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car rides

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My dd rides with dh to daycare in the town where he works four days a week. The ride is about 60 minutes. When she was little, she just snoozed, which was so rare for her, we encouraged it! But now that she is a year old, she HATES the ride. She fights all dh's attempts to pacify her (nookie, books, cheerios, toys, etc). She has one month to go before dh is off for the summer (school teacher) and she will start a new 'school' 2 days a week only 7 minutes from home. But, what to do until then? Dh is going nuthouse with the stress of a screaming kiddo for an hour each way every day. Suggestions?

Fiacre, mom to Cadence Elaina, loving wife of Scott
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Has he tried singing to her while he's driving? I know my DH is a bit hesitant to sing to DD, at least he was at first, but it really works wonders. You are lucky she at least used to sleep in the car - mine has always hated it, from day one! She's a little better now that she sits front-facing, but I don't recommend that unless you have a really big one year old. I always let her pick out a toy to bring with her, and then bring another just in case, and her sippy cup with water in it. Good luck!
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I have tapes of kids music that I play in the car when ds gets fussy. It really helps a whole lot. I don't know what kind of toys you prefer but we also have a travel sized Magna Doodle that we keep in the car. Ds in enthralled by this thing. He loves to color on it.
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singing my heart out

Hear, hear to the singing suggestion!!! Belt it our loudly - no one can hear you but you kid, who will really get a kick out of it. My Lu HATES the car...unless I am singing. She loves anything with her name in it, and songs about animals - which she is really into right now. She will sing along, too. Also, my mom made a compliation CD of Lucy's favorite music... she loves it. (As long as I sing too.)
Hope this helps, and good luck to you!

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I agree with music, but also perhaps try warning her that she's going for a car ride. I had the same problem with my daughter, and even though I didn't think she understood what I was saying, she actually did. I would tell her, "o.k., we're going for a car ride, so you have to sit in your car seat." before I opened the car door. A few weeks later when she pointed to the car and said, "car," I knew that at least she understood some of what I'd been saying.

I think that once toddlers start feeling more autonomous, they feel belittled if you just put them here or there and strap them in with no warning. Maybe that's just psychobabble, but it works for us most of the time-- that and the singing, for sure!
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