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What about your life has changed?

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I was thinking today about all the changes I've been through. Not JUST lately, but of course lately too. And looking at my DS and thinking about all the changes ~he'll~ go through in his life. This new baby too.

So (and to keep us entertained as the weeks slooooowwwwly grind by), I thought I'd start a group quiz about all the things that have left their marks on you. Some of these may be nosy, but please answer any you are comfortable with.

Here's a list of possible changes to expand on:



Body (tattoos, piercings, surgeries, pregnancies, weight gain or loss)?





Religious and/or political affiliation?


Anything else you think is a big change?

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I've never changed my name (through - erp - 3 marriages). My mom still calls me "Becky", though, and my very oldest friends call me "Flossy", which is a nickname from high school.


I used to have naturally red hair that darkened during pregnancy. And I also had very long purple hair for a chunk of time in my late teens & early 20's.

Body (tattoos, piercings, surgeries, pregnancies, weight gain or loss)?

I've acquired a few piercings, and better vision thanks to Lasik. I'm fatter than I was at any time in my 20's, not all of which is thanks to 2 pregnancies. I used to be SKINNY. Heh.

I'm still waiting for the right tattoo...but not seeking it very hard.


I grew 3 inches after High School to 5'8+". I think I'm shrinking, though, and am probably just under 5'7" now.


I live about 1000 miles from where I grew up. That's physical miles, but also allegorical miles as well.


Boy, yeah. I think I've undergone some major changes to who I am and where I am in my life. From punk to faculty wife to quasi hippie...and a lot of internal changes to what I value and what I don't.

Religious and/or political affiliation?

Yup yup yup. I grew up in a small christian community where my adopted father was a type of minister and we prayed (on our knees!) and read scripture several times a day. With all respect to my family, I'm not a member of that world any more, nor do I miss most any aspect of it.
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Name? I'm still Carrie, but would prefer to be Caroline,my full name, but by now I have given up! I did take on my hubby's last name. I changed my middle name to be my maiden name (and gave it to my DD). My mom is still annoyed about this. I think it's because she chose my middle name and my maiden name is my dad's (their divorced) but I am happy with it!

Pretty much always the blonde it's been. I dyed it once for a play and it wouldn't wash out! Ended up dying it back blonde!

Body (tattoos, piercings, surgeries, pregnancies, weight gain or loss)? Well.. I've got a row of piercings up both ears, but never, ever wear any earrings other than in the first hole anymore! I've got a tattoo- it's a celtic knot that stands for unity of the body, mind and soul that I got done in Scotland while visiting my family. I'm down a kidney (and up a big scar down the belly from that), stretch marks from DD's pregnancy and 20lbs or so higher than my high school graduation (when I am not pregnant)!

about 5'7" since mid-high school. I don't seem to be shrinking, yet

Good, I've been very healthy for most of my life. Rarely sick, no allergies, no problems. I'll attribute that to the 2+ years of breastmilk that I got! (my mom EBF all of us!)

Location? Back in my home town, well, what I consider home. I moved alot as a kid, but we spent the last four years of school here. We moved back when we had our DD to be closer to our parents. I've never gone too far, went to a state college and moved just an hour away. Wish I would have moved more pre-kids but wouldn't trade being near our parents,

That's harder to answer than all those physical things. I am much more comfortable with who I am now. It's taken time, and I am sure it will continue to be a journey, to figure out who I am. I didn't realize how much I strove to meet other's expectations while rebelling outwardly (clothes, etc.) until somewhat recently. It's been really freeing to let go of all of that nonsense!

Religious and/or political affiliation? No religon, didn't grow up with any either. Still as left-wing as I have been, no change there!

Same old, same old : We are high school sweethearts, so DH has been with me through thick and thin (literally!) and we have changed and grown much together.

Anything else you think is a big change?
Motherhood is the biggest. I wasn't prepared for how much it rewired me to be a mom. My world revolved around my DD and this baby. Nothing else could possibly matter as much. I think I thought she would be like a puppy. A nice, cute, addition that we loved but could leave behind for vacation. Boy was I wrong! And so glad that I was so wrong
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Rebekah- great thread...I hope more people respond!!

Name? Same name...I've had nicknames though, that've changed...my mom calls me Rach, and I've been Rachael Rocket, Rabie and Charles...

Hair? Iused to dye my hair a lot. it's dark brown and I'd do box blondes which created a nice coppery orange and sometimes blonde by the 2nd or
3rd dying...and my hair was super short for a long time, it's longish now..I did shave it when ds was 6 months old and I couldn't stand the pulling.

Body (tattoos, piercings, surgeries, pregnancies, weight gain or loss)? Oh, boy has this body changed. I have a fear of needles, so few piercings and no tattoos. Surgery for cervical cancer 10 yrs ago. 2nd pregnancy that's lasting...several that didn't for one reason or another... And I weigh a lot more now and am much less active since becoming a parent and changing my bike riding/NIA dancing/free time laden life to one with a kid and a busy business.

Height? 5' 8.5" still.

Health? Compromised back since 1st pregnancy. Otherwise, I feel like I'm taking way better care of myself and I get a lot of bodywork and acupuncture in lieu of having catastophic health insurance.

Location? I moved avery 3 months for about 9 years.. I traveled a lot and took great pleasure and building fast roots and pulling them out quick. The dust has settled and I've lived in the same city now for 11 years. I've changed coasts since childhood...

Self-identity? Less focus on that, I think. Less self absorption might be what I mean, though. I guess I'm really defined by mama-hood and being an artist.

Religious and/or political affiliation? Nah. I'm still a tree hugging nature loving free thinking voter.

Partner? Oh, that changed so many times through my life...I've been with younger and older partners, men and women. I think I made a good choice with this sweet one...we just had our 7 year anniversary, beating both of our previous track records for relationship duration by about 5 years.

Anything else you think is a big change? I don't write like I used to. It used to be my anchor. And I don't check out a dozen books from the library at a time.
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Name?It'sthe same my family calls me Renne(my second name) but my family calls me that way now, and my In Laws call me Silvi and acquaintances(I don't have real friends) just call me Silvia, DH almost never say my name or he'll say my name followed by an endearment

Hair?It got darker after my first pregnancy, I use it short now

Body (tattoos, piercings, surgeries, pregnancies, weight gain or loss)?Have lost weight and gain weight (not more of 5lbs when not pregnant), No tattoo's or piercings, I don't like them, I've been pregnant twice and I'm still skinny, and I just give birth 4 days ago and no surgeries

Height?Still 5'7

Health?I almost never get sick now, bu when I do I have to be taken to the hospital

Location?So far away from home!!! I'm from Sao Paulo,I've lived in Argentina, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland then back to Brazil, Australia, then back to Sao Paulo for 3 months and now in Aus

Self-identity?I feel better with myself, I feel that it's worth to live something that I didn't feel before I knew DH and had DD#1 and now this baby, it's really nice to have family. I was the shy girl that was always depressed, not I'm happy with my life

Religious and/or political affiliation?I never vote in the elections I hate politics and I'm Epsicopalian/Anglician and I grew up a Catholic

Partner?I'm married to my first boyfriend, my first love, My first time, I love him soo much: We've been together for 5 years and married for 4

Anything else you think is a big change?I used to dream about the life I wanted, I used to cry all the time, I used to ask God why he maked me suffered the way i did, I asked why nobody loved me or appreciate me(looking back, I was very mistaken)and now I'm happy for what I am and the life that I have
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This is so interesting. What a great question.

Name? I took my husband's last name when I got married. He still calls me Jilly, and my friends in university did the same, but mostly I'm Jill

Hair? Its a great shade of red, so I don't mess with it. I had it short for about 7 years, but I've grown it really long now -- part of my earth mother look.

Body (tattoos, piercings, surgeries, pregnancies, weight gain or loss)? I was sort of chubby during my 20's, but mostly pretty healthy, and before I got pregnant with ds I had just lost 25 lbs, putting me in a healthy BMI. I just got back to that when I got pregnant again. No tatoos -- dh hates them, a scar from my bellybutton ring that was chronically infected, and lots of stretch marks from growing fast and babies.

Height? I decided to be surgically shrunk when I turned 25 . . . um, no, still 5'7"

Health? Always been in good healthy. My asthma has been a bit worse since I moved to the praries, they're really dry in the winter.

Location? Grew up in North Western Ont (north of Duluth, MN), then lived on the West Coast for 10 years, and now I'm in Central Saskatchewan (fartherst north I've been yet).

Self-identity? I think I"m a lot stronger and more secure than I used to be. I have a pretty big personality and can be really outspoken, but I try to stay under wraps a lot until people get to know me, or they tend to make wrong assumptions about me, which leads to disasters. And I'm much better at saying "no", especially now that I have ds. Since we moved I've pretty much kept to myself, except for with a few people, which is different for me.
Religious and/or political affiliation? I grew up Baptist, and now I'm Anglican/Episcopalian, but still devoutly comitted to my faith. I like to call myself politically left of right . . . I vote, but I still haven't found a party (there are 5 in Canada) that I can really support.

Partner? Same dh for 13 years -- we got married at 18 and 19. Hard, but good times -- we are really solid because we've been through so much.

Anything else you think is a big change? I gave up teaching highschool (which I LOVED and was just getting good at) to be a SAHM and support my dh as he has went into ministry in the last 2 years, which is really time consuming and stressful for him. I miss teaching, but don't feel like I've lost out, because I had 10 years where I basically did what I wanted to and had a lot of independence. And in 10 years or so I'm sure I'll make another life and identity change and do something else again. Its in my blood.
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Very interesting. I'm enjoying reading everyone else's posts!

Name? When we married, I took my dh's last name. I've also gone from calling myself Allie to Allison. People (longtime friends mostly) still call me Allie but I now think of myself as Allison.

Hair? It's been everything from waist-length to just short of a pageboy cut. I did a temp dye on it once, but the color is so nice (if I do say so myself ) that I don't feel the need to mess with it. I'm currently not sure what to do with it.... love it long, and so does DH : but I really love cute short cuts. I think I'll wait till after the baby is born, then it's chopping time!

Body (tattoos, piercings, surgeries, pregnancies, weight gain or loss)? One new piercing (nose), one pregnancy, and weight has fluctuated quite a bit. Also I haven't worn earrings in my ears in years, but for my birthday (which is monday ) I'm gonna go get new earrings put in!

Height? same, afaik

Health? no significant problems

Location? have moved around some. Since high school I've lived in northern OH, then central OH, then New Hampshire, then central OH again.

Self-identity? Vastly different. I'm 180 deg from where I was in HS, or even 5 years ago. My self image and self confidence skyrocketed after having DS. I have a greater sense of who I am and what I want than I ever have before, despite the fact that in some areas (namely spirituality) I'm in limbo.

Religious and/or political affiliation? It's been all over the board. I went from nothing to converting to catholicism before we got married, and am now in a religious limbo. Politically, similar thing has happened, went from nothing to conservative and am now somwhere just to the left of middle.

Partner? Same one since first year of college! In fact, sometime this coming week marks 14 years since we met/started dating

Anything else you think is a big change? Career-wise, I've been through a lot of changes. I graduated college with a BA in anthropology but no plans to use the degree. Fell into technical writing and did that for 5 years, then lost my job and was unemployed for a time. Spent a year as a secretary/admin assistant, and then quit to stay home when DS was born. Now I am a mom, a labor doula, an aspiring lactation educator, and a web designer.
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