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Panda, don't feel bad about lurking. I'm not TTC yet and I'm here. Oh, wait, I have to be here -- I'm the moderator.

Seriously thought, this is always my last board that I check. It's sort of my reward for getting everything else done.

Hopefully, in a month or two I won't be lurking anymore and will be here on honest pretences.
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I'm back! FF has me O'ing on Thursday! Yah!!! My dh left Thursday afternoon so we got on last bd in on Wed. night! Which was our anniversary How cool would that be if we made our little baby on our anniversary night.

I think my lp will be 11 or maybe 12 days if I am lucky! I have been worried it is too short for awhile. I know 10 days is the "minimum" but 11 or 12 would make me feel a whole lot better.

Erin, it looks like you tested too early. I would say you O'd on cd 26. I had a really late O last cycle. First ever for me.: I didn't O until cd28. It looks like things are back to normal this time though. That was truly frustrating as I wasn't charting and just observing cm for clues.

FF also has me at a test date of June 16th but if I make it to June 13th I think I will test. That was my due date before my mc and if I am pg. I know that my babies little spirit has rejoined me. If I am not pg. I will be crying already so I might as well just do it all at once.

Nice to be back!

Good luck 2wwers!
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Naturegirl, Sending ++++++++ thoughts to you.
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Naturegirl, I am not in the wait this month so I'll be following yours with anticipation. I hope, hope, hope it's your month. An anniversary made baby. How perfect!
*** fingers crossed smilie - where are you?*******
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Cheryl ~ That would be SO cool to know your baby was conceived on your anniversary !!! So you're just settling in to the wait, huh?

I'm on the other side of what's turned into a 3ww (I thought I o'd at cd 17...took a test when AF was "late" but then realized I had probably o'd on cd 26) and here I am at 13 DPO. I could test now but AF is due tomorrow-ish and I'm just going to wait her out.

I know how sad I'm going to be if I get another BFN and yesterday I realized how shocked (and a little freaked out) I'm going to be if I see I BFP....so I decided to just hang out in limbo for another couple of days!!!!

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mamma-wanna-be---- I know your apprehension. When I tested with Tracy in September of 2001 I was at work. My heart about stopped when that blazing positive came up! I was so excited but at the same time thought I was going to vomit because I had NO idea what I was going to do with a baby! I had never been around them, never held one, never even changed a diaper. Then with Sweetpea, I was sooo excited to find out. I wasn't nervous at all....I don't what my deal was This past week I had the same feeling I did with Tracy. YAY...OMG what in the world are we going to do???

I think everyone, just about, has the same feeilngs. kwim?

Good luck...I hope af stays away!
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Just wanted you all to know that I am still around. Just moved to a June 2ww board. Thank you all for your wonderful pregnancy vibes . I really hope they work this month!

See you all in the June 2ww.

Erin, I am thinking of you and wishing doesn't show and you will get that BFP you are looking for!
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