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Ladies...I understand completely! We didn't ttc ds..he just kinda happened. But I crave a baby so bad now! I lost our second child in November and I had the baby bug then. But now the desire is SO strong I can't help it. I held a friends newborn on Sunday and I also started to cry. I have a 1yr old son now....which I absolutely adore! But when we talked about having kids we decided if it were to happen they would be close in age. I'm ready now and dh is not.

I do understand......its hard......
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big to all of you. I am right there with you. Sometimes it is more than I can take. I think that what finally helped me, oddly enough, was thinking about what would happen if I never had kids. I spent a good portion of 2-3 days crying, but I realized that I didn't see myself without kids. I couldn't imagine never having them and being one of those "child-free" couples. So, regardless of what form they take I will have kids, I am sure. When af shows it doesn't help too much....but the rest of the month, when I am tired and ready to give up it does. I am really bad about babies...my friend just had hers the end of April and I still haven't gone to see her... I am just not sure I could handle it, and I want to be happy and supportive for her...she is a single mom, the dad wants nothing to do with the baby, and she was a little stressed that last time I saw her...I figure she doesn't need me bursting into tears when I hold her little girl. Anyway, I hear you. And I think that once we get pregnant and have a little one, we will all forget the pain and trauma that went with ttc - at least I hope so.
Anyway, much , to all of you!!!
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I have been thinking there is something wrong with me because I have not had any observable CM at all this cycle but lo and behold....

Just went to the ladies room and I have EWCM!!

I e-mailed DH (even though he has asked me not to share ALL the details of my cylce with him...I don't understand why : ) to tell him to be sure he's home when I get home tonight!!!

I jumped online to update my chart so now I am officially "probably fertile." Hee...hee.

Sorry for the oversharing but I just had to tell someone.

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YAY mamma!!!

I also found myself doused in EWCM yesterday!! But my temps aren't participating yet....I'll probably o tonight or tomorrow! Dh and I bd'ed like 4 times when I got home 2 nights ago....I hope there are enough little guys still swimming around! I'm hoping that there were so many that my body let some get right through!!

So.....I was thinking about seducing dh tonight..but then i would have to be honest and tell him I'm probably fertile which would defeat the purpose of seducing him...but I guess at this point its about the sex NOT the baby.....much to my dismay!
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I love how we have a place to come and share our excitement about having EWCM, and other stuff. Not too many people in RL want to hear about it.

I'm CD 19 and believe I have O'd, on my own. I got a +opk yesterday, and today my cervix was high and soft!
BD'd yesterday and today. We will see tomorrow if my temp goes up. I am a late ovulator. My new doc said that that lowers my chance of getting pregnant. Has anyone else heard that O'ing late decreases your chance of getting pregnant?:

Anyway good luck to everyone!!
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Yeah - both docs I have seen told me that a late O can cause problems.
the idea is that the egg is supposed to mature in a certain amount of time and then be released. SO if it takes to long to mature, some of the components may not be "sound", as my doc put it, by the time it is released. I think that this may be true sometimes, and others it isn't...there are plenty of women who have gotten pregnant with a late o. Did that make any sense??
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I am so FREAKING confused!!!

Let me explain........

I'm cd13...I think can't remember off the top of my head.....

So, I'm getting to the place in my cycle that my temping is "crucial". Well, I got home from visiting family and Wednesday morning I went to temp and my bbt was STILL in the suitcase!! So, I had to get out of bed and get it. I get in my own bed (I was in ds's) and temp....the morning before it was 97.8 but I was having a hot flash so I think it made it higher than it should have been. So, when I temp wed morning it is only 97.1 It was also 54 minutes before my normal temp time.

So, I will base what to do with yesterdays temp on today...well, I woke up at 4am...it was 2 hours before temp time so I temped anyway 97.4. I was only asleep for about 2 hours when I took this temp. Well, then I was back asleep by 4:30 and I temped again at 8...2 hours AFTER my normal temp time...it was 97.7

So, I don't know which temp to use....I've had ewcm for the last 3 days plus cd11 and cd12 I had a high soft cp. This afternoon I still hazd that familiar slick wet feeling of ewcm but this afternoon it dried up and is now kinda chunky...it may have been from the ky....but my cp was high and soft this morning and now this afternoon it is low and firm!

I'm sooo confused.......

Here is my chart....


on a side note.....with Tracy I can remember when we conceived him...it was the BEST sex dh and I ever had..of course we were only married for 5 months then...but it still is to this day...not that we don't have great sex now but you know what I mean. In march we had sex that was OMG...if we weren't careful that was coneption sex. Well, we had a chem pg..... TMI but...Last night was "OMG! We jsut made a baby" sex......that makes me feel better
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Adina~ Yes that made sense, thanks for explaining.

Megan~ seems like your body is getting ready to O, or O'd today.
can't wait to see what your temp does tomorrow.

As for me. I am going through the same thing Megan is.
I thought for sure my temp would be up today, but it wasn't. And lately I haven't been temping at or near the same time every morning. For some reason I've been waking in the middle of the night. I look at the clock. If its been 3 or more hours I go ahead and temp.
Like you megan I took my temp today at around 4:30 and it was 97.1 at 8:00 it was 97.7. I just went with the lower temp!
Yesterday my CP was high and soft, this morning high and medium, and this evening it is a lot lower and firmer and closed.

I hope our temps are up in the morning!Jodie's chart
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Ok, so this morning I lucked out and I was able to temp at 6am....my cirrect temp time. So, I was only 97.2! This is what I did with my chart......

On cd11 I had a jump up to 97.8...and then the next morning it was 97.1 I discarded this temp because I had to get up and get my bbt which was still packed. I was going to decide what to do with it after I saw the next couple temps.....well the next morning I temped 2 hours before and 2 hours after my normal temp time. I went with the later temp. This morning I tempedr low....so after reviewing my first chart and taking into consideration what happen this week I did this....

I put back in the discarded temp of 97.1 and used the earlier temp of 97.4 from yesterday. So, if I look at my chart this cycle compared to last cycle they are really very similar and I'm not that far off! So, I probably will O on cd21 like last month......but I don't think any of the little guys will last that long....oh well, so much for having a girl!
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CD5. I must look to your mama examples to stay optimistic through this whole TTC-our-first extravaganza. This morning I went food shopping. I wrote the wrong date on my check (May 12, instead of May 11 - oops) and the check-out woman said to me "what's wrong with you! Don't you WANT it to be Mother's Day!?" I'm headed back to bed I think. DH gave me the best hug ever. Sigh.
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ahhh the insensitivity of people who just don't get it.
Much to you on this Mother's Day.
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I think I o'ed!!

I've ewcm for a couple days now but I'm not sure.....I might have to wait till the end of the cycle like the last one to know for sure. I think I may have o'ed a day or two ago...if I did last month I only had a 12 day lp....

Check out my cahrt and tell me if I imagined it!

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My temp went up!! I O'd
Though FF has not confirmed it because I need 3 days of high temps, but I'm pretty sure. Cool thing is my temp shift has never been this high. My shift is usually 97.5, this was 98.
Hoping it is a good sign.
My Chart

Megan~ I hate to say it but I don't see the O, .
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NAMY`` Don't feel bad...I don't see it either...just hoping i saw it!

It is a lot like last cycle and my cd11 was imjudged and called O when it really wasn't until cd21.....guess I'm STILL waiting!
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Ignore what I said yesterday...I really didn't think I had o'ed...I was just hoping I missed it

BUT, today I'm almost positive I have o'ed!!! TMI but I'm too sure there is such a thing around here!!

Yesterday I started the day with tons of ewcm...then it kind of backed off during the day. Well, dh was more than in the mood in the afternoon but ds wouldn't cooperate and leave us alone for like 10 minutes. He would be playing by himself on the floor and as soon as he saw I had joined dh on the couch...its not like we were naked...he would start crying and run up to me. So, we said...forget it...I thought I had lost my chance...but i didn't

I usually get really horney when I O but last cycle it didn't happen which is one of the reasons I was fooled by the wrong O date. Well, last night it hit me and luckily I hadn't missed my chance

This morning my temp spiked to 98.7 which is almost an entire degree. If you see last cycle I o'ed when m temp spiked almost a degree. My charts really look similar and now this almost seals it. Of course I have to wait for a couple more tmeps but I'm pretty sure this was it

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Woo-hoo!!!! Look at those big temp spikes Jodie and Megan!!

bamboogrrrl ~ Hope you are feeling better today!

No temp spike for me yet....waiting, waiting, waiting (and having LOTS of fun ).


My chart
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CD6 I AM feeling a bit better, thank you very much. Thinking about this month's ovulation lust fest.

Fantasized with DH yesterday that I might run away and become a carney and run the tilt-a-whirl. I would drop in on him every few months and meet him for crazy BDing. He would be saving up swimmers for months, and I'd be a ripe o-ing carney lady.

I have to make myself laugh, or else I might weep.

Baby dust to all of us!
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I'll have to leave you now and join the 2ww. Which for me will be a 3ww this time.:
Goodluck to everyone still waiting for their egg!!
Megan~ guess I'll see you over on the 2ww thread soon!
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My body is retarded......Last night ds goes to bed at 11:30. I'm asleep by 12:30. Ds wakes at 1:30...I go to him and he is asleep by 1:45...I go back to bed because he will wake at 3am again. I lay down...do I go to sleep...NO.....3am rolls around...ds STAYS ASLEEP! 4am rolls around still awkae ds still asleep.....5am...STILL FREAKING AWAKE!! 5:15...ds wakes up...Of course he slept for a great amt of time...and I'm wide awake...not to mention I temp at 6am and I haven't slept AT ALL!! We are BOTH asleep by 5:30...I wake up at 8:45...barely 3 hours and temp. But the problem is that it is 2.5 hours past temp time!

My temp was 97.7...but I'm not sure what to do with it. I'll add it to my chart and if its low tomorrow I'll take it out.....

Man, how aggrivating is that!!
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Megan ~ I have not been sleeping well this week either. One night I woke up at 1 a.m. thinking it was morning and so I took my temp. DH was like...what the heck are you doing? It's only 1 a.m. : Anyway...hope you were able to catch up on your sleep!

I'm not sure if I really O'd this month, but FF is telling me I did on Sunday so I'll go with that. Time to head over to the 2WW where I can REALLY start to obsess.

This is my first month charting, so I'm a little confused. Right now my temp seems to be stuck on 97.3 (I used two thermometers just to be sure it wasn't a dead battery or something).

Who knows...what a wacky, wild ride this TTC thing is, huh?

~Erin (who's not sure if she O'd but is too tired to BD anymore this month)

my chart
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