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Bassinet help...

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For those of you who had your newborn in a bassinet, do you have any recommendations?

We were going to use an Arms Reach co-sleeper, but upon trying to set it up last night, realized it doesn't work with our new mattress/bed.

Any specific suggestions on what to use instead?

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We just got a cheapy at Walmart for DS #1 and will be using it for Mr. #2 as well. I think it was maybe $40. Seemed to work fine. It was nice because it was small enough to wheel around the house when baby was sleeping and I wanted him with me. It snugged up next to the bed just fine, had a little canopy thing that helped block light when DH got up early, etc. Personally I wouldn't spend a ton on one because baby will likely outgrow it by age 4 or 5 months, max - or you'll move to just having the baby in the bed if you intend to cosleep.
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We have a cheaper Jolly jumper brand- I like it because it is high enough that i don't have to lean over the bed too far, which was a plus after a c/s. Last time it ended up being an addition to the night stand though- full of diapers, wipes, snacks, water, blankets.
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I have one that I got from a consignment store and it's great. Fully removeable cover, canopy, light, and music. I think I paid $25 for it.
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We're actually going with a moses basket and separate rocking stand because I prefer a portable sleeping arrangement. If I decide I'm more comfortable on the couch one night (happens occasionally), I can tote the moses basket out to the living room floor without waking baby, hopefully. Plus I can keep baby with me in whatever room I am busy while she naps.

Alot of the bassinets roll, but you still can't really move them up and down stairs.
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Baby will sleep with us...but I am getting a Moses basket for those few times I need one...
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