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Does a 2 day period = infertility?

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but my husband and I are planning to start TTC in the next 3 months. I was using the pill for 7 years and then stopped 6 months ago in preparation for TTC. I started the pill at 19 because I had TERRIBLE periods - heavy bleeding, occasionally numbness of limbs and even fainting, extreme pain, etc. My periods were typically 7 days long. Since I have been off the pill (6 cycles), my periods have only lasted 2 days and have been so light it seems like a joke. Has anyone else had any experiences like this? Does this mean I'm not ovulating?

I have bought the FAM book, and I'm starting charting this month so I hope to be able to tell something from my temperatures. In the meantime, I guess I'm just wondering if a healthy, ovulating woman can have a two day period or if that's just a clear sign of problems???
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I've been off the pill for 6 or 8 months now, and I have a 2 or 3 day period with some spotting for a day or so. I just had a m/c, so presumably I am fertile.

I have also always had a light period, before, during, and after the pill. I got on Yasmin, which made my period SOOOOOOO heavy. It took 2 months and I was back to my normal lightness.
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I was on Yasmin too - I wonder if the short periods have something to do with that pill. I feel stupid because I didn't know much about the pill, just that it would alleviate my rough periods. I didn't really know about the side effects, and now that I'm wanting to get pregnant I feel terribly worried.
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I had short, light periods for the most part on the pill. (Ortho-Tricyclen) Now that I'm off, they are VERY short and VERY light. I can't help you on the infertility thing, but charting should be able to help you tell whether or not you are ovulating and how long your LP is.
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Yasmin had some scary side effects, and it made my periods terrible. For 5 months, I had the worse period of my life. It just kept on getting worse. and worse. and worse. So I stopped mid cycle, and 2 weeks late I again had hte worst period of my life.

I'm now back to normal. I don't think Yasmin causes light periods, because for me light periods are normal.
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newmom-i can't really answer, but i've had the same question. i was on the pill for about 7 years...ortho cyclen...my periods were always about 5 days before. since i quit, mine is spotting for a day, heavy for maybe 1.5, and light for 1 more day...so all in all, around 3 days. i've wondered, and my obgyn says (i provided several months of charts) that it's all a unique thing, and doesn't mean anything bad...that said, it has been 15 months of ttc for us now, so we're getting into the testing mode..yuck! charting should show you a pretty distinct ovulation, and you can try the ovulation predictor kits too...hope that helps!
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I was on the pill (not Yasmin) for 12 years before coming off in May. Previously, my periods were heavy and I think they listed for maybe 4 days. I can't remember, I was 19 back then! But since coming off BCP my periods are shorter, maybe 3 days without the heavy cramping I used to have. I got pregnant our first month TTC, but miscarried, so I'm obviously fertile.

Good luck!
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2 day period and infertility?

I was hoping to get in touch with some of the gals who responded to newmom80's email. I, too, was on Ortho Cyclen for several years -- about 9 years. When I went off the pill (about 11 months ago), my periods dropped to 2 days in length. I've spoken to my OBGYN about it, and he seems to think that it is "normal." However, I also wonder about how this might affect fertility issues.

So, I was wondering the results of other women who have experienced this same issue. Have you had infertility problems? If so, did the doctors suggest anything to help?

My husband and I would like to start trying to have kids, but I'm worried that this new development with my body will delay it. Hmmmm....
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Just saw this.....I've always had really light periods.

When I asked my gyno about it, he said that what counts is predictable frequency---don't worry about flow. IOW, it's harder for women who have 3 periods a year, even if they're really heavy, than a mom who has a light flow every 28 days. I've conceived 3 times w/out too much of a wait, so true for me.
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Mine are 1.5 days- and really light at that... I've never had IF issues yet.
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I'm jealous... my periods are very light but last for about 5 days! I have two days of light flow and then 3 days of spotting. Yuck. But anyway, I asked my ob/gyn about it and he says it shouldn't affect fertility. (I was imagining a poor zygote trying to implant into a really crappy, thin layer in my uterus!)

That being said, I've been ttc for almost a year with no luck... everything else is normal. I'm starting clomid next month if I'm not PG.

Good luck to you!!
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I highly doubt that being on a b/c pill has anything to do with a woman's fertility once she goes off them. I think it may just take some women's hormones a while to go back to what's normal for her. Cause basically, what the pill does, is fools your body into thinking you're pregnant, via synthetic hormones, in other words you don't ovulate while on the b/c pill. I was on the pill for 13 1/2 years before I decided to get pregnant and just as soon as I went off them, I got pregnant on the first try. My periods were only 2-3 days in length and I didn't have to wear anything other than a pantyliner.

As a side note, unfortunately it didn't work that way this time around as I'm on cycle #2, on the 2ww, TTC #2.
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