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I did not have a private room and I do think that it did inhibit my ability to nurse the first few hours. I was much happier once I was home

As far as drugs go...........since how your OB is "allowing" you to have a vaginal birth I would NOT use any drugs, not get an IV and NOT allow your self to be induced. From what you have posted you will be very lucky to escape a c-section with that doc and the fewer interventions the better in your case.

Good luck
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I don't have time to read all the replies. little one is starting to stir...

I had a home birth and nursed seconds after her birth, while the cord was still attached.

I really didn't care who was there, it was an amazingly powerful moment.

I can't begin to imagine what it would be like in the hospital without the privacy of my home, but trust me you very soon after birth don't think of your breasts as sex objects anymore. You lovingly become "Bessie the cow" - you should feel no shame baring all to nurse your daughter.

Good luck!

And as a first time mom, who went the "all natural" route at home, you can do it!
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Originally Posted by kayleesmom View Post
Well i got the news on monday at my OB appt that he doesnt think it is necessary to do a C-section. so now it will be another vaginal delivery. I want to try to go with out a epi. maybe try stadol?
But my question is for mamas that had vaginal birth and breastfed. Did you have your own private room at hospital? Did your hubby room in with you? If you didnt have a private room was hubby still allowed to room in? and if you breastfed did you room in with baby and have a roommate? how did that work out? was the other mom breastfeeding too? any advice cause i have a feeling that i wont get a private room this time. we are gonna have Cigna HMO if that makes a difference on wheather you get a private room or not.
Haven't read the other replies, but wanted to answer your questions.

The hospitals I had my last 2 babies at has rooming in only unless your baby is in the NICU. There is no well baby nursery. Ds was at the NICU so he wasn't with me, but dd was with me all the time aside from her initial bath. The hospital ds was born at even does weights and bath in the moms room. I had a private room with dd and dh did not room in with me. It's not a common thing in the hospitals around here - unless he wanted to sleep in a chair...lol.

At the hospitals around here most moms at least start out bf'ing, but even if I'd had a roommate that wasn't bf'ing, I wouldn't have done things differently. Babies cry, whether they're ff or bf, and they wake at all different hours. There should be a curtain separating the beds so that you can have privacy and your own space.

About the painkillers, my 1st dd I had a shot of morphine, then asked for an epidural... was given laughing gas while waiting for the anesthesiologist, then was dialating too fast for the epidural and ended up not getting one. Dd #2 I decided to go natural since I figured the morphine hadn't helped last time anyways. I hired a doula to help support me. With ds I didn't have any painkillers or an epidural, but I did use the laughing gas again - not sure of the technical name for it... If you do need pain relief, that's the direction I would suggest... it doesn't cross the placenta, clears from your body within a couple breaths, you can start and stop it at will just by choosing whether or not to breath it... and really all it does is relaxes you to let your body do it's job. Which is what I really needed with ds because of the high risk delivery and not being able to move and the stress of knowing I could end up with a c/s at any moment...

So anyways, those are my thoughts. Personally I might chit chat with my roommate, because that's just the way I am, but I wouldn't change how I did things with my babe. I don't really think it matters what your roomie is doing since you'll be in and out of hospital quickly and likely never see your roomie again, so if she gets ticked at you, oh well.

And if your hospital doesn't automatically have you rooming in with your baby, I'd demand it - and let them know ahead of time. If it's not a common request, they may upgrade you to a private room for free.
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I had a natural Vaginal birth and breastfed my son for an extended period of time. My husband AND baby roomed in with me, our room was private, but only because we birthed as out patient in a hospital "birth center". I didnt even see any other Mom's in the day and a half I was there. The ABC was very supportive of breastfeeding and rooming in. My advice is to not worry about other Moms and if the breastfeed or not, just pull the curtain and forget they are there! Good luck, you can do it!
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I'm not necessarily trying to promote the epidural, BUT I had a wonderful birthing experience(vaginal delivery) with my own private room, with whom I roomed with DH and the baby. He only went to the nursery to get cleaned up. I had an epidural and had a relatively easy delivery. It did NOT slow down my labor or make DS any sleepier than any baby whom has just completed the monumental task of being born. I nursed him with the cord attached for a few minutes then he was wisked away for a minute to be checked out. I had no truouble whatsoever with breastfeeding while at the hospital. The lactation consulants were great!!! They, along with DH and my family gave me all the support that I needed to successfully breastfeed while at the hospital. I'm glad I choose this and was able to thoroughly enjoy the birth of my son in a relaxed manner.

Good luck with whatever you choose!!!
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I had stadol and I liked the epidural better :

But really, with two of my births I had an intrathecal injection, it is just a quick shot in the lower back, numbs you from the waist down, and it lasts 3 hours or so and can help you get through the last part of labor, the transition labor. I let mine wear off before i started to push cause I liked being able to feel my progress at that time.

As far as nursing, you will need to be your own advocate. Nurses never suggested that I nurse following the birth, I just did it and they were fine with it. I also put a big sign on the isolette--NO formula, paci's, bottles. My last two were large babies and so they tested their blood sugar and it had to be at a certain level...when they wanted to get it up with formula, I refused the bottles and I just let the baby nurse and dribbled formula into her mouth with a syringe as a supplement. After the first day it was fine and she has had no formula since then.

As far as having someone else in there with you, they will most likely only have eyes for their baby anyway!!!!! and maybe if she is NOT the breastfeeding type, you can change her mind by breastfeeding your baby in front of her.
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Nurse as soon as possible, I was able to nurse right after dd came out and was on my belly.

Put on your birthplan no meds and that you don't want to talk to anyone about "pain management". When you're at the point you absolutely can't take it anymore, you're probably in transistion and it almost over.

Read Birthing From Within, some of the visual images really helped me, esp imagining my cervix opening up like a flower.

And like a pp said, once its over its OVER. My midwife said its only one day in all the months that you are pregnant.
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