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hey girls! I think I am o'ing now and dh and I bd'ed last night. Yay! I am going to wake him up when I get home tonight (2am, god love him!) and bd again. good for you for being so positive adina. lot's of luck to you all, I'll be on this side officially in a day or two!
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Wow, it is sounding like we might have a bunch of BFP this weekend! What perfect mother's day gifts would be

I am out of town house hunting this weekend, hoping af stays away. If she doesn't arrive by Monday I am testing. I have no will power

Adina, I your positive energy!

Good luck everyone
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hi everyone , still feeling like I have the flu. still getting those tiny butterfly cramps in the lower abdomen. wishing, hoping and most of all praying its our time. check back later.
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Alrighty - I got my "confirmation" of O on fertility friend....af is due to arrive on 5/17...let's hope that she misses her train!!!

I am 3 dpo today.

my chart

Nice temp rise, good and high now.

Everyone say it with me:
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant
I am Pregnant

Much and dust to everyone!!!

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Hooray Adina! I am chanting with you....

Still no AF. I was surprised it was not here this morning, but hey, I'm taking it in my stride!

I hope that was just some implantation blood yesterday. :

Brooklyn, I am getting excited for you too. I hope this is your month.

Coleslaw, :LOL , hope your negative psychology works.

Jenny, woohoo on the O.
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Here we go Oceanone! Have you tested yet? how many days past O are you now? I am keeping my fingers crossed for you this month too.

Who is all testing on mother's day again? I might be joining you.

Still no !
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naturegirl, well I tested yesterday. So I won't be testing until the weekend. Probably Saturday rather than Sunday. Just in case it's a neg again. On Mother's day I would rather focus on what I have got (my ds) rather than what I haven't (in the form of a possible neg test). On the other hand if I make it to Saturday I will be VERY optimistic when I pee on that stick!

Hope we can both still be talking about this at the end of the week.

Edited to add: I am only 13 dpo, but I only had a 10 day luteal phase last month so either way, that's a big plus for me.
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wishing you the best this cycle.

I'm only 10dpiui. I'm excited and I know its too early to tell anything but I can't help but hope and pray after three years we are finally pregnant. trying to keep myself from testing. I hope it works
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It's hard not to test isn't it! Are you going to test this weekend if no af by then? I am also trying to hold back until Saturday or Sunday. I will have to keep myself pre-occupied to accomplish that :LOL


I am pregnant
I am pregnany
I am pregnant

You are pregnant
You are pregnant
You are pregnant

Oh ya, here are the quadruplets!
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Well I suppose that quadruplets would get the four I want out of the way all at once.....but oy - can you imagine the diapers!!!:LOL :LOL

And right back at you:

I am pregnant
I am pregnant
I am pregnant

You are pregnant
You are pregnant
You are pregnant.

I think that it is good that no one I know IRL reads this thread..they would seriously think I was nuts....:LOL
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Well, I think I'm here today! I was SO, SO crampy today and my cervix is dropping. I even made dh bd with me at 3 am! So maybe this month will be it for us! I'll know for sure if I o'ed in the morning but I'm 90% sure already. good luck to all!
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Okay, so I know at 3dpo there is NO WAY i could be having symptoms....but I am lame and obsessing anyway. I am incredibly tired...only very specific foods sound good....and the ones that don't make me feel like yakking. Anyway...just thought I would share...oh and I want a big juicy hamburger...and I don't usually eat red meat....bizarre.
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Adina, My dearest friend is a vegan no animal products of any kind and when she was preggo she ate steak sandwichs all the time.

You are pregnant
You are pregnant
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I got my hamburger last night. It was yummy and hit the spot....of course I was hungry 20 minutes later....
very bizarre...but I figure if I am having a craving that strongly, then my body needs something and is telling me the quickest way to get it!

How is everyone else doing?
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Well I think is finally knocking on my door.
I had some spotting this morning. I was going to wait for a few more months before charting temps but my irratic cycles these past two months are making me worry a little. I think I will start charting this cycle so I can get a grasp on what's happening.

It will also help me save $$ on preg. tests

Still hoping for a miracle...I don't go down easy

BTW, sounds promising wolfmom! and Adina, I sure hope those symptoms are not imaginatory.

to everyone testing soon!

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Weldome back wolfmom!

Adina, glad that hamburger hit the spot. Very sound policy to follow your body's lead there. A pregnant body often wants HEAPS of protein. I know that happened to me last time.

Naturegirl no, no AF, go away! You seemed to be having a nice long luteal period and that's a good thing in itself (this is what I am telling myself too). I would definitely try to go ahead and chart if you can. I am going to if AF shows.

IF, because it's still not here and I am at DPO 14!!!! This is my most promising cycle so far. No spotting at all since Monday afternoon (and that very scant). I am feeling very warm, like I always have too many layers on. I'm not temping but if I was I would suspect a jump in temperature. I am trying not to get my hopes up too high, but a girl can dream can't she? Even my husband told me this morning to get some extra sleep "because I have a bun in the oven!". How sweet is that? Oh, you should know that we sleep with a toddler, so this is a real issue, not an off the cuff remark. His confidence gives me more confidence because he is SO SO sensible.

No news really, just a little hungry, but that could be anything.

Oh, I went to Costco on the weekend. My intention was to stock up on tampons because this worked last time. Instead I passed them buy and stocked up on oatmeal, dried fruit, flour and seeds to make bread, some salmon, cheese, hummus and other healthful pregnancy things. I dug up my old pregnancy clothes from their boxes, washed them, folded them and put them in a drawer. I sorted through some of ds's baby clothes, but I resisted looking at the baby names book. What I am saying is that since O I have put a lot of positive energy into this month. I don't know if that will affect things one way or the other, but it sure has been a refreshing way to approach it for me.

insert fingers crossed smilie here.
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naturegirl spotting doesn't necessarily mean af though. My friend spotted on and off for the first 9 weeks of her pregnancy.

Oceanone It is sounding very promising! Hmmm, even sounds a bit like early pregnancy nesting to me
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Thanks ladies, I haven't completely given up yet. Just preparing myself so I am not so disappointed I guess. I am holding off on buying a new BBT until I know for sure though

Oceanone, way to be positive. I have a really good feeling about you this month!
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hey girls. I didn't see a really good temp jump today but I think I didn't temp right anyway. I still am 98% sure I o'ed yest which is good because dh came home sick yest evening so no bd'ing last night. It's a good thing I o'ed yest afternoon! at least I still have a chance! Anyway, since yest afternoon I've had practically no fluid and my cervix is quite closed. Of course today I feel great -even skinny! But then again I didn't have ANY preg symptoms with ds. So here's hoping! Oceanone - I'm holding my breath for you!
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I'm out

and boy am I mad!!!

Now my LP is going down (8 days vs. 10 for last cycle). I wanted to avoid taking B-6, but now I think I should. I hate taking pills, but I hate getting all of these disappointments more.

But on a good note, my cycle wasn't nearly as long as it once was (29 days - I was on a 35-36 day cycle for awhile).

Good luck to everyone! I'll keep checking in to celebrate all the BFP's that are on the way. I hope to see none of you in next month's thread - no offense!
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