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Pregnant with Twins Gestational Diabetes ??s

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Hello ladies,

I'm 30 weeks preganant with twins and just failed that stupid 3-hour GTT test (just by a little they said). Now my Dr's are insisting I see a dietician. However, we live in a rural area and the small-town hospital here doesn't have a dietician that specializes in maternity cases (let alone multiples). I'm afraid this visit will just be a waste of time. Can anyone give me good advice about what I should be doing/expecting now?

I'm a little freaked out at this point b/c the nurse they had call me with the results was going on and on about possible birth defects from GD as well as the possibility of stillbirth, etc. From what I've read this is only a problem if you have undiagnosed diabetes early in your pregnancy. Is this true? I want to take this seriously, but how much difference is changing my diet (which I have been very careful about up until now) is going to make at this point? Any thoughts from anyone who has gone through this stuff?

Thanks so much!
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Hi, I had GD during my pregnacy it was my first time dealing with it and was told that it is due to carrying twins. They told me it was slight but still insisted I tested my blood from my finger after each meal. OUCH it really got on my nerves after a while and I realized what made it go up, like after eating a bowl of oatmeal. So I did meet with a dietician and was told to cut out carbs. My biggest down fall was pasta I ate two bowls of it. You need to make you diet consist of high protein, meats, chicken eggs, bacon, fish all vegetables are good. Stay away from potatoes though. Cut out breads, pasta, muffins, oartmeal all things high in CARBS or have very small portions maybe once a day. If you eat a sandwich add mayo have one slice of toast instead of two. If you have toast with your eggs only have one with butter on it. Drink lots of water. You'll be fine don't freak out. The only effect I had was one of my babies had some low blood sugar when born and was told this was due to GD. But there have been twins with no effect at all. She was given some sugar water and was fine. Congrats on your twins and good luck.
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I had GD with my twins. I did not have to poke myself at all. I just adjusted my diet like the pp mentioned (after a consult with a dietician). The GD had no effect on my boys.
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I have read posts about the Dr. Luke's book, it might be helpful for diet info.
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I had GD with my boys. I passed the GTT but when I had a U/S around 26 weeks I had excess amniotic fluis which could be a sign of GD. I did the test again and I was off a point or two. I met with a dietician and learned about diet. You can eat the things you like you just have to do it in moderation. If you have potatoes, don't have the biscuit. Eat fruit instead of juice. The juice is absorbed (along with its sugar) faster then your body breaking down the fruit. I did test my sugar after meals too. Unless you are off the charts this is all you will have to do. You will not have to take a medication or anything, it doesn't hurt to eat better.
GD causes big babies which is the real concern I think for doc's.
No need to freak.
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Funny, some of my friend had GD with their singles and the docs mad them fearful of have a big baby, and were not big at all normal 7 pounders.
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I did not have GD with my twin pregnancy (even though I have mild PCOS and am borderline insulin resistant - go figure), but a friend of mine did, and her (naturopathic) doctor told her that even something as small as a 10-minute walk after a meal was a huge bonus for insulin regulation. Don't know if you already have kids - I know that's not easy if you do.

When I was younger and didn't understand my body as well as I do now, I would eat the wrong breakfast and experience uncontrollable hunger at about 10AM because I had spiked my blood sugar. I have found that cereal and milk is just about the worst breakfast someone with insulin issues can eat. I do great with a bowl of yogurt, a big handful of almonds, and a little granola on top. Another good one is scrambled eggs, avocado, and some fruit - skip the toast, or only eat a small amount. If I were you in this situation, I would follow the diet advice of 4daughters - focus your diet on quality protein, with lower density carbs like fruits and vegetables.

I also think that you'll be fine! My friend with GD did just fine and had a home birth and a perfectly healthy daughter.
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My GD was diagnosed at 26 weeks. My healthy twins were born at 37 weeks this past October and weighed about 6 1/2 lbs each. My concern was not so much their weight, but the metabolic consequences of uncontrolled GD. BOth of their blood sugars were normal when they checked them several times in the hours after their birth--the worry is that they'll have low blood sugar and I think there are other risks as well.
I didn't have to prick my finger, just the side of my hand. It didn't hurt at all--really. After about a week, I got the hang of what I could and couldn't eat. Luckily, my GD was mild and as long as I didn't go overboard on the carbs and ate protein whenever I ate carbs (e.g. I'd have a bowl of cereal and a piece of cheese), I was okay. I only had 2 or 3 elevated blood sugars overall. After a few weeks, I only checked my blood sugar once or twice a week and my OB was fine with that.
Good luck! I hope your GD is easy to control, too.
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