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sept/oct mamas : april 29th-may....

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hey mamas. just starting us anew.

not much new here, besides feeling the baby move a ton now. dd is also being really cute, like many of your kids. she likes to look at the pregnancy books and find the pictures. "baby in mama's tummy!" she'll point at the umbilical cord and alternately say "baby playing with toys!" or "umbilical cord napa" (napa is finnish for belly button). hee hee.

shane, would you mind posting the list??
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oh, and dd is also sooo sweet about cuddling with my belly at night. she'll hug my belly and say "oooooooh, baby. hello baby." and kiss my tummy.
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Thats totally adorable! My Dh is spending lots of time being a total sweety to me as well, tells my tummy goodbye when he leaves, gives me kisses on my tummy and everything. Very sweet!

I also posted about this on a seperate thread but I'm totally amazed and thrilled that my boobies are working! Getting little drops of clear fluid (clostrum I believe) and its neat!

Today I'm halfway thru! 20 weeks today! That makes me happy, but it already seems like its been FOREVER! :LOL
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Aren't children so adorable!

My 3 yo/ds and I were at the midwives yesterday. He went to a table with a bunch of pamphlets on it and said "mommy, this tells you how the baby gets out!!". I said "it does?" and he said "yes, it will pop out on my toys!"

Tooooooooooo cute!

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BABY # 1
Angela - September 5 (hypnobirth)
Jamie - Sept 14, #1, Hospital w/ CNM
Lisa - Sept 17, #1, Home, Boy (Orion Matthew)
Sagira - Sept 21, #1, Birth Center
Rosie - Sept 23, ??, ??
Priya - Sept 25, #1
Sarah - Sept 25, #1?
hypatia - Sept 26, #1, Home
Ravin - Sept 28, #1, Home
Glittergal - Oct 9 #1
JLav - Oct 12 #1
suzy (gowk) - Oct 13, #1
Daria - Oct 21, #1, Hospital
Zmoon - Oct 25, #1
Sarahlynn - Oct 27, #1

Domestic Goddess - Sept 1 #2
Kris - Sept 11, #2
Emma - Sep 12, #2, Hospital
Shelly K. - Sept 17, #2
Eman'smom - Sept 18, #2
Namaste - Sept 21, #2 Hospital
Ladylee - Sept 24, #2 VBAC
Amy - Sept 26, #2
Christine - Oct 1, #2, Hospital
Monglowmama - Sept 26, #2, Homebirth
Shannon - Sept 27, #2
Mamaley - Sept 30, #2, birth center
Angela - Sept/Oct, #2
velryba - Oct 2, #2, home
Polypody - Oct 3, #2
Mamarsupial - early Oct, #2, Hospital (CNM, Doula)
Patti 10/11 Hospital w/doula #2
Muslimomma, #2, Home (Unassisted)
SueZVudu - mid-oct #2
Jennifer Z - Oct 19, #2 Hospital
kaismom - Oct 30, #2

Michelle (Mommy Stormraven) - Sept 17, #3 (#2 w/ dh) Home water birth
Tammi ? Sept 18, #3
Carolyn - Mid/end Sept, #3, Home
Shane - Sept 24, #3, Home
Ruth - Oct 3, #3, Homebirth
Ashley - end Sept, #3
Jen - Oct 23, #3, Homebirth
Czen - Oct 25 #3

Deb - Sept 19, #4
TreeLove - Sept 27, #4
Britt - Oct 8, #4, home
mamapenelope - October, #4, Home
Cori, #4, Home
kerikadi, #4 Home

Rikki - October 17, #5, Home
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I copied the old list, but I don't know if anyone new was added. Shane is good about updating it.

I am not feeling the baby move much, but I thought I was before. So I was kind of worried, but then I just decided not to be. There is nothing I can do and I am sick of worrying. I thought I was feeling a bunch of bumping, but then it really feels like gas. Sometimes I'd even pass gas after feeling what I thought was the baby, so maybe I wasn't feeling the baby. I had an u/s on Friday and the baby was moving.

Then I was supposed to go to the OB for my appointment on Monday, and it completely slipped my mind. We were supposed to be out of town that day anyway--what was I thinking? I just went to the OB on the 7th, why do I need to go 3 weeks later??? Just to get on a scale, pee in a cup and have him listen for the heartbeat?

My daughter has been wanting to see photos of babies coming out of their moms. I exhausted all the photos I had in various books, and I think she is happy now. I even showed her the Gentle Birth Choices video. She wanted to show them to her two year old friend and explain it to her so she would understand. Don't know why she got that into her head.
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I read about the colostrum. I have tried manually expressing just to see if I could get anything, but I couldn't. But then I tried sucking on my nipples and I swear some stuff came out. You think I'd know, but it wasn't like when I was nursing and could definitely tell I was getting milk out when I tried that.
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Wow thats a lot of info on our growing list! One thing though could ya correct the spelling or Orion? Not a biggie or anything

Wow I should try the nipple sucking thing I bet my Dh's eyes would fall out of his head! From ah, the mental stimulation AND from his new found, confusing, fear of my "leaking" boobies! (this from the man who thinks he's going to be fighting our babe for milk? I'm so confused!)
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Hi Penelope,
I read that in this point of the pregnancy, not feeling the baby for a while is normal. I've had the same concerns with mine. They say that the baby moves into positions where it is difficult to feel the movements at this size.

We get an ultrasound tomorrow! I'm excited to find out the sex, but I'm also just wanting to see that everything is ok. I haven't been feeling the baby move as much either (I know, I just wrote that thing up there!!! ) and I have been having some weird discomforts in my lower ab every day for at least a week, to where I need to sit down for most evenings. Last night dh made sure I was constantly sitting or laying, and this was the first night where I had few problems. (I started a thread on this somewhere).

Other than that, I am sneezing/runny nose like crazy. I hate drainage!

Take care, everyone
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milk - well, i'm 18 weeks and not getting anything. poor dd still wants to nurse asking "mama milk? just a momo bit?" (her way of saying a little bit). my boobs are sore again and when she does nurse, she can't be getting much of anything. when i try to express, i don't get anything.

movement - with dd, when i would get worried, i would eat something sweet (like raisinettes) and in a little while she'd go nuts in there!

we watched a pbs special last night on sex and birth. dd watched a mama give birth and she was really interested. we explained how the mama was working really hard. when the baby came out, she said "oooooh, a tiny baby! cute baby, ooh." dh and i wanted to laugh and cry. how sweet!

there is a great books by dr. sears called "waiting for baby". its one of dd's favorite books. talks a lot about pregnancy. when the mama and papa finally go to the birthing center, they have a picture of their kids and it says "mama will still be thinking of you..." oh my gosh does this make me bawl! i've never been away from dd overnight ever. even her move to the crib at 18m was hard on me. we're planning a sleep over at grandma's next month, so hopefully i won't turn into a puddle of mush. i just love her so much i worry myself to death over what she'll think when we're off having the baby.

mamas with pg with #3 or above who birthed in the hospital with #2 or above...how did you handle the seperation????
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Hi Folks,
Haven't posted in a while and wanted to check back in. I passed the 17 week mark last friday. My first miscariage was at 17 weeks so I am finally truly enjoying this pregnancy.
And its so nice to not be barfing. I had my quadruple screen test drawn monday. I am 40 and I figured even if the results have a high false positive rate I can use the info. Did anyone else have this test done?
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Hi all!

I had the test done as well.... not because of age (I'm 28) but because I have a first degree relative with a neural tube disorder (my sister has Spina Bifida). I only get it to help with the preparation, in case it comes back with a high probability. I'm just curious by nature, so I get it more as a curiousity. I do know several people who have had false positives with it..... I attribute a lot of that to their docs not knowing the specifics of the test. (My doc always makes me go for an early u/s to confirm fetal age, so we can make sure the test is being done at the right time. ) They don't do the test here unless there is a good reason, or if you ask for it. I'm glad about that.

I'm 18.5 weeks. My m/s is pretty much gone. What a relief!! I'm still very tired, but I find that curbing a bit as well. I still haven't gained any weight - even though it looks like a swallowed a basketball and my boobs are at least one size larger. With ds#1, by this point, my wedding rings didn't fit anymore..... with this one, they are falling off they are so loose. It's amazing how different each pg can be. Maybe this is my girl?

to everyone......
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oops..... duplicate post
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Hi everyone
I am now 20.5 weeks - it seems like this pregnancy is going so quickly... I can't get over it. When I was pregnant with ds, time seemed to just tick by - now it is rushing by.
I always find, like mamarsupial, that if I have some juice or something sweet, baby usually starts to move. Most of the time I am rushing around and don't notice. The time I notice baby 'dancing' the most is when I am lying down with my son at bedtime.

Is there anyone else in this group who is currently cosleeping with a child? My son is 19 months old and we have slept together since he was born (Dh sleeps in another room and joins us most weekends...). I am just wondering how things are going to work when baby arrives....

Hugs to all,
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I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one feeling less movement! (I'm at week 18.) I was starting to get worried (shouldn't I know better by the time I'm on my 4th baby?!) but I'll give him a week or two and see how it goes. Here in Sweden, you don't see the midwife between 12 and 20 weeks unless you're high risk, which is longer than I'm used to...lots of time to wonder about things! No one has even felt my uterus yet!

Dh has been trying to listen to baby's heartbeat with a toilet paper roll. My sis (who's 2/3 of the way through a midwifery program) says it's possible to hear with a tp roll by 20ish weeks. Has anyone tried this?

We'll be back on US soil a week from tomorrow, and the stress of our move will largely be over. 'Course then I'll be involved in the finding a job--place to live--midwife--transitioning three kids kind of stress. Still, I'm looking forward to being home.

Nice to hear how things are going with all of you.

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I'm almost 21 weeks now, and feeling lots of movement (dh has even seen movement - probably about a week and a half ago now), so baby is very active.

I felt this baby early - around 12 weeks, I think. But I went through over a week around 16-17 weeks when I didn't feel the baby AT ALL. It really worried me, but - like Sweden - here in the UK you dont' see a midwife between 12-20 weeks unless you are high risk, so...

All of that to say...baby is moving a lot now, and it's great! It must be very common to 'lose' movement between 15-18 weeks for some reason. It seems to have happened to so many mamas here (or perhaps we are just the ones writing about movement?).
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No, I haven't tried that, Brittany. I had heard it is possible to hear the heartbeat with a stethoscope, so I thought I might pick one up since I know where I can get one for not much money. Maybe I should just try a tp tube.

I had the AFP tetra. The OB had said was the triple screen, but when I went in for the ultrasound, I was sent to the lab to have bloodwork drawn. I looked at the sheet and it wasn't testing for everything in the triple screen, and I don't know what the quadruple tests for. I wasn't going to have it done, but I figured I'd just do it since I didn't see my OB that day. The woman who took my blood did a really good job, didn't have to use my hand, and I didn't even feel the needle go in! So now I know that you actually can get blood out of my arm, which was good to know.
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My dh hasn't been able to hear the heartbeat, but he can hear the kicks, especially when the babe kicks the tube, which he seems to like to do! He says it makes a very distinct tapping sound. It's been nice to have dh feeling for the baby and getting a sense of what's going on in there, especially since it'll be at least a few weeks before I set up a new midwife. If you do try it, you're supposed to listen without touching the tube, just the ear on one side and the belly on the other. Though I'm sure a stethoscope or a Pinard Horn would be a better bet. I spotted some really lovely Pinard horns here: http://www.1cascade.com/display/Fetoscopes/ scroll to the last picture. My sister says they prefer plastic horns and those cost less than five bucks at some sites. (But the wood ones are so much more appealing, I can imagine keeping it out even after the baby is born.)

I did the triple screen with my first three, but didn't this time. No special reason, just never arranged it in the rush to arrange so many other things (like health insurance in the US, that took some doing).
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Hi Everyone,
I guess I am joining late...
I announced our pregnancy but then have been busy and not checking in...
I am due with our third baby on September 17th.
Just to give you an update:
#1 Baby - Emma May 30th - June 14th 2000
#2 Baby - Cameron July 22nd 2001
# 3 Baby - ?? - Due Sept. 17th

We are going for our ultra sound today and I am hoping to find out the gender...a bit anxious.
There is a certain amount of anxiety just having another baby, but I think there will be some emotion if it is another girl.

We heard the heartbeat clearly at our last appointment last week, it was 158bpm.
This baby does not move very much, so I am trying to not be worried all the time, but the other two were big movers.

Anyway, just wanted to join in...

20 weeks and still in skinny jeans,
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Yay, tomorrow is twenty-one weeks!
For the past two weeks, I've been nervous about not feeling it move. I began to worry but then Dh was listening to my stomach and he heard it. He had his head on my stomach and says to me all serious-like, 'Did you move your tummy?' I said no. He said 'It must've poked me then.' Yeah, because I don't have any muscles in my stomach that poke, as far as I know. I don't understand why I can't feel it, I always thought I was very in tune with my body. But I have been so gassy lately, so that could be it.
I have a midwife appt next week, which should ease my mind.
I am so round now! I *finally* bought some maternity shorts. I got a bunch of tshirts from the thrift store, but I didn't have anything to wear with them. Plus, my younger sister borrowed me two pairs of her pants from her heavier days, so it's nice to have clothes again. I was down to wearing the same pair of gym pants everyday.
And, Dh and I bought a washer and dryer (yay CDing), which should be here today! He says it makes him feel like a grown-up (and us having a baby didn't?)
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