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antibiotics help anyone conceive?

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I've heard some people say that a course of antibiotics helped them conceive, or rather seemed to help them conceive. Has this been the case for anyone you know? I'm wondering if an asymptomatic infection (BV? Anything else?)might be contributing to me not conceiving. My ob said not to worry about it, but I'm still interested in hearing about any studies you've read or even anecdotal evidence. I am thinking that IUI would bypass any vaginal flora issues, but what a complicated way to go about this. Of course I'm not chomping at the bit to take a course of antibiotics--I've avoided them for... so long now I can't remember when I last took them--but I'm trying to figure out all of the possible angles here... I want to get pregnant.
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I know I did once hear a story here at MDC about a woman concieving on antibiotics after ttc for a while. If you are worried about an undiagnosed infection, you can insert a clove of garlic at bedtime and remove it in the morning, its supposed to cure about anything. There are other stories on the web about things you can do to change your pH too to help.

good luck!
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In Taking Charge of Your Fertility she recomends taking 500 mg 3TID of Ampicillin. This is under the limited fertile quality cervical fluid section. She says that this is what works best but the reason is not yet fully understood. My doctor put me on amoxicillin, B6 and Mucinex this cycle so if I get a BFP I'll let you know

I too avoid antibotics but my doctor suggested trying this so we'll see...
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Thanks for your stories. Susykat--I'll check out that part of TCOYF. Good luck with this cycle--
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Would using Pre-Seed help with any terrain issues? I mean, doesn't it coat and protect the swimmers? I don't like the idea of taking antibiotics unless I'm dying, so I always look for safer alternatives!
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I guess infertility isn't dying, but...

just kidding, it isn't dying. I'm very happy to be not currently dying. But I wouldn't consider antibiotics unless I felt pretty desperate. I have used Preseed--but I've never heard it mentioned as helping change a vaginal environment that had ewcm... that was a lousy explanation, but I have heard that you are better off sticking with your own ewcm if you have it than adding more with the Preseed. But...? I might try Preseed again this cycle just for the heck of it! Why not...
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I'm not good at judging my CM, so I figured it'd be better to go ahead and use Preseed just in case. It's a gamble for sure. I mean, I don't want to use something that isn't necessary, but I really want to conceive!
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A friend of mine has been on antibiotics each time she got pregnant. The first time she didn't have infertility issues. The second time she did IUI with injections and got pregnant with twins but miscarried. The third time she did IUI with injections and she got pregnant with twins and now has twins. She thinks the antibiotics helped her get pregnant.
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I don't wanna sound like I'm lecturing here : but as a microbiolgist I'd really caution against using antibiotics for short periods of time each cycle. Instead of killing the bad guys you can actually select for the really bad guys, the ones that survive after multiple exposures to antibiotics. Suzykat I'm glad to hear that you have a prescription and your doc is on board, but it still sounds a little dangerous to me.

Funnygrace, there can be undetectable infections that cause infertility. It's usually mycoplasma or chlamydia but endometriosis can also result from an undiagnosed infection. From what I've seen they sometimes give prophylatic antibiotics with IUI or IVF in case the needles/tubes are contaminated.

I am wary of antibiotics but it seems reasonable to try a full course of antibiotics (at least 7-10 days) just in case if you have been TTC for a long time with no detectable fertility issues.

Babydust to all!
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I have wondered about this myself. When DH had his SA a few months back I was surprised that they didn't do a WBC (white blood count) (a high WBC points to some kind of infection).

ITA with MajorGroover, a standard dose one time course of anitbiotics would seem possibly prudent but not taking them over and over again. Personally I tend to have problems with yeast when I take antibiotics so I have avoided them as well.

Does anyone know if a post-coital would shed some light on this issue ? If the problem was infection or bacteria would it be apparent on that ?
I just googled it and found this:
it says they check for (among other things)
Cellularity - There should be relatively few cells present, other than sperm.
and that
Infection - The lining of your cervix could be irritated or infected. This is indicated by the presence of white blood cells in the mucus.
So I am thinking that maybe a post-coital test could shed some light on things ?
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