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City slickers, do you let your tots in public wading pools?

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You know the kind I mean, where the staff kicks everyone out on an hourly basis so that they can pour a tonne of chemicals into the water.

I am torn, and it's not even summer here yet.

This issue was easy for me to avoid last summer when dd was still technically a baby.

This year, it will be harder.

Most of our friends plan to spend a lot of time at these things.

How do you feel about the level of chlorination? Do you think it is acceptable? Safe? Gross?

I welcome your input.
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I took my little guy in our apartment pool last year.

I'm not sure if it's chlorinated to the level that the public pools are though. I just made sure he didn't swallow water, and I took him into the shower right after to wash it all off.

Just watch for signs, like watery red eyes for sensitivity to the chemical. Wading pools should be (I would think) be less chlorinated than the big pool.
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The problem is that I think the wading pools are much more chlorinated than the average indoor swimming pool. There is much less water and many more treatments.
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There is a wading pool in the park near our apartment here in Portland ME. It is constantly flowing I don't know if that makes a difference with how much chlorine they use, but it seems safer than a stagnant one to me. The kids love it, and they take a bath or shower at home after.
I don't know if that helps, but they seem fine after, and during so we will go again this year.
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I wasn't even thinking about the chlorine! But yeah, that scares me too, because of the dioxins and link to endo (which I have had since I was little) not to mention all sorts of other disorders. What really scares me is that at one of our local parks, they have a fountain that kids are allowed to play in, and there has been ecoli or some other horrible intestinal infection outbreak from kids with poopy diapers playing in the water. And I know my DD would try to drink the water, so no, we won't be going there.
At another park, they have this wading stream, which is very shallow, and I think that would be ok, since it's just their feet in it.
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Stagnant pools do tend to have higher levels of chlorine because of the human waste contamination issue. Those that have moving water are less likely to have high chlorination levels just because of their nature. That said, I would take ds into the big pool before I would take him into the wading pool - dilution factors.
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I like bigger pools better too...I will use wading ones, but I think the moving water ones, or ones in less popular pools, or less popular days...the hottest day, with a zillion kids kind of makes me go ick a little.
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Hey, Dodo

I think you are near me so I know exactly which pools you are talking about. We went a few times last summer and DS loved it. At this pool the kids don't really spend allot of time in the water, they just kind of run around and splash. Because they do refill the pool every hour or so the water can be really cold. In contrast, we have been going to swimming lessons at the baby pool at our community centre. It's an indoor pool from 1' to 3' deep and very warm. We both come out of there stinking of chlorine even after a shower! It took the colour rinse out of my hair! Of course, we are immersed in that water for an hour where at the wading pool he is just wading really, very rarely is he immersed. So if you really want to avoid chlorine I think you'll have to forego public pools alltogether.
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My mom has a pool and yes I let dd go in it..she always takes a bath/shower after...we also have a one of those public fountains the kids run in and I bunch of water parks with fountains and little streams the kids can play in...I let dd go in all these and just keep my eyes and nose open for things I don't think are good...like a kid playing in it that has a poopy diaper...
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Stafl, dioxin is created in the chemical reaction when chlorine is used to bleach paper or cloth. I have never heard that dioxin is a risk in swimming pools. If you have some info on that, could you please post it?
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It is the very nature of chlorine to react with other chemicals. When it reacts with carbon, dioxin is formed. Okay, oversimplified....
until there is a study on the safety of chlorine, that *isn't* paid for by the BIG $$$$ chemical companies that sell the stuff, I am staying away from it as much as possible.
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Just have to jump in here and remind y'all that if you are using municipal water and your community water source is a surface water (from a river or lake) you are taking in chlorine on a daily basis as the EPA standard for safe drinking water is 2 parts per million. Ways do exist to reduce your exposure if you want to tho.
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They are also sitting in it in the bathtub. I'm surrounded by it, I grew up surrounded by it, I'm just not going to worry about this one.
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