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Hi from France!

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I'm impressed by this forum! Looking forward to enjoy it, I'am sure I'll find out lots of stuff to learn. I hope I can as well give a few tips here & there!

I'm 32, working 5 days a week : , two kids;
My son is 5 years old, going to pre-school, and loads of energy!
My daughter is 20 months old, going to Kindergarten, still breastfed every morning, otherwise she !

OK, let see if the signature apears properly!

Was forgetting : I try to educate my kids with the respect which is due to them, ie without "fessées" which are very often used in my country : (not easy )
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Bienvenue à MDC!
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Bienvenue à MDC!
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Bonjour et bienvenue!
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Hello and welcome to MDC!
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to MDC!
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Bonjour! (I was an exchange student in HS and stayed with a family in Nantes)
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bonjour et bienvenue.

We live in Chicago, but I have been interested in French language and culture since I started learning French at age 12. My parents lived in Paris for a few years when I was in my early 20s and I was able to go there for several months a year (wish they'd move back sometimes!!). My dd, 3 years, now goes to the Lycee Francais de Chicago here for petite maternelle. We hope our income catches up to our private school aspirations in the next year or two (dh getting his MBA and me hoping my business starts to turn a profit), because we really love the language immersion education.

Utiliser les "fessees" c'est vraiment populaire en France?? J'avait l'impression que la societe francaise est, en generale, plutot conservative en ce qui concerne l'elevement des enfants, mais les fessees?
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Bonjour Emma! J'habite a Orleans, France. Bienvenue a Mothering.com! C'est tres bien de voir une Maman qui donne pas les fessees! C'est vraiment quelque chose qui m'embette(sp?) ici. J'ai meme vu les mamans qui donne les fessee au magasin!! C'est pas sympa!

Lisa (maman de trois enfant magnifique!!)
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Merci !!!!!!

Thanks a lot to all of you, I didn't expect such a welcome in this huge forum.

I'm not too sure which pseudo I have today, it seems I have two :

Never mind, See You later!
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Merci !!!!!

Back to my original pseudo.

I think I'll stick to this one, it's probably easier!

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Salut et bienvenue!

I'm an American mama to 3 kids, married to a French guy.

Enjoy the forum!
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Welcome to MDC! What a happy coincidence that I saw your post on the main discussions page; I was just thinking today, "I need to find some French Mamas on MDC to ask about Christmas traditions in France!" And there you were!

Can I as you a question? Anyone is welcome to respond - I am having a dear friend to our home to celebrate Christmas day and to have dinner with us. He's French and I'd like to do something a little special for him by having some type of traditional French Christmas item with our dinner. I've heard of the Bueche de Noel, but am wondering if there is anything else that might be fun for him.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Thanks Mamons, and welcome again Emma!
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