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Erin, if you are not pregnant it isn't due to lack of bding No wonder you are tired.

I am at measily cd2. Started temping this morning for this cycle. I thought I would stay away from charting for awhile yet but : my cycle was a little wacky last month so I thought I ought to get a better grip on what's going on.

My dh does not get it. He just wants to "relax" and let it happen. I AM OBSESSED!

Good luck in the 2ww Erin! Hopefully charting does the trick for us this month.
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FF removed my cover line...so I'm back in the pre-O category!

which is fine.......I guess....
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Hmmm...interesting Megan. I have no words of wisdom. Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I'm thinking of you!

Cheryl ~ No kidding! We have certainly done our part this month to make a baby this month...now we just wait and pray! And I know what you mean about DH's who say "just relax"...mine says that all the time.

Last night he told me he was concerned that I was getting myself too worked up about this being "the month." He said he's scared that I'm setting myself up for disappointment....but I don't know how NOT to get excited about the possibility.

I guess what freaked him out is that FF gives you an EDD....if you conceived this month, based on your ovulation, your EDD would be ____. Since this is the first month I've charted, this is the first time I've seen a hypothetical EDD in writing SO cool). According to FF, if this was our month, our EDD would be Feb. 2 (Ground Hog's Day) so I started referring to our hypothetical embryo as our little Ground Hog. :

bamboogrrrl ~ The tilt a whirl, eh?:LOL

to all! Thanks for being here!

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Ok...my temp FInALLY went up today! I discarded yesterday's temp because I just don't think it is right,. I woke up with no covers and I as fREEAZING! So, I think the temp was off......I'm pretty sure I o'ed 3 days ago...so I guess tomorrows temp will tell the tale.....so if I did get pg this month it'll be a girl! Well, not necessarily but it would be nice...of course so would a boy...but anyway....I'm just not stressing over this at all. Why? because if dh isn't ready for number 2 I can't imagine getting pg without knowing he has his full support and excitement behind it....

I guess we'll see!
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Hello everyone! How is the pre-O going. I know a lot of you are over at the 2ww. Hope to see you there soon. I am at cd7 and already my cervix is high and soft and I am getting some ferning on my microscope! I should officially O within the next few days! It's hard to believe since I didn't O until cd28 last time and now I will probably O between cd9 and cd12? Hmmmmm :

My temps are jumping around a little yet. They have ranged from 97.7 to 97.1 within the last 6 days. I think when they were lower I was sleeping in a colder room, they shot back up to 97.6 as soon as I got home and was sleeping with dh again . I guess he really does make me all warm and fuzzy!

Good luck everyone!
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How are all the pre-O ladies? I haven't really been here because I'm having a little break this month. But of course, I wanted to check in on everyone.

Naturegirl, have you moved over to the 2ww yet? How did your temping go? Mine went pretty badly. Sometimes I forgot, then my thermometer broke, my waking times are erratic (I sleep with a toddler). It's a mess really, and yet, despite all that I can tell without a doubt that I am pre-o.

I am having some o pains today though. I have heard a lot that you are often more fertile straight after a miscarriage, but I still want to take a break this month. Next month I will be back with my sometimes daily dramas.

Good luck to all trying to catch that egg. What are we up to now, Valentine's babies? How perfect!
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Howdy howdy howdy......coming back for another lap around the pool.

CD 4 here...taking my clomid and getting ready to move on Saturday. Hopefully, our internet will be set up soon!!! It will be at our old place until the new place is set up.

Ah, the waiting.

My friend sent pictures of her son today. There were also pictures of her friend and friend's newborn. I had that moment os "awww...." and then I had the moment of my stomach dropping and feeling like that was all I wanted in the whole universe was a baby. I would live in a tent in the mountains as long as I could be pregnant.
But for now....my cat has decided to be high needs....must be touching me at all times while I am sitting down. :LOL it is kinda funny really. And when I am not doing what she wants, she meows REALLY LOUDLY. :
Anyway, hope that the O fairy visits everyone soon!!!!
Much and !
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cd10 I think O is impending...I am super duper emotional today.

at the drop of a hat! I don't know if it is beause I am getting closer to "the date" or what?

I have had partial ferning the last two days and cm is getting more promising too. I think I will O before the long weekend is over!

It's our anniversary next Wed. too. So hopefully we will start the new year off with a bun in the oven

I haven't even thought about Valentine's babies until Oceanone brought that up. How lovely would that be!

Welcome back Adina, hope the move goes smoothly and the new place is just what you needed for a BFP

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Naturegirl, hurrah on the O, bring it on. Oh, I really hope you get your baby valentine...

Hey Adina, a high needs cat! Maybe the universe is getting you ready for something. Good luck with your move. Moving out is a drag. But moving in is fun!

I was like your friend once, to my friend. I would have given anything to make things better for her and I never was hurt for a moment that she couldn't take joy in my newborn. I'm sure your friend is the same. I think you will have a lot of joy of your own in the end. All babies are special, but those so hard won are especially cherished I think.

Mucho eggie vibes to everyone here.

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I am on 2cd I have a long wait. My dh may be traveling right smack in the middle of O. He said thou he will talk to his boss about sending him a little later if that does happen.
Anyhow, I hope we all have a great month and that we will be graduating.
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Hi! Welcome back, dancinggirl, ...though I know you would rather not be here!!

Did you get my PM? I hope it didn't sound snippy....It was like 1am whne I responded and I wasn't forming thoughts very well!

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CD 15. I've given up on the OPK oracle. It never seemed to give a definitive result. I also hate charting. So I'm going on EWCM (which I don't necessarily always see every month) and the fact that men seemed glued to me over the past 24 hours like flies to honey. Hilarious! Just gotta live in the moment and bd as much as possible over this lovely holiday weekend.
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I started charting this month. I think it is helping me. At least I don't "wonder" as much and I am interested in determining exactly how long my lp is. I am a little worried it is too short

My dh is getting into it too a little. He was totally against the charting when I started but this morning he was looking to see what my temp was

I was highly emotional yesterday. Crying over nothing :
Can that be an ovulation sign. It's usually a pre- sign for me.

Good luck to everyone this month. And lots of valentines babies to all!
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Still waiting for O... should be sometime this weekend I think. Then over to the 2ww!

How's everyone doing?

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Cheryl~ My DH was the same way about charting...didn't want me to do it....now when my thermometer goes beep...beep...beep each morning he rolls over and says...

Where are we at today!!?????

Too cute!

I'm waiting for AF (should be here any second now) so I'll be seeing ya all in the June wait I guess.

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Erin. Hopefully will stay away? Are you sure she's coming?? to you!
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Back in the pre-o thread. AF found me today (or actually late last night). I thought I was preggers, but never mustered up the courage to test, after all the early m/c. My lp was 17 days and I had all the signs of pg though, so I would most likely have seen yet another faint pos. Somehow I didn't want to know this time.

So here I am, ready to go for a great cycle. Hopefully with a sticky pregnancy this time, since I had a fibroid removed about 6 weeks ago. So I should be all 'fixed' now!

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karenpl ~ Sorry found you.

Cheryl ~ I'm CD 32 (no idea when/if I O'd) but no sign of AF yet (fingers crossed).


my mystery chart
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Howdy all! I am back. Well sort of. My DSL doesn't get hooked up until Thursday, so I am sitting in my old apartment with my computer! So I will be off and on here.
CD 8 here. Waiting.

Sorry af found you karen! but glad to see you think you have had things "fixed". Good luck!!! I will be thinking of you!

Much and to you.
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Hey Adina, we just got DSL too, but dh hasn't hooked up all the computers yet, and of course mine is one that hasn't been hooked up yet LOL

Erin, based on your temps, I would say you o-ed on day 26, but based on mucus that wouldn't be right. It sure is a mystery chart! Mucus would point to day 14 as o-day, but the temp after o would be weird. At least a day 26 o would have a perfect 7dpo estrogen surge today, which would fit. Well, it's day 6, but I have found that mine often is a day early or late too. I hope your temp will stay high for the next 9mo!

Karen, cd2 with heavy, heavy flow, blech!
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