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Anybody Nesting yet????

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Oh MY goodness!!! I think my whole family is nesting...LOL!! DH and I cleaned ALL day.... I organized, we washed, dried and folded ALL the laundry, he vacuumed and shampoo'd all the carpets and he scrubbed the bathroom... the bedrooms are spotless and organized... DS even picked up all his toys and cleaned his train table off!!
I got out ALL the baby clothing and diapers and baby blankets and STUFF... so tomorrow while DH is at work and DS is in preschool... I am gonna clean and organize all that stuff... I am Pooped!!! hehe... but it feel so good to have it almost ALL organized... now DH is making a yummy dinner and I going to give DS a tubby..and we are all gonna settle down and watch a movie ....ahhhhh... I am feeling the love....
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I have been on this nesting this for like two months now. We had just moved into our house in July and so while we were settled in pretty well there were always things lurking around waiting to be tackled. In the last two months I have been a total nut. Not to mention with Thanksgiving and Christmas I have been trying to get all of that stuff done so that aside from the house being ready we have also been ready for both of those. My family lives in Canada and they are coming down for Christmas so I have been trying to get everything done. Yesterday I officially finished wrapping presents (there are a few left, but they are still on their way here) ... and I feel a huge load off. The baby clothes are washed and organized, the guest room is *almost* ready, the house is decorated, the baby bag is ready for when we have to go to the birthing center ... and now all we have to do is ... install the car seat, get my stuff ready for the birthing center, make the grocery list and menu for Christmas and then of course ... relax

You know the funniest thing is that DH told me last week that when he found out that I was pregnant he sort of expected me to be sitting on the couch giving orders ... he said that he never expected me to be so active. I thought that this was so cute and funny ... he can be so innocent at times! And then I asked him why he didn't tell me this earlier ... I might have taken advantage of it, at least a little!
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I did alot a few weeks ago... I mean ALOT! Finished the baby's room, organized the clothes, sorted out DD's playroom, finished up a bunch of projects. But now, I am pooped! I am waiting for that last spurt of energy I got towards the end with DD to wrap things up. I am also tripping over Christmas stuff and other assorted weird things. I was just standing at the sink today thinking that I need to really prioritize the things that are left to be done (clean out our room, make room for the co-sleeper, wash baby stuff, finish getting diapers, etc.) because with Christmas, New Years, my DH and sister's birthdays, etc. there is a fair chance I won't have time for everything! I realized today that I am only 2 1/2 weeks away from being "full term" and 5 1/2 weeks from my due date! Yikes!
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I think I am done nesting... I did all teh anal cleaning 2 months ago along with meal making.
I packed my bag and ds's today. All thats left is to move ds's car seat and add teh babys to teh car.
13 days and I can deliver at my local hospital! The Dr thinks this baby will be early... hope fully in teh new yr though!
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Yeah - it hit me hard this week. I had a crying jag over the house being a mess. I already did a lot for the baby's room, but still have some major projects to complete (a skylight blind, for one, reupholster the rocker....). I made a list and have been plugging away at it. Random stuff in the house is really bugging me - like a few wall cracks from the foundation shifting. I HAVE to take care of them - it will be so much harder after the baby arrives! Tonight we went to Lowes and I bought a drywall sander thing, a shop vac, drywall tape, and joint compound!

LOL - I thought that nesting was like washing and folding the baby clothes. Instead I'm going to be donning my respirator mask and wrestling drywall!
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Wow zaxmama! I wish I could get so much done in one day! You all rock!

I go through nesting in fits and starts. A couple of weeks ago I did a bunch of stuff, washing the baby clothes and diapers and cleaning out ds's closet. But here we are 2 weeks later and the clothes/dipes are STILL in the laundry basket waiting to be folded and put back into the storage container (we haven't got a dresser for baby yet : ).

There's so much I'd love to do but most days I lack the energy. Not to mention ds makes it next to impossible to get cleaning or organizing done during the day. We don't even have christmas decorations up, i just don't feel motivated :-/
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Originally Posted by annekevdbroek View Post
LOL - I thought that nesting was like washing and folding the baby clothes. Instead I'm going to be donning my respirator mask and wrestling drywall!
Nesting for the woman of the 21st century!
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I was there with you yesterday. We're living at my dad's now while we get our house ready and sell it (in another city....what a pain!) and everything was messy and bugging me yesterday! I cleaned our room, straightened the family room up, and did every load of laundry in the whole house including the hand washables for 4 adults and a toddler. My dad's laundry room and his fiance's closet have never looked so empty and full respectively LMBO Then we put everything back in the craft room (it got new carpet yesterday) and organized a bunch of craft projects. Today I'll be tackling DS's room and crafting up a storm. Maybe I should try washing the babes clothes now too
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Me too...nesting hard since Thanksgiving weekend.
I've washed and folder and organized all baby clothes. Everything is in a wardrobe in labeled bins..."Receiving blankets", "Onesies" and "Socks/Hats", etc.
My dh laughed and asked if he would get any kind of certificate for memorizing where everything was : ) I guess he thought the labeling was unnecessary since the bins are clear plastic so you can see the contents right through.
My thought is that I want everything to land back in the same place after laundry is done...and well, I think I'm the only one who would organize it rather than just throw everything together
I've also ordered my birth kit and I'm washing the linens/towels I'll need in labor. I've also started to collect things I'll need in labor....some remedies maybe, beverages, miso soup, snacks, heating pad...and the things I'll need afterward....I'll make comfrey tea soaked pads, a peri bottle of comfrey tea and a nursing bag to keep near me at all times with burp cloths in it, bottle of water, small packaged snacks, book/journal, make-up bag, brush....
Still need to make an emergency bag in case of hospital transport.
My mind feels like it's racing everywhere lately...thinking of all the things I can do ahead of time to make the last few weeks of pregnancy/postpartum easier.
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Wow, you guys are amazing. Everything in me wants to be nesting except my body . . . I am so tired and my back is so sore. I have a list of things, and I'm slowly working my way through them. I got a dresser and washed all the baby clothes and diapers, and I'm going to pick up our toddler's new (to us) matress on Thurs. But I really do need to pack my bag and ds' bag and really clean the house, KWIM -- like the windowsills and fingerprints and stuff like that. I'm just finding that by the time ds finally goes to sleep all I have the energy left to do is sit, even though I'm staring at all this mess . . . its driving me crazy! But my back has been so bad in the last few weeks (baby is pinching my nerve, I think) that if I do too much I'm just unable to care for my son the next day and not be grouchy. Oh well. The important stuff will get done, and the rest will just have to keep waiting for another 6 months or so. Last time, at around 38 weeks I went crazy, so hopefully I will again.
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Originally Posted by annekevdbroek View Post

LOL - I thought that nesting was like washing and folding the baby clothes. Instead I'm going to be donning my respirator mask and wrestling drywall!

I'm glad I'm not the only one in this boat! I've washed some clothes and organized a few things here and there, but we're smack in the middle of a major renovation (i.e., we currently have no dining room, living room or laundry room, let alone a baby's room!), so most of my free time is devoted to trips to Home Depot and sweeping away drywall dust and insulation. I'd never tell DH this, but it's actually kind of a nice distraction...I'm consumed by just trying to make our house livable, and otherwise I'm afraid I'd spend my time obsessing over making everything picture perfect.
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