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May Pre-O

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Well I know it's not May until tomorrow but I'm anxious to get another TTC cycle underway! Here's to the month of May...the month we celebrate mothers, fertility and the renewal of nature........let's make some babies!!!!!


--> --> --> :bf
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And I am still here....I should O in the next two to three days...I would say O'ing on the first of May is a good omen!

much and dust to you all!!!
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Me too! Me too! I am day 11 today and looking to make a baby this month
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Me too!! I am also on day 11, and hoping my cycle is back to normal on its own and we make a baby this month.
I have an appointment with an RE next week so hopefully we will find out whats going on. Feeling very optimistic about May.
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I'm cd4.....not very exciting! But af is almost gone and I can start temping soon! Which is like opening a surprise every morning! (I'm weird...I know )

Dh has renigged on wanting a second...phooey on him....

I'm still hoping he changes his mind!

Anyway...I'm ready to make a baby too!
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AF came on the 26th and I have a regular 28 day cycle... so I think I should ovulate around the 6-10th I need to start temping....get a chart going. Good luck everyone!
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Well, af is over!! I started temping again yesterday....so I'm just waiting. Last month I didn't O until cd21 and my lp was 12 days...
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well Ive been oing for three days now and baby dancing so we shall see what happens I hope this is the month.

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I'm here - c1 of ttc#2 and on cd7. I started taking B-6 (50mg) for my luteal phase, and hope it will help lengthen it past the usual 10 days. I usually O around cd 17 but will be out of town when this month's time to BD comes around. Hopefully DH and I can manage to BD 3-4 days b/f I O but it's doubtful that that will do the trick!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!
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I am here, for a couple more days anyway....
I got a + on my OPK last night...and dh and were well on our way to bd'ing...and the next thing I know...I was waking up in the middle of thie night to get a drink of water....And wondering if we actually did the deed or not....
And then when we woke up this morning, dh asked me the same thing, "did we?" So the consensus was we did not...but we made up for it this morning....and I have the GIANT hickey on my neck to prove it. :LOL

I had really good EWCM two days ago and we bded then too...

So once more tonight and twice tomorrow! And probably once on monday just in case.

And then we wait.......
My temp spike is going to be really easy to see...
my chart
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Me, always me.... I've only O'd 2 times since November... sigh....

Here I am on cycle day 26 I think now........... STILL waiting..
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AdinaL That's too funny and I can totally relate.

Friday night I was EXHAUSTED so I went to bed early. DH wasn't tired yet so I reminded him that he can ALWAYS wake me up to BD!!

But Saturday morning I woke up with the same....did we? feeling. DH said he tried to wake me up and that I even talked to him a little bit so he thought I was awake (BTW - he only came up to bed 45 minutes after me....I'm tellin' ya it was a LONG week and I was wiped) but he couldn't get me to really wake up and then he was exhausted too so he just fell asleep.

We also made up for it in the morning!

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Adina - you are so funny!!!! That has happened to us too! Anyway, I thought I would have O'ed by now but no such luck. sigh. oh well, I think I have a little E fluid today so maybe we'll bd tonight.
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Erin...my dh and I used to wake up the same way but it was more like, "Oh crap!" We almost think thats how we got pg with number 2!

Anyway, I'm cd9 and my temps are higher this month than last... : Not sure why but I guess it doesn't matter!!

So, anyway...I've been awawy from dh sinec cd1!!! And tomorrow night I'm going to be home...there should be lots of bd'ing in our house!!! (I've been out of town to visit fasmily 12 hours away from my dh!!!)

So, anyway.....
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Well ladies I have moved over to the 2ww.

I did O over the weekend and we bd'ed like crazy. Hopefully it has had an affect!

Much dust to all and I will send the O fairy to visit this board!
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Well CD12 here. This is the first month I'm charting my BBT so it's been kind of interesting to watch the changes.

Here's my chart so far.

I was 97.3 for a while (which DH says sounds like a radio station so he does this "you're listening to 97.3" in a radio announcer's voice every morning when I read my temp : ) but then yesterday I dropped to 96.9. When I read that number to DH, we were both like....hmmmm...does that mean something? :

Today's temp was 96.8...I have not had any noticable EWCM yet. So la, la, la...not really sure what's going on in my cycle but we're enjoying lots of BD-ing!!

Good luck Adina and others who moved over to the 2WW. See you soon!


edited to fix my link. thanks adina!
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your chart just loks like you are gearing up for O...but you might want to change the link....because it sends us to your account, which means someone could click something and mess it up....Which would be bad.
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mamma-wanna-be........the hard thing about doing your first bbt chart is that you have no idea what is normal and what isn't for you!!

For instance.....last month was my first charting bbt. Well, FF said..and I agreed...that I o'd on cd7 or 8....well...it turns out I didn't I actuall o'd on cd21! We thought I was 20dpo and I was really 12dpo. We couldn't figure out why my lp was so long. But it turns out that my temp makes a jump and stays a week before O....at least I figure it does cause it did it again this month!

Good Luckin you charting...and it does look ike you are bd-ing your hearts out!!

As for me.....I'm cd10. I got home from my trip home last night. I wish I was o-ing because dh and I have had lots of I missed you bding because I was gone for SO long!

Hope everyone is doing well!!!
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Can I whine for a just moment? We've been TTC our first for the last year, most of which was rendered ineffective because I had a uterine polyp, unbeknownst to me. That was removed in November, and we began (again...sigh) TTC. AF just left me in floods of tears. I'm 36 years old and feeling like this may never happen. We just threw our annual Beltane bash, and this was the first year that there were tons of kids...

Tell me to keep my chin up? It's hard to take...
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bamboogrrrl ~ I have not been TTC as long as you have but I can relate to being SURROUNDED by babies and kiddos.

We had our TEN nieces and nephews over for Easter. Last week my friend and I went out to lunch and I swear there must have been a mom’s club meeting because we counted 12 babies in the restaurant!! There was much breastfeeding and sweet little baby sounds. Then at church on Sunday, one of my friends had her grandson and asked me to hold him for a minute. I couldn’t say no (and I didn’t want to say no) but as I was holding him I realized I was starting to cry.

I don’t mean to be jealous but it’s SOOO hard sometimes (sigh).


PS ~ its_our_family ~ Yes! We are certainly enjoying ourselves this month!
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