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Check this out when you can take some time:

This website shows the top 100 or so US corporations, who is on their boards of directors and how they connect.

Go to this website and enter where it says to. Another window will open with an introduction about how corporations rule and only a few people really make decisions that effect our lives, with some graphics of conference tables and such. When you see the final phrase in the intro, "They Rule", just click and you will see options in the lower right hand corner of this window. Click on the option called Load Maps. It will show you a listing of all the map options, and there are many.

You can look at corporations who both produce health damaging and health promoting products, the 5 largest contributors to Bush's campaign, big oil, Bill Gates, and more.

It is really fascinating and I hope you enjoy it! It is amazing what a tangled corporate web we have in America. It may also shock and awe you to know who is at the top and what connections tie it all together.

Please, check it out...Joyce in the mts.