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Any Wondertree families here?

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Any Wondertree families here? Just wondering what you think of the program in the Wondertree Learning Centre. (not the homeschool package/community) Hearing about your experience with the school would be great since we are leaning towards sending our kids there for a couple days a week when they are of age. We are Waldorf-y but might prefer to send our kids to Wondertree instead of the closest Waldorf school.

I'd like to hear from parents of kids who attend Wondertree .
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I read SelfDesign by Brent Cameron, the founder of Wondertree, and I really like the ideas he has about education. We are unschooling our kids, and believe in respecting their education choices. It seems to be the same at Wondertree. There is a deep trust in and respect for children there, from what I've read.

If you don't find anyone on here who sends their child there, you might want to check out the book. I think there's a website too.
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