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Did you give birth during the day or night?

Poll Results: When did you give birth?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 21% (65)
    Between 6 am and noon
  • 18% (57)
    Between noon and 6pm
  • 20% (61)
    Between 6pm and midnight
  • 28% (86)
    Between Midnight and 6 am
  • 11% (36)
    Different births have varied
305 Total Votes  
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I'm just curious what other's experiences have been with giving birth. I've heard lots of mamas give birth during the middle of the night. My first was induced and born at 6pm, my other 2 were born around 4 am range, so I was in labor during the middle of the night...just curious if there's any rhyme or reason. : Sara
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DS#1 was born at 5:43 pm, waxing moon not quite full quarter, DS#2 was born at 12:30pm, waxing moon again, close to full quarter.
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DS was at 5:03am and DD was at 3:47am
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I woke up at 6am in labor, cx 5 minutes apart. I was 6cm when I was first checked at 4pm and delivered at 8:19pm.
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first ds was 3:23 am and second would have been at 7am but had to wait on the dr so he was born at 8:31 am
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4 kids all after midnight - 6am, 2 am,5 am, 5am or close to these are not exact times...
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1- 2:30 pm
2- 4:18 pm
3- 1:30 am
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DD was born at 10:40 p.m.
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DS1 3:23pm
DS2 8:08pm
DS3 6:24am
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With dd#1 I went had contractions starting at 2am in the night, mild throught the day until 2pm, when active labor started. I had some complications that slowed labor down, but once those were all taken care of dd was born at 11:48 pm, barely August 15th. With dd#2, I was almost two weeks overdue so my midwife stripped my membranes at 9pm and I started having mild contractions right away. Those continued through the night and all the following day until 5pm, when the suddenly intensified. I went straight to the birth center and dd was born at 7:45 pm.
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went into labor sometime Saturday night, woke in labor 8 am Sunday morning, early labor all day Sunday, active labor all Sunday night, very intense labor most of the day Monday, birthed Monday at 5.15 pm

Yep, 5:15 on 5/15, her EDD and her dad's B-day, after going into labor on Mother's Day. She was born with a rumble of thunder in the distance.

And it that ain't a portentous list, I dunno what is.
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2:29 pm
11:37 am
3:09 pm

(no inductions)
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Both of mine were born after 6 am, but I went into labor at night with both of them: labor started at 9 pm, dd born at 8 am, and labor started at 1:30 am, ds born at 6:28 am.

I had to double-check my moon phases... dd was waxing almost quarter moon, ds was waxing nearly full moon.
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both spontaneous labor - #1 labor started in the late evening (9-10 pm-ish) and dd was born at 5am on the dot. #2 v. mild labor all day, intense began about 3pm, born at 5:30pm.
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k was born at 8:42pm and m was born at 7:16pm.
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6:01 Pm
12:17 Pm
8:33 Am
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8:45 Am
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One was born at 6AM and the other at 3AM. I went into labor with my first at around 10PM and with my second sometime in the early evening. I labored all night with both and had them in my arms before the sun came up.
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8:37 Pm
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DS1 - 4:42 Am
DD - 1:50 Pm
DS2 - 1:50 pm
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