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WHAT DO I DO??? Well, first of all, I begin praying immediately, even as I am dialing 911. I pray for the safety of the woman and children, but I also pray for the man--that he will realize he is doing wrong and stop it.

If calling the police does not work, I continue praying. Now I also pray that I will see a way to intervene effectively. I resist the fear and anger that threaten to overwhelm me.

If I see that the man is going to other houses on the block, I continue praying. Now I also pray for our own safety and that of our whole neighborhood. I lock my doors. I try calling the police again, because the fact that this is no longer a "domestic dispute" may well mean that they will agree to help now. Then I get my family out of the house by the back door and flee the neighborhood; after all, this is only one guy and easy to evade. (I'll admit the analogy doesn't carry thru here, tho I like the mental image of the entire U.S. population sneaking out the back door.)

If he actually attacks me or my family, I continue praying. I refuse to become the evil I despise. I look for opportunities to escape and/or to rescue my family, but I will not use violence unless I am sure it will (a) disable the attacker at least temporarily, and (b) not harm me or my family; I'm not going to hurt someone just so I can say, "I didn't give in without a fight."

If he kills me, then that is God's plan. Both I and the killer will get what we deserve from God.

Funny how most of the warmongers claim to be Christians, yet they would call this behavior wimpy and naive. It's as if they've never even read the Gospel, only Chick pamphlets and other perversions, and don't really believe the teachings of Jesus. They seem to think that if their prayers aren't granted literally and immediately, that means praying didn't work, and now they get to take things into their own hands.

As for the thing Jojo posted:
1. I never asked you to kill or maim anyone for me. In fact, I asked you to stop it. You're not listening.
2. I trust my fellow peace marchers to take care of me far more than I trust you. I bet you'd gun me down in a heartbeat if Saddam was standing within 50 feet of me, and you wouldn't even say you were sorry--"collateral damage".
3. You're not my father, and you're not my brother. My father and brother are kind, loving, nonviolent human beings.
4. War is not the only way to preserve our freedoms. In fact, in this situation I think it's exactly the wrong thing to do. You're not listening.
5. You say you chose to be in the military and don't want anything else? How nice for you! Why is it again that you're annoyed with me?
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Ugh, that email is sick.

Someone does beat up my neighbor. She hasn't kicked his butt to the curb yet so I would rather not step in or allow dh to step in and potentially get our butts kicked cause my neighbor has a loser boyfriend and won't dump his butt.
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Abimommy, did you try calling the police?
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Yeah, we have called the police on five seperate occasions.
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OK abimommy, I love you twisted proverb!
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