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Diva Cup and the inexplicable urge to pee

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So I just started using the Diva cup yesterday and have this strange thing that happens everytime I insert it. Even if I pee right before I put it in, once it's inserted I have this intense feeling like I need to pee. It's not a feeling centered in my bladder but in my urethra area. It's similar to the feeling I get when I have a UTI or the beginnings of one and it's quite uncomfortable for about 10 minutes...and then it just goes away.

It's really weird, I know.. I haven't come across anyone else mentioning this in my searches of this forum.. Any ideas why this could be happening?
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Actually, others have mentioned it before (may not have been here that I read it). Make sure the cup isn't placed too high or too low. Placement can play a key role in using cups, from what you're experiencing, all the way to leaking. Also, have you read prior posts about other suggestions, including the Diva Dance that I "created". That might also help you.
I've experienced the feeling of needing to pee, and it was because I didn't have Diva in her "comfy spot". Feel free to PM me if you need any other help, because I became a "pro" by trial and error, and even got my 13yo DD using Diva on her 2nd cycle, and she had never even explored her body before because she was afraid she wouldn't be a virgin any more! LOL! Kids are precious, aren't they?!
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i have the same thing happen with my mooncup. after about 10 minutes the sensation goes away. the first (trial run) time i used it i kept running to the bathroom trying to pee and nothing would come out, but i had just gone. ill have to try the diva dance....
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Nudge it up a little further.
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Thanks for the replies! I think I may be one of those people that has to wear it abit higher up. When I try leaving it down low it just feels like it's going to fall out and there's an uncomfortable pressure. Then it never stays at the lowest point it feels comfortable. By the time I go to take it out it's always migrated up so far that I have to seriously reach for it.

It's reassuring that others have experienced this odd urge to pee. Glad to know it's not just me maybe coming down with a UTI. I hate those soo much and I was really prone to them a while back so now whenever I feel a hint of one coming on I start tossing back the cranberry supplements like there's no tomorrow.

Right now I'm in the love/hate stage with this Diva cup. Once it's in, it's great. Only the teeniest bit of leaking on my heaviest day and I almost forget I'm on my period. It's just the getting the durn thing in there that is driving me batty. It takes a minimum of 10 minutes every time..and before bed is really annoying because the water in our bathroom always wakes up the baby..so it turns into this drawn out process of me going in to get her back to sleep and then having to get back up and try again once she's drifted off.. It took 2 rounds of that last nite. I am determined to perservere though because I just hate pads and tampons soo much.

The other thing is.. even when it's in to the point where it feels comfortable, I still can't really spin it. I mean, it twists alittle bit..like maybe 45 degrees but it's anything but freely spinning..it's very difficult to turn it. And while I can tell it's popped open, it's not exactly holding it's perfectly round shape when it's in.. Maybe because the shape of my yoni isn't perfectly round? The cup feels like it's slightly bent in on one side..but there's definetly a seal. So I'm never sure if it's in as well as it could be but I'm usually too frustrated to keep trying and it seems to work that way so I just leave it.
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I have the bladder disease Interstitial Cystitis, and the urge to pee when it is in is the reason I haven't used it in a while. My sensation doesn't go away, but my bladder normally feels like I have a UTI even without the Diva Cup, but the Diva does make it worse.
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Ok, since Diva rides up to her comfy spot, try this routine:
Do the punch down fold (pushing one part of the rim into the center of cup and fold the rest like a taco). Get Diva in and push as far as you are comfy. Make sure the rim goes past your vag wall, and then pinch the bottom of Diva's butt. This should make her open up, and it may be a soft/squished open. Run your finger around to see that no part of Diva is still collapsed, although she might be squished, depending on your pelvic position. Give Diva a little twist to make the seal, even if it's only barely budging. Once you think you've got her in her place, and it's comfy with the rim past your vag wall, you should be ready to dance the Diva Dance. With your knees slightly bent at least shoulder width apart, move your hips in big circles in both directions as if you were hoola hooping. Diva will "rise" to her secure spot if you've done all the steps! My Diva Dance has helped mannnny people here!
I promise, you will eventually be best friends w/ her, and not fighting 10 minutes all the time. You're just getting to know one another. Relax, breath, and dont' forget to dance! (You'll be down to under 2 minutes in no time)
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Okay.. I will do the Diva dance next time.. It sounds like a fun plan!
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I don't want to be graphic here ... but I had the same problem. Here's why: no matter how high I placed, it would press against my g-spot. The sensation of having to pee is associated with g-spot stimulation. I guess my g-spot was more prominant or sensitive than others. But, this is the reason I could never use it. And I tried for months - higher, lower, putting it in at different angles, putting it in while contorting my body into various positions, ignoring the feeling, etc. It just didn't work. I went back to cloth pads.

Hopefully, this isn't you. But, just thought I'd share my experience.
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hmmm.. interesting. I'd wondered if that could have something to do with it. Fortunetly, for me, the urge to pee only lasts 10 or 15 minutes and then fades away.
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