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can i jump in?

hi, girls. mind if i join in?

i am cd 5 of my tenth cycle ttc #2, and i am taking 150mg of clomid on days 2-7...

waiting for o...

last cycle i got a positive opk on day 13, so i am hoping to o in a week or so.
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Welcome Elizabeth! Hope that you soon O and this is your month!

I am still waiting...cd15 and no O yet. My dh is leaving town for a couple of nights on Thursday, cd17 and cd18. So I hope I O tomorrow or Thursday!

My cycles are also only 28 days long typically so hoping to O early enough to have a decent lp.: This is my first month charting so after a couple of months at least most of the guesswork will be out of the picture

Sorry karen and good luck everyone!

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well, girls. this may be TMI (but of course, what else are we here for but to share lots of otherwise TMI)--but here i am on day 6, and my cm is already starting to change to creamy/watery!!! i really want to O a little early this month because DH is going out of town...i take my last clomid dose tomorrow, so i am hoping to get this show on the road...

oh, i forgot to mention that in addition to my luteal phase dysfunction, my husband has low-normal sperm count and low motility. so, we are going to abstain from day 8 till day 11...

how is everyone else today? pretty soon we are going to have to be the june pre-o group.
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I am still waiting for my little eggie

I know my dh and I are both stubborn people so I guess this is the universe paying us back and being a little stubborn itself!

cd16 and counting...

Worse part is it doesn't "feel" like it is going to happen real soon. All my ovulation signs are absent I hope I don't have to wait too much longer.

Hope that egg shows up at the right time Elizabeth. Sounds like you have your challenges already. How long did it take to conceive with your first child?

Come on little eggies!!
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Hang in there naturegirl! Here's some serious egg popping vibes for you


Now get busy. :LOL

Welcome Elizabeth

Bamboogrrrrl, hope the long weekend did the trick for you.

Karen, welcome back. I know what you mean about not wanting to know re the faint positive. I got one last month, actually two. I preferred to know that time though. I don't know how I will feel going forward. Anway, I hope your surgery did the trick and that it's a breeze for you from here on in.

adina, how is the new place treating you?
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New place is great. Much bigger. NO tripping over the cat.

All is well here - cd 10 (i think - haven't looked at my chart today)
waiting to O - should happen in the next week or so - though cervix is nice and hig right now....which is a little early.
who knows?
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cd 7--done with my clomid

good afternoon, everyone!

well, i finally finished my clomid today...i am hoping that is all the clomid i will need for a long, long time!

we did not try to get pregnant with DS. we just weren't careful the whole first year of our marriage. now that i know what i know about our fertility, i feel so blessed that we got pregnant the first time without intervention!

adina--last month i started getting really fertile signs on day 10. it was so weird, because i am used to o'ing much later than that! hope it is soon for you!

karen--i think you were wise to wait to test, even if it means that you don't know if you conceived or not...we had a missed pregnancy a few months ago. i never got a positive test, but i had all the signs. my LP is never over 7-8 days if i am not medicated, and i it was 10 days with spotting on 8dpo, etc...i hope that this is the month for you to have a sticky baby!

i hope everyone has a good day.
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