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I am new to the mothering board. I am looking for some discussion and support for mothers of premature babies. Where should I look?
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Welcome to the boards.

Life with a baby would be a good start!
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welcome to the MDC, i'd second that location.

my Joe was premature, he's 7 weeks old this week. 3 days ago, he rolled over, twice - no kidding. Born March 13th at 31w4d gestation. Still has 2 weeks to go until he's 'expected'.

best wishes,

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We adopted our DD from Guatemala where she was 3 lbs. at birth and 2 month premature. We brought her home at 8 months and she couldn't hold her head up, sit up, or roll over. Now at 21 mo, she's right on target:-)

Sending healthy happy vibes to your litlle angel:-)

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Hi! I'm mom to Riley Jane, who was born at 29 weeks. She was 2 lbs 10 oz at birth and was in the NICU for 3 months.

She's a happy, healthy 22 month old now! We've been very blessed with no long term problems (other than she doesn't talk much yet!)

I'd be happy to chat with you anytime!
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Thanks to everyone who welcomed us and gave their blessings.

My son was born 28 weeks gestation. He is now 32.5 weeks. He is actually doing well, except that he has anemia. When I first posted on the board I was interested in discussing breast feeding preemies. Now I am wondering about transfusions. The docs are recommending one and I am scared.

Rileysmom, did Riley have to go through one? The thing is that my son is healthy otherwise. He is showing no signs of distress with regards to his anemia.

Thanks for the dialogue.
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Riley had to have 2 transfusions and, honestly, they made a BIG difference. When we saw her right after, she just *LOOKED* better...better color and everything.

Where we are, you could donate for your child if you matched types. Riley is A+ and my dh is the O universal kind, so he donated for her second one and that made me feel better. The first one was more urgent and they couldn't wait for him to donate, but they told me about the screening process and special care that went into the blood for sick babies.

It worked out fine....

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Hi! we had a 30 week preemie who just turned 5!!!! last week. He has a diagnosis of mild cerebral palsy, but unless you were medically trained, you wouldn't know it. He is smart as a whip, too smart at times, coming up with questions that I have to look up the answers for and will be starting kindergarten next fall. He had some delays in speech, mostly due to articulation and gets OT mainly for writing skills,as his muscles get tired.

Blood transfusion...going back that far in my mind...babies in utero depend on the mother's body to make their red blood cells until a certain point, but for preemies, the rbc that they are born with die off like normal but with no replacements as they can't yet produce their own, hence the need for the transfusion. It did help immensely, even though he wasn't "sick" before he got it. Emotionally, it was difficult for me though, as we were not able to donate (my husband is +, ds and I are -, and I was too ill from PE to be allowed to donate plusa not enough time) and knowing that someone else was providing what I felt I should have been giving him (because I should still have been pg) was hard. As timing would have it, I had hit the "I failed" stage of grieving at about the same time as the transfusion, and I had to leave the room. The staff did stress the extra safety measures that blood for sick babie's is subjected to, which made me feel better.

Hang in there, you will get through it, and although the days may seem long now, they will be a blur in memory.

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Mom's of preemies,

Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it. These are truly trying times. The transfusion has not been ordered yet, I have been dragging my feet. However after sleeping on it last night I think I am coming around. It is nice to hear that your babies did so well with the transfusions.

I would love it if there were a place on the board where parents of preemies could connect.

Just a thought.
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I remember when my twins were in the NICU. The nurses were awesome!!! I remember falling asleep while holding on to their bassinets. At one point, their nurse told me I wasn't going to do them any good if I passed out on the floor, as I was recuperating from a C-Section (my girl was in distress and breech (contrary child!)). They made American flags for the fourth of July and put their footprints on them (I cried!) and taught me how to nurse twins (not as easy as I thought!). Eventually, they came home about six weeks later!!!!! Then all hell broke loose! I called my mom and dad and we all moved in for about 4 weeks!!!!
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