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anyone else have 2 toddlers close in age?

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So I'm wondering if anyone else out there has toddlers that are close in age: We have a 30 modd and a 17mo ds. They are the light of my life and the reason that I breath.
However, they do at times make me want to pull my hair out. it's so hard going out to the park or anywhere for that matter, he goes one way, she goes the other. I want desperately to let them both explore the world around them, but it is scary! He still needs a lot of help climbing at the playground, she thinks she doesn't but I worry, can't figure it out sometimes.

Just wondering what other moms do to handle two so young who need so much attention yet want so much independence. And of course he must do everything his big sister does...
love to here what you all think!
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No advice here really, my toddlers are 13 1/2 months and 26 months-- both girls. I also have a 5 1/2 yr old boy. I really do not get out much with my kids unless I have another adult with me. Let me tell you though that my 2 yr old girl is a BULLY and pushes, snatches things out of the hands of the 1 yr old AND 5 yr old. She drives me crazy most days! I am lucky if they nap at the same time!


edited to say--- I am really hoping the girls get closer as they get older--- I always wanted a sister close to my age. One day they will probably be sharing a bed together.
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I have 5 1/2 year old, 24 month old, 14 month old, and a 7 month old. The 2 toddlers are so adorable and sweet and lovable and awesome and destructive and all over the place and exhausting!

Today I was at the park with a friend with 13 month old twins and another woman with 15 month old twins. Basically, you're not alone. We were all running in a hundred different directions trying to make sure everyone was happy and safe.

Toddlerhood really doesn't last that long. I get out a lot. I go places that there aren't streets nearby. We have a lot of playgrounds near us all with woodchips underneath so even if the kids fall it's not too harmful. No matter what you decide to do it'll be over relatively quickly. Once they hit about 3 you can often manage them with your voice instead of having to always be physically next to them.
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I was going to post with "yeah, my toddlers are an HOUR apart in age," LOL, but geekmom beat me to it. I'm the mama she was at the park with. And yeah, it's definitely insane. But it's kind of a fun insane if you let yourself look at it that way. I figure if no one's bleeding by the end of the day, we're ahead of the game. But there's no park-bench chatting for me. Someday we'll look back and think it went by too fast.


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my older two are 18 months apart and i absolutely love it! they are 4 and 5 1/2 now and they get along so well! it was hard when they were little, but well worth it and it gets easier...
i wish i could've had my third a little sooner so he could be closer to them in age. when they were younger, they had their own little language! it was soo cute. sometimes ds#1 would tell me what dd needed, "no, mom..she wants the blue cup, not the red one!" and he was always right! and they are still like that today...hang in there!
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mine are 18 mos apart- my ds 3 and dd 18 mos. i love it, too. they aren't into playing much together, but they do share a room. i get out a lot too - library, parks, grocery store (they love the carts that look like cars) friends' houses. it's crazy most of the day - like right before mealtime. my ds really listens to me and doesn't run off. now, his sister is a totally different story. good luck - hang in there.
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My two sons are 14mon apart. Joshua just turned three, Noah is 22mo. My house is crazy all day long, and most days I jsut want to run and hide in the bathroom, except they always find me! (Also dh works 70+ hours a week, not to mention swing shifts so he is usually sleep deprived or just plain grouchY!)

What I have found to be very helpful is to have
*a double stroller---major lifesaver, I would go nowhere as we only have one care! We love our graco due glide, and we have test drove lots of them.
* find a smaller less used park. For us we live in a small town and we live downtown so I walk everywhere with our stroller. I have found that many churches/preschools don't mind people using their playgrounds after hours. (Kind of a don't ask don't tell type policy) I have meny of the preschool playgrounds to be more age appropiate and almaost always enclosed. (For me I have found a wonderful preschool playground that is specifically geared for five and under, and it is completely enclosed, so I can sit and watch my kids play. We go to the park almost everynight that my dh works!
*Make friends with kids near same age...their parents totolly understand what is going on with you and your kids.
*If possible find a great church or gym where you can get an occassional break. This is huge for me to go to church and know that my kids are well cared for while I am feeding my spirit and mind. Also my 3yold gets along with my 22mo wonderfully when they have had a break from each other.
* Maybe consider preschool or mom's morning out if you need a break. I never though I would send my kids to preschool, b/c I trhought and still do think this-parents are the best teachers. But I need a break. So Joshua will be going two days a week, like 3hours each day to preschool. I am so excited, b/c I will be the first time I have reaaly ever been ALONE with Noah. So I think it will be very helpful for everyone. (Also many preschools and churches often have a coop for parent's night out. REally nice my only night out with spouse!)
*MOPS, mothers of preschoolers...wonderful support group that also provides wonderful childcare while you mingle with other moms. You can locate a group near you at MOPS.org
If this is to religious for you try the MOMS club organization.

sorry to be rambling, and yes I know many of my ideas seem very non-AP, but I think until you have kids this close You can't really say what is AP or not. For me I can focus better on my kdis when I get regular breaks.
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Mine are thirteen months apart. Now they are 2.5 and 3.5. Do you have a double stroller? Even when we go to the closest playground, (Maybe 150 feet away from our residence?!) I bring the stroller. I like to let them explore and such, butwhen it's time to go home or to another playground.....well, let's just say that would be difficult if not for the stroller! My big playground "beef"....they both wouldn't mind having my push them in the swing the entire time. I know they're only little for a short time, yadda yadda yadda, but then *I'm* the only one getting any exercise! So I swing them for a while, then I say "we'll sing one song (usually ABC's) and then it's time to get out and PLAY!"

I try to avoid going shopping with both boys alone (i.e. w/o my husband or one of my siblings.)

(Queen620, we also have Graco DuoGlider. I love it!)
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