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Does anyone Unschool but have a schedule?

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Yes I know that doesnt make a whole lotta sense but...I have one child who has SID and could really benefit from a schedule. He is 2 so obviously not doing "school" right now. The reason I would want a schedule for everyone is to keep ds2 from completly flipping out when we're doing school. I want him to know what to expect every day.
Does anyone have their schedule written down somewhere? If you homeschool with SN children, do you have any tips for making your day go more smoothly? TIA
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If you're unschooling, you won't be "doing school."

We have gotten fairly scheduled at times, when we've been crazy-busy and needed a schedule to be sure everything got done. Rain often likes to make up her own schedule. It might be more useful to come up with a rhythm, rather than a schedule, reflecting how things usually go and incorporating any planned extras. I think picture schedules are great, too, for kids who like to know what to expect, and it's pretty easy to make your own.

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We have a kinda-sorta schedule. Basically, we have loose "rules" regarding what time we go to bed and get up, and when daily household chores need to be done.

I work outside the home, and I work second shift. So if my kids stay up till 3am and sleep until 2pm, I'd never see them and we wouldn't get out in the world much.

They are responsible for taking out the trash and recycling and emptying the dishwasher on a daily basis. I like them to do this before I leave for work so that I know it's done. I don't want DP to come home to a dishwasher full of clean dishes and a sink full of dirty ones, with the kitchen trash overflowing.

Other than that, we don't have much of a routine. I don't really understand how you would be unschooling and "doing school" at the same time. :
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It sounds like you want to set aside time every day so that you can focus on your older child. That way, your younger one will know what to expect and be better able to handle it. Something like that?

Good for you for working to meet everyone's needs.

So, your older child would unschool all the time. But, you would have a special time when you would be especially available to do projects and more involved things together. And, your younger one would be able to anticipate that time and handle it better.

My younger child probably has SID. He is much calmer and happier with predictability and a schedule. All the SID suggestions for daily life work with homeschooling--lots of help with transitions, predictable routine, etc. Check out The Mislabeled Child (Eide and Eide, http://mislabeledchild.com/ ) for good suggestions generally. BTW, they are VERY positive about homeschooling, as is Dr. Mel Levine (All Kinds of Minds, A Mind at a Time http://www.allkindsofminds.org/ ).

We don't unschool; we do have a predictable schedule. It works well for us.
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Unschooling doesn't mean the absence of a schedule. It just doesn't look like "math at noon, reading at 2:00". LOL

We eat, wake up and fall asleep at roughly the same time everyday. We also have certain tv shows that we enjoy. There are also park days that we attend. Maybe instead of thinking in terms of a schedule, think of it like having a rhythm to your days.
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