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Extended summer travel with toddler

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DH and I are planning on taking 19 mo dd on a long boat trip...it's a big boat (or a small ship) so we can take stuff with us, and there will be a number of other people there. She and I might come home and go back once or twice, but the trip will be about 2 months long and it might go to some pretty desolate places so I can pick up some things, but I should mostly plan ahead.

Ideas for what to take, activities while on board with her?
And sites maybe for sailing or RV people that have ideas about traveling in a small house with a little one? I googled but had no luck. It was all about cars and airplanes.

She is a very active girl, with great gross and pretty good fine motor skills...but mostly pre-verbal. Understands very basic instuctions and has a vocabulary of a few words, mostly nouns.
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OMG!!!! I can't believe she is 19 months already!!!!! Time sure does fly. My dd will be 1 soon...

Anyhow, to the questions at hand.....To entertain her, maybe some felt?? Do you have any?? If not, I can send you some to borrow to see if she likes it. Heck, I'd lend it to you for the 2 months-we just use it for car trips. Plenty of paper and crayons. I can send you a link to an awesome deal on soy crayons if you're interested.
Um, my guess is you have already figured out diapering etc and such that you are taking, right??
Hmmmm, how about little wooden animals or bendy dolls. Did you get any of them from me??? YOu know, the kind Nova sells....
Will you be able to take a laptop?? Maybe some toddler cd roms or DVDs if she ever watches any.....
Sorry I'm not much more help

Hey I just had a thought. How about beanbags and playsilks? They are compact and you could make up games with them
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felts...I just got some storyteller...farm, activity book and brown bear. Plus we'll take playsilks of course. Beanbags! That is BRILLIANT! They won't roll off the deck.

I have some woodland fantasies that I have not given her yet...that's a great idea!

Any dvd/cdrom titles you suggest? We have not progressed beyond wiggles. She likes the singing and dancing.

She loves to color but we are still working on not eating them...and only coloring on paper...so the crayola washables are kind of a requirement until we get over that hump.

We have a washer and dryer so I was going to take my fun diapers but I was trying to decide, I think I will need some more covers and CPFs. I give away cpf's as gifts, and now I need some! Hemp might be too much of a pain to deal with in an unknown washer. I may need some folding/snappi lessons before I go!

oh my gosh! What about my diaper garden reservations! I will have some internet access. I can't miss that!
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Well, Caleb is a bit older than your dd but he LOVES Veggie Tales. Maggie doesn't do TV yet, so I'm not sure for the younger crowd. Maybe Blues Clues??

If you want to come over sometime, I'll help ya with snappi-ing. I have some ub regular prefolds I can lend ya. I won't part with my hemp prefolds/soakers, but I can lend ya one to try if your dd isn't too big for the size I have.........

Email me if you want to get together..

Oh, and on the diaper garden note, I'd gladly watch over them for you
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