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May 2WW

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I'm there... if AF doesn't show, I test May 10. Anyone Else?

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I'll test on Saturday...or maybe tomorrow. I'm CDO13 right now. I bought a more sensitive test, so I'm thinking I might test sooner than later.

This is my first PP ovulation. My ds is a nursing 17 mo. I haven't seen AF since 2001! I hope I either get AF or positive test!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Joy, Oceanone, EnviroBecca, Naturemama and whoever else hasn't tested yet!
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aaargh! I tested this afternoon. I couldn't take it any more. And got a Now I am in the dilema of, did I test too early? or am I really not pg? I am waiting again for the unpopular af to show up but still hoping and praying that she won't and I just jumped the gun.

Waiting, waiting waiting.
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Here's my chart...

The only signs of implantation I had were cramping this last monday (which would've been 7 dpo) - but no spotting, no temp dip, no triphasic temps....

I know not everyone has any signs of implantation, but i was really hoping. Fertility friend says not to test til May 10... so I guess I'll be pretty sure if AF hasn't shown by then. Gods I hate waiting....

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Hi Joy, I'm going to test May 10th too, I think. I could test a day or two before that, but it's a Saturday and perfect for dh to be there, either way. That would be 17DPO, maybe too early to show up for me. Last time it didn't until DPO 19, or maybe it was the kind of test I took. Either way DPO 17 would be a VERY long luteal phase for me.

I still have achy boobs, and a little tiredness, but that's pretty normal. The cramping is still there, off and on. I might go to the Costco and get myself an industrial size pack of tampons. It worked for me last time! That would be huge overkill though as I started using the Keeper now....

Hi, JC cat, good to see you on the other side.

Naturgirl, sometimes those tests just don't show up early. Which one are you using? No AF yet, that is hopeful. I hope, hope,hope we can graduate together this month.

Sparklin, I'm looking forward to hearing your test results. .. Good luck It's about time someone around here got pregnant, might as well be you!

Happy May Day everybody. Now, let's see what the Easter bunny really brought for us.......
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Good luck everyone, I hope there are lots of by the end of the month!

I am 2 dpo, however it has been a hectic couple of days around O, found out we are moving out of town end of May (on my birthday ) and have to pack up and hopefully find a house to buy in a month So I don't know if the added stress will prevent my body from becoming pregnant :

It will definitely keep my mind busy during the 2ww though!
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I have been using the tests from 2weekwait.com and I also did one test with a First Response. Problem is I have no idea if/when I O'd so I am testing blindly.

I have a question about cf though...I have been having very moist cf the past couple of days. Almost egg white but not quite. I have heard that pg can cause more mucus to be produced for the mucus plug to be formed. I am normally very dry right before af.

Any other explainations for this. I am unsure if an anovulatory phase can have similar cf findings.:

I really need to know more about what is going on down there! :LOL
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Hi ladies! I was part of the April2ww for about 2 days, then AF came, so you probably don't remember me.

My low down - ttc#2, this is cycle 8, I am bf-ing my almost 2 1/2 dd and my LP was 10 days last month.

This month, I am back to my 35 day cycle (last month it was a mere 21days). I think I o-d today, but because of a cold, my temps rose the past few days and FF thinks I am 3 dpo. So, I think tomorrow's temp will tell me more and hopefully will feel comforatble saying I am in the 2ww.

I look forward to celebrating everyone's BFP this month!!!

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Oceanone, thank you so much for the vote of confidence. I appreciate it. I hope we fill this May 2WW full of pregnancy stories! I have creamier CM going on, cramping like crazy, tender/sore breasts and I'm tired! I'm at day CDO14. Here's my chart if you want to look. http://www.FertilityFriend.com/home/20edf I'm being strong and not testing till Saturday. (Or so I think)

Naturegirl, I, too, heard that CM gets wetter while pregnant. If you're testing blindly though, I'm thinking it's possible you don't know for sure when you Oed. It could be a delayed O. I'd make sure and take advantage of it just in case. You never know...

Saralou -- That sounds hectic. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible.
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ooohh my husband is going to love you Sparklin :LOL Your chart looks really good. Where is that fingers crossed smilie?? Good luck on the wait. You have much more will power than me

Coleslaw, I remember you. Who can forget the name coleslaw?
Welcome back, hope to see you graduating with the rest of us soon.

to all!

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Implantation Dip


Do you guys think I dipped yesterday in an implantation dip sort of way? I know, I know, I'm obsessing, and AF is still due Monday, and may still show up, and I'll cry my eyes out, but really, I think I have a VERY good chance of being pg here....

Feedback, please?

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I think I will test on May 15, cycle day 30 for me. We have not been temping this month, so I'm not really sure when I o'd. I thought my CM was drying up, but now it seems to be back so who knows.
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Joy, That dip could definitely be implantation. Did you see any spotting or have any cramping? As you might already know, you don't need those to have had implantation, though. How long are your LP's usually? I don't remember if you said when you are going to test. I would give it a couple of days - but that's easier said than done!

Good luck! I'll have my fingers crossed for you!
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Hello ladies may I join you

I'm 6dpiui today. looking forward to testing on May 11th, Mother's day
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Wow, some very promising charts posted here!

Joy - I think that could be an implantation dip

If I make it past 10 dpo I'll probably become a "crazed" tester! Luckily we will be out of town and far away from my tests until I am 14 dpo, which is still early to test but will save me a couple days of wasting tests. But that is only if I make it that far past o

But since spring is here there should be plenty of for us all
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Joy, that sure does look like an implantation dip to me! I hope it is for you. Wow, so if your AF is due on Monday, this could be exciting! Seems like you body might not have enough time to make enough HcG to show up on the test between now and then. Are you going to test right away or temp for another couple days?

Hey, while we're at it, take a look at my chart. I think I went to triphasic land! I'm so excited. In fact, I was so excited that I tested today at DPO15. It was negative though. :-( My AF should have been here by now though. Before I conceived Jude my lutal phase was 11-13 days. I still have not had PPAF so I don't know if I've changed or something. http://www.FertilityFriend.com/home/20edf Help! I hope I'm not getting my hopes up for nothing!!!

I'm wondering if i bought bad tests or if I indeed am not pregnant. Hmmm.

Brooklynn, welcome! Testing on Mother's Day is a great idea!
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Sparklin your chart looks good! Here's a little extra for you

Brooklynn welcome. I hope that miracle baby comes to you very soon.

As for me, I am in testing insanity. Every day I test and every day I get the You'd think I liked the punishment:

I was expecting af to show up on Wednesday but don't consider myself officially late until Sunday. (I had a short cycle last time and I think I am re-adjusting to my regular schedule...)

Keep your fingers crossed for me too ladies! I am thinking or you all and sending you good baby vibes.

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Cheryl, a nice, long cycle is good news either way of course. But I hope it's because you're pregnant. I have everything crossed over here for you.

Claire, you are looking SO triphasic on that there chart. And Joy, yours definitely looks implantation dippy! Oh, I hope we have a bumper crop of January babies making their presence known this month!

Here's a baby for everyone here

and some extras in case anyone wants twins

If only it were that easy!!!

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Can someone please look at my chart and tell me anything at all. it's been a long time since I charted. I had an IUI on cd 13. thanks.

My Chart
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Your chart link didn't work Brooklynn1.

Oceanone, you are so funny :LOL Here are a couple for you too

Thanks for the support.
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