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Chiron has arrived!!

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Ok...So I have news! On 12-2-06 I gave unassisted birth at home to a little boy named Chiron! More info to come. Momma and baby are doing well, but very tired.

Chiron (middle name TBA)
8# 2oz
21.5 in
Born at 2:15pm on Dec 2.

He was born after 10 hours in labor and 3 hours of pushing into his loving fathers hands. We did have a transfer to the hospital after birth due to a severe hemmhorage that didn't respond to eating placenta, herbs, breastfeeding etc... I recieved treatment and was/am very anemic from the blood loss, but all is well and we feel so fortunate at have been able to complete our birth safely at home. Thank you to all of you lovely women here at MDC who have helped me through this birth process of my first child. I am forever in your debt! I'll post a more detailed account later.
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Congratulations Mamma, here's to a lovely babymoon!
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little one! Congratulations mama!!
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Yaaaaay!!! Welcome Little Chiron!!!

I KNOW another Chiron! And, I never ever thought I'd hear his name again! Wow!!! Sooo, cool! His parents used Huevos Ranchero for his name for a while because they couldn't decide. They ended up with Chiron Jonah. When Chiron went to college he went by CJ. Now, he's a young adult announcing his engagement this holilday season! Wow. Another Chiron! That's soooo cool!!!!

Oh, and my favorite nickname for him growing up was Chironi Rigatoni. You can steal if it you want!

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wonderful! congratulations!
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Congratulations! I'm glad things went okay, overall! Welcome Chiron!
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Sorry about your hospital transfer but SO happy to hear you got your UC! Welcome baby Chiron!
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Congrats!! Welcome Chiron!!!
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Congratulations -- I look forward to hearing the story!
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Congratualtions!! How happy... looking forward to your birth story. Welcome Chiron! Happy Babymoon you two!

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CONGRATULATIONS!! Sorry you had to transfer - I hope you're feeling ok and they treated you well at the hospital.

dd 8mos
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Congratulations and Happy Babymooning!

Brightest Blessings!
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Congratulations and welcome EarthSide Chiron! Enjoy your babymoon *swoon*
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Congrats to you and your family!
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Awesome job mama!!!! You did all you could to take care of things at home and good for you for following your instincts to get yourself to the hospital. Even if that isn't what you had hoped for...you are here to enjoy your babe...that is all that matters!

Welcome earthside little Chiron!!!
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Congratulations mama! I had a pph after my second uc and it took me a week to recover, hope you are feeling better in that regard
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Welcome baby Chiron!! Congrats on your UC mama!! I hope you are gaining your strength back and feeling better and better as the days go by.

Happy Babymoon!
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