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How to subtly kill a young pine tree

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An academic question of course Does anyone know of any subtle methods of killing young(ish) pine trees where you do not have access to cut them down ? It can be slow, as long as it works eventually.
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Salt? Rabbits?
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How big are they? Can you get access to them enough to girdle them? Then of course there's always Roundup....although that's not the most eco-friendly method out there.....
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you're trying to sabotage a x-mas tree farm? :
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I don't know why you would want to kill a pine tree. If is is a Leylandii spruce (scourge of neighbours world-wide) you mean, then there are ways although in this country at least, it is *****ILLEGAL****** to kill trees which don't belong to you.

So I'm not going to say anything at all about copper or copper sulphate.

Disclaimer: It is illegal to deliberately kill your neighbours plants.
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:LOL you guys crack me up! an xmas tree farm. Thankyou for your suggestions. I will look into them. Meanwhile I will keep mulching my baby native trees so they can get big & make a beautiful hospitable hedge for all the endangered native birds & geckos that live near us.
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: Leyland cypress, blech.....our next door neighbor built his huge new house waaaaaayyyy too close to ours so he could maximize his garden space (corner lot), planted a huge row of Leyland cypresses that are hanging over into our driveway, and get in our way every time we need to get in and out of our car (very narrow driveway) and he had the nerve to tell us that we'd be grateful for the privacy......like there's any privacy when we can see right into their house and vice versa. OK, a little T

......Too bad that we're going to have to repave our 60 year old driveway sometime in the next year or two and there's no way to avoid the root zones of those trees.
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I think leyland cypress are what we call macrocarpa? Well they are positively sociable compared to pines which suck up all the water, poison the land around them & generally do nothing for the environment.

Good luck with the driveway repaving. I think macrocarpa are way easier to kill "accidentally" or on purpose for that matter than pines.
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Hey Jane-
Around here, you can prune anything that hangs over your line. Maybe you could check into that??
He could suddenly own the ugliest trees ever! He'd be greatful when the asphalting killed them off.
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Around here, the law is the same & you can throw all the prunings back over the hedge for him to dispose of

It's kinda a last ditch measure when all other negotiations have failed I s'pose but could be a very effective strategy as macrocarpa do not grow back prettily at all if you don't prune them regularly.

Mysteriously enuf, the marker pegs for our boundary with the neighbour have vanished....
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