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Where are homebirth VBACs legal?

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Perfectly legal in TX.

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I got the impression they are legal (ha! like that's going to stop someone) and can be attended legally by midwives in Florida.

[insert VBAC smiley here]
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FLorida....I am having my 2nd HBAC (3rd VBAC) in April. And 3rd QF baby!

I just LOVE my HB midwife...very empowering....Kelli Johnson in the Orlando Area.
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Homebirth is illegal in Rhode Island, period.

Well, actually.... it's illegal for a midwife to attend a homebirth. They obviously can't stop you from delivering at home, unattended.

I'm almost certain that a homebirth VBAC would be fine in Connecticut.
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Legal in NY.
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WA and OR its legal
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please delete, thank you
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California--completely legal here
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Legal in VA
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I'm pretty sure you can homebirth anywhere.
Are you asking for states that midwives can legally attend a homebirth?
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It is illegal in NC for a midwife to attend a homebirth...not in TN though...

Lyndsi- engaged to the best man ever, Justin and mama to my dear Waylon : : :
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It is illegal in NC for a midwife to attend a homebirth...not in TN though...

Lyndsi- engaged to the best man ever, Justin and mama to my dear Waylon : : :
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They are currently legal in Colorado although there will be a rulesmaking hearing next Friday which may change that! Your help is needed, even if you never had a VBAC in Colorado!

It is NOT TOO LATE to write your letters in support of HOME VBACS in Colorado! Please do not feel intimidated about the composition of the letter, what is important is you write a letter as testimony you are in support of VBACs at home and the proposed rules ALLOWING them to continue. Don't worry about science or facts, the midwives will be
presenting plenty of that sort of evidence.

If you have written a letter, please drop me an email to let me know (1 letter is equal to as many as 5 people standing in front of them!) AND if you haven't written your letter... why not? The address is listed below.

Thank you for your time, I hope you will never need a home VBAC but if you do HELP US KEEP IT LEGAL!

There will be a Rulemaking Hearing at the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) in Denver on December 15, 2006 at 9:00am at Suite 1380A/B, 1560 Broadway Denver, Colorado.

The purpose of the Rulemaking hearing from the standpoint of the Director of DORA will be to define the guidelines of Registered Midwives attending to vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) clients at home.

There are a number of groups, the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners, the Colorado Medical Society, and the Board of Nurses who would rather see the practice of VBACs at home abolished entirely. These professional groups will be represented at the hearing and we assume they plan to be very aggressive in convincing the Director VBACs at home are unsafe and therefore Registered Midwives should not be allowed to attend them. The midwives will be presenting appropriate rebuttals to their arguments in support of continuing our record of safe practice for VBACs at home.

If you had a VBAC at home, or know someone who did, please consider writing a letter in support of this very important option. Consider writing the letter on behalf of yourself, your midwife, your friends and any number of women who are affected by the 30.2% cesarean rate.

The complete notice is here including the proposed rules which the Colorado Midwives Association is in agreement with minor wording changes: http://www.dora.state.co.us/midwives/rulemaking.htm

Letters should be addressed to:

Midwifery Registration
1560 Broadway, Suite 1340
Denver, CO 80202

Indicate "written testimony only" if you wish the letter to be submitted for the Director's consideration.

If you wish to speak for three minutes on your own behalf you must apply to do so ONE WEEK prior to the hearing by calling Vana Montgomery at 303-894-7429 or email her at Vana.Montgomery @ dora.state.co.us (remove the spaces) to make sure you have your time at the microphone.

This is a PUBLIC hearing so the public (YOU) are welcome to observe the proceedings. Consider the audience and please conduct yourself in a professional manner as we are all under scrutiny at this time.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me and I will do my best to address them! PLEASE FORWARD this message to anyone you think should know about it!
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Metromidwife, thank you for the information on Colorado. Here in Nebraska home-assisted VBACs are illegal. They don't like VBACs period so we were considering crossing the state line into Colorado.
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I know VBAC's assisted by midwives are legal in New Mexico and of course here in CA. In fact my midwife told me there are more births assisted by midwives in NM than Dr. assisted!
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it is legal EVERYWHERE>

If you want to know where a homebirth midwife can attend her..that's a different story.
They are legally attended in IN by CNM's only..
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TN is quite legal. To my knowledge, homebirth is legal everywhere. Some places will not let you pay a midwife to help you, however. homebirth VBAC is far safer than repeat section, in most cases. Have a wonderful homebirth VBAC. Also, most hospitals these days will not allow VBACs, so homebirth is basically the only option....
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It is LEGAL in Florida, but can be very difficult to find a willing m/w with a backup OB willing to do the informed consent meeting/signoff required. Our options are dwindling and it makes me incredibly sad
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Not legal for anyone to attend hbac in NJ.
I understand that it's legal in PA (although vbac in general is tough in many parts of PA)
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