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After I returned to work DH was home with the baby three days a week -- he LOVED the bjorn. We lived on a stair street, and he'd carry her up to the top and take her for long walks, looking at the moon and just exploring.

Even with the five flights of stairs he had to climb, he used it until she was more than a year old and never complained of backache.
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And just as a cute "DH babywearing story", DH's hospital (he's a horse veterinarian) had an open house. His boss, clients, lots of outdoorsey tough guys along with moneybags racehorse owners were there. We went in "nice clothes"- DH in a suit, me in a dress. DH wore DS in an Ultimate Baby Wrap the whole time! Over his suit! He actually refused to put him down! So, he chatted it up with everyone wearing a tie and a 3 month old baby asleep in a big 'ol wrap. How cute is that?!? The Old Boys Clubbers were a little surprised, but he scored big points with all the ladies .
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Originally Posted by Incubator View Post
Anyone have any tips on how I might convince my husband that it is OK for him to use a wrap or carrier for our son? Let me explain.
Tell him that women think it is totally sexy.
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My husband wants me to get him a sling like the one I bought for myself for Christmas. He is so cute. Have you seen this one???


This is the one I wanted to get him, but they are ALL OUT!

Anyways I wouldn't say it's not manly at all. What is more manly than loving the result of all that testosterone? :
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This is my dh in a mei tai. He will wear most any fabric, but if it's too "girly" just switches to the plain side.
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My DH will use any kind of woven wrap or Mei Tai. Yes, even if the Mei Tai is silk brocade flowers, lol! Anything that will do the job and be secure and comfy. His favorites would be his easycare and didys I suppose.

Here's a few of him in different types.
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My dh uses either a dark green snuggly or a homemade camoflauge mei tai.
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Ya know, reviewing the photos people are posting -- I just want to reiterate that men look really sexy wearing a baby!
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My dh has always worn the baby, but last year for fathers day I got him a babyhawk meitai with the tatto print fabric and now he loves it een more. I think itmakes him feel all bad-ass like!
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DH won't use carriers that he thinks are "girly" in public, like the ring sling and wrap. But he really likes his active bjorn. I really don't like it, but it works for him as well as the kelty backpack. I showed him the Kozy I ordered though and his first comment was "that's cool, I'd wear it." So hopefully that will work for both of us. It took dh awhile to get used to the whole idea and now if it is manly or sporty he will wear dd in it.
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My vote is for the Ergo. It is so so comfy, and really easy to use. It's also not girly at all. My dh loves ours.
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Originally Posted by linguistmama View Post
DH won't use carriers that he thinks are "girly" in public, like the ring sling and wrap.
My dh also thinks ring slings are girly, even though he loved wearing a pouch with dd when she was little and will wear almost any fabric in a mei tai. It's something about the tail.
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My dh wore dd in our hotsling alot the first 2 months (all she did was cry-nurse-cry) and sometimes my boobs just needed a break. He's strap her on and do laps around out little living room.

now we've graduated to a mei tei and have an ergo tfor when shes even bigger.
dh likes the front carry better, though i think that will change as she gets older and he feels more confidant with her on his back.
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Just had to revisit this thread to say:

The Blueberry BB-Slen I bought for the DH arrived yesterday, so I made him try it on last night.

My first thought was this thread and - TOTALLY SEXY!! :
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My DH was also a little shy of babywearing, so I let him browse through www.attachedtobaby.com. That site is awesome because there are so many photos of people using the different slings and such, and also many photos of men as well.

My DH selected the Ergo and felt it was manly enough for him; but I'm not recommending the Ergo as much as recommending your DH look through photos and select one for himself.
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my husband things ring slings are feminine, because of the tail fabric.
but he uses the ergo whenever we go out. He's not opposed to pouches, but he prefers a back carry over hip, because he's carrying our toddler (I sling the baby)
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