.

After dealing with stomach bugs over xmas with my family visiting, I'd have to say that they are probably right.
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One thing that really seems to turn diarrhea around in a hurry is primadophilus for children. One teaspoon of the granules daily added to powerade/gatorade/juice etc.. really makes a difference.

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Well, it's almost 4 p.m. and there's been no diarrhea, but she can't keep anything down, even liquids. Right now I'm boiling some fresh ginger in water - maybe that will help? At what point do I need to worry about dehydration? She's had nothing to drink since dinner last night. Even small sips of water today and bits of slushy Pedialyte fed on a spoon didn't stay down.
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My naturapath said that most bugs are food-related in that they either come directly from food or from food prepared by someone who touched a surface which had the (please excuse - yuck) bacteria form either the vomit or diarhhea. This can happen quite easily when the toilet is flushed w/o lid down and the particles go 'everywhere" according to her. She said casual contact with someone is rare to infect another. Your case however, seems like you entered the pit of sickness and picked it up. Even if she cleaned, it's hard to get it all I think.

Have you tired Nux vomica homeopathic? there are other homeopathics for vomiting too but I think nux is one of the maintays. Check with a book or with your naturopath.

Gosh, good luck. I hope your dd is feeling better.

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Thank you!

Well, it was either the ginger or a coincidence, because after drinking that, she felt much better and seems perfectly fine today!
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A little late here on my part byt - I'm so glad she's feeling better! i didn't mention it in my last post because you were already doing it but - I am a ginger-fanatic! I keep capsules in every bag i own, i have fresh on hand and swear by it's ability to remedy the buggy-type stomache problems. I do marshmallow (no, not the gooey yummy ones, the tincture. )for burning type problems.

wishing you all wellness.

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