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I just fixed it. It's been a while
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Brooklynn - Definately looks like an ovulatory cycle to me....

Sparklin - looks triphasic... YAY

As for me.... Fertility friend says to test 5-10. Thats a **long** way away. I'm thinking if AF doesn't show by Tuesday, I'll test either Wed or Thurs morning. Both mornings I could bounce back to bed and wake DH up with fabulous news.

My LP is 13 days. Today is #11

Here's hoping we all have beautiful January babies!!

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ok I'll explain more of my madness. I normally have a 28 to 30 day cycles. My last cycle was 25 days that was very uncommon and never done before. the Re's nurse said I should not be worried about one short cycle. Ok got a positive opk on cd 12. but I didn't temp that day. Then I temped on cd 13 and had IUI. didn't temp on cd 14. So I'm having trouble telling if I ovulated on cd 13 or 14. Fertility Friend has me for cd 12 but I highly don't think so. On cd 14 I had a lot of EGCM. I mean a lot. I took another OPK on cd 13 just to show dh how they work and it was still pos. So I'm thinking on cd 12 I caught the start of my lh surge. Continued to have back cramps and took another OPK on cd 16 and it was neg. I've been having a lot of cramps in the uterus area. But I'm not trying to read too much into them. But they are very noticeable and uncomfortable at times. I've been very tired too but that could be from my sinus and allegery troubles. Ok I'm rambling. I guess after 3 years I just desperately want to see a plus hpt
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Brooklynn I also say you ovulated. Sending mucho dust to you

I hope those cramps and tiredness are from a growing !

I have a problem though. I have been sexpecting af to start soon and the only signs I've had are of ovulating! I even thought, what the heck, and tested with my ovulite (which I never seem to get good readings on) and low and behold, ferning! Tonnes and tonnes of it! Ovulating at cd30? My cycles have NEVER been off. I mean they are like clock work. What is happening to me?
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Naturegirl - HMMM.. i know nothing about ferning, but I do know that if you're pregnant and using OPK's you'll look like you're ovulating.... have you POAS lately?

Can i just say i'm so glad to have a group of at least openminded women TTC online... I'm so radical (homebirth, no circ, no vax, breastfed, family bed....) that I just don't fit in over at the fertility friend circles... they think i'm a freak there.....

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend,

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Hi I've never posted on here before. Quick intro. I'm Lissy mom to Andrew who turned 2 in March. We've been officially ttc since January. I had a early m/c in Febuary also my first pg before ds ended in m/c. Ds has recently gone down to one nursing a day (he was nursing 5x a day) I had a bad case of thrush with infected sores on my nipples (yea real fun) ds weathered the few days when he couldn't nurse , but unfortunatley my supply didn't (I tried to pump but it would re-open the sores) but ds is happy to still nurse first thing in the morning. So in some ways I'm grateful that weaning down from 5 nursings down to 1 was as easy as it was. I told ds nay nays were sick and showed him the sores and he seemed to understand. But still happy that he didn't wean completely and hoping that it helps my fertility. I know MOST women can get pg while nursing. Anyway I'm 5dpo and I might test on mothers day that would put me at 14dpo but I refuse to spend money on hpt unless I'm LATE!!! Best wishes to all!

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Welcome Lissy! Hope that test on mothers day is a BFP! Thrush and infected sores on your nipples! Yikes! Mine hurt just thinking about it

Joy, I POAS yesterday and got a ?If no by Monday I will test again. Keep those fingers crossed for me ladies.

Other Symptoms I have been having: Some twinges/cramping but it is much different that pre-af, really tender nipples just yesterday and today, seem to be tired. Now as all of you know, this could all be "in my head". I am trying not too get too excited because I don't want the appearance of af to be too devistating, kwim?

Anyone else test this weekend? It sounds like we will have a lot of testers on Mother's Day Weekend! to everyone!

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I'm out....

AF showed up - in full force this morning. a day early even.


good luck to everyone still in the 2ww

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super duper hugs Joy. sorry the witch showed
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I'm sorry Joy. to you

I took a test today. DPO 12 . It was
I feel very silly now, it's way too early for me and yet I was so hopeful. I don't know why I do these things to myself. I build up a whole little case of why it's ok to test. But mostly it was just the joy of seeing a positive that was driving me.

On the other hand I'm not out yet I suppose, though I am very pessimistic about my chances now.

Cheryl, how's things today. What dpo are you.

Welcome Lissy. Your little boy sounds very sweet. Good luck for your mother's day test.

Fertile thoughts to all.

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sorry about your neggie. hope it was just too early to test. I'm trying to fight off the early testing bug. I'm waiting till saturday rather I like it or not. now if I can just make it to saturday
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And here she comes...completing yet another lap!!! (we need a running smilie!)

I am here again. I think I am all of 2 dpo. My temp went up yesterday and stayed up today, but I have to wait until tomorrow for a "confirmed O".

I am just not testing this month....I have decided. Either af will show, or she won't. But I can't take another .

Joy - sorry found you.

And a whole heck of a lot of dust to everyone!!!!

Here's to hoping that some Beltane bd'ing was what I needed!
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9dpo, I think... (See lengthy confusion about when I O'd in April 2ww thread!) Very sore breasts--I'm hoping it's not PMS! I had cramping and twinging on 7dpo and then the tiniest spot of blood when I woke up this morning.

Last night I dreamed vividly about taking care of my newborn. I hope that's a good sign!
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So sorry Joy . for this next cycle.

Welcome back Adina. I know you would rather be elsewhere though...

Oceanone, I am still absent an auntie but have had about 4 negative pg. tests :

I haven't been charting so I am not sure when I O'd so don't know my dpo. What I do know is that af should have showed up between last Wed. and yesterday. Test I took this morning was however, the control line was really light also?: All the neg tests don't give me much hope. I am really starting to wish would just show up already so I can get started on a new cycle.

Still a glimmer of hope I guess. Anyone with news of not getting a positive test until days late please let me know! I feel like I should have gotten a BFP by now if I am going to.

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Welcome back Adina & Becca.

Adina, I hear you on the neg test. I should have followed my own advice this morning.

Envirobecca, everything is sounding promising for you this month.

Naturegirl, my last pregnancy my test didn't show positive until 19 DPO : It was a puzzling and difficult wait for me, particularly as I was so regular back then. Then, on that 19th day, a lot of , lot of joy. I hope yours is a similar story.

I am expecting AF today or tomorrow really. Today is CD 32 and admittedly it is hard to know exactly as my cycles for the last six months have varied between 26 & 37 days Very strange. I blame it on nursing, but it may not be that.

I think something will happen soon either way. I have been getting strange (for me) sticky cm with bits of blood in it this afternoon. Either my period is imminent, or, or that fertilized egg took it's time making it's way down there, saw some sights, checked out a few bars, did some sunbathing and then just dawdled on in..... I hope that's what happened. I guess I could have been out in my o date too.

I must say it has restored confidence in my body a little as i am not charting. I was going by other signs and knew that I had a 4 day later than expected O. So, I was not expecting AF before now. I am definitely not going to test before Saturday. But I have a feeling AF will show before then..... so Brooklyn1 I am totally with you now. Saturday it is!!!
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I have known two women who tested positive almost 8 weeks in....but not before then. And they have happy healthy babies....so it is positive...and since you can actually implant 7-12 days after O (sometimes that little eggie just takes its time!:LOL) you may just not be testing + yet.

I will hold out hope for you. I am super positive girl this month!!!
I keep repeating:
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant

Much and dust to all!!!!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you

I needed those stories of ladies testing positive later instead of earlier. That gives me more hope.

Oceanone, I hope that eggie didn't overdo it the bar on the way down!:LOL You always make me laugh.

Adina, I must tell you how wonderful you are and if good energy and vibes could make you pregnant your would be having quadruplets by now! Yikes that's a scary thought now isn't it.

I'll keep you all posted. I am trying not to test AGAIN until next Monday, if applicable.
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quadruplets? EEK!
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Ugh!!! I posted this afternoon, but I posted it as the server crashed and now it's not here.

So anywho...Joy, Sorry about the old hag knocking at your door. Next time give her the evil eye and see if that works.

Good luck to the Saturday testers.

AdinaL, I could use some of your positive vibes. I am pretty sure this is not our month. My charts looks like last months in dpo land. And now I am getting the sore nursing session right when I always do before AF. Shes not due for another week, but since everything is as usual, then my LP is still 10 days. I guess I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Actually, I hoping negative psychology will trick AF...

Speaking of bars, I was thinking of how I wish I could buy a round of BFP for us all. In it's place, can I buy a round for those who get BFN - which will be no one of course - OOPS I mean everyone (reverse psychology again)

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