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Our baby has arrived!!!

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One day before my EDD and one day after the midwife's date I FINALLY went into labour, after having fairly uncomfortable contractions every 10 minutes for 6 days. I couldn't take it anymore and had some acupuncture (which got me pregnant in the first place) and the next morning when I woke up I was having mild pains in my lower back every 3 minutes. I didn't know if anything would come of it so I took my son to playland with a friend, a half hour's drive from here. A couple of hours later the pains were getting really uncomfortable and I had a show so I phoned my husband to meet me at home, and drove myself home.
By the time dh got home a half hour after that I had already started on the chocolate mud cake to celebrate our baby's birthday, but still couldn't believe we would soon have a new little baby in our lives. This was about noon. By 3:00 our midwife Jodi had arrived and our other support person Toni about an hour after that. Early on in labour I started to use humming through the contractions as I wanted to use sound to help me and not wait until I was screaming out of control.

Did some walking to get things moving, then spent awhile sitting on the ball, humming and started having someone put pressure on my hips during the contractions. This pressure (on acupressure points) made a HUGE difference in the pain and allowed me to cope through a totally natural birth. Later spent an hour or two in the birth pool on the patio which was nice to have my huge weight supported by water, but felt the need to get out (and baby was getting anxious).

By this point it was about 7pm and my husband finally joined me as he had been entertaining our 3 1/2 year old son all day. This was when labour became quite intense and I needed a HOT towel on my back and hip pressure during every contraction, which were coming almost back to back now. Spent some time leaning on the dining room table and rotating my hips clockwise to help the baby turn down the birth canal.

Finally moved to the bedroom (and blessed air conditioning) for the final, horribly painful hour, spent kneeling on the floor leaning over the end of the bed. Having someone hum with me when my hums became more like screams was really helpful, and also the constant hip pressure. I felt the baby coming down and was suddenly overtaken by a huge urge to push (which I never had with my first son). I pushed like a madwoman for a couple minutes and then came that blissful feeling of a slipperly little baby sliding out.

The baby cried straight away which surprised me as ds #1 didn't cry at all at birth. It's such a wonderful feeling to gather up a new slippery baby and hold it to your skin!!! We had all thought this baby would be a girl so I guess my "OH! It's a boy" didn't sound too enthusiastic but we soon fell in love with our little Paddy (Patrick Sean). Our 3 year old insisted on being woken up for the birth so he sat on the floor and watched as his little brother was born and seems really glad to have been part of it all.

Jodi said it obviously wasn't painful enough because 5 minutes later we were talking about doing it again! Well we were expecting a girl......

Big brother has been coping wonderfully and often gives little brother kisses and pats. I'm struggling with exhaustion and depression after being unable to eat the placenta because it was falling apart and rotting at the birth (don't know why, but it looks like we're lucky our little guy arrived so healthy). Hopefully some more acupuncture and herbs will help.
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And how wonderful that big brother got to see the whole, beautiful thing!! Get as much rest as you can, and don't feel bad about bossing everyone else around for a few days...you deserve to be pampered!!!
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Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing your home birth story!
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That was beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to stay in control!
But what is this about eating the placenta? You should be sleeping but, maybe someone else could fill me in.
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What a lovely birth story. Congratulations!

Welcome little Patrick!
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Motherdownunder- Wonderful to hear that your new baby is here! It's been such a hot summer- good thing you have air con in the bedroom! And I'm so pleased that you were able to have a homebirth here in QLD, it's an amazing thing to be able to pick up your wet and gooey baby just after the birth (although I must say I missed out on this one cuz ds's cord was super short- I had to have the cord cut to be able to pick him up!)- I just hope that more women here in Australia will be able to do the same thing in years to come. Best wishes to you and your family. Stay in touch if you get the time to log in. Love,
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Congrats on your beautiful son......what a wonderful, inspiring birth story!
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Well done motherdownunder!! Great story. I'm sorry about your placenta, maybe next time??
Congratulations and welcome to the world little Patrick!!
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Congratulations, Mother Down Under!!!

Welcome to the world, little Patrick Sean! What a beautiful Irish name!

I would love to hear more about the accupressure you used, much later, of course.
What a lovely birth!

Rest up and enjoy!
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I'm 5 days overdue now and can't wait to hold my little one!
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Thank you all for your congrats! Paddy and I had 9 1/2 hours sleep last night with only one feed in the middle, which is truly amazing!! I feel great today!

Eating the placenta is supposed to be great for preventing post natal depression, as well as giving the new mum lots of energy and a quick recovery. It made a huge difference last time and I was really depending on it again this time. Fortunately I've now got some Chinese herbs from my acupuncturist that will do a similar thing, but it always amazes me that more women don't take advantage of this wonderful gift of nature. There used to be a whole discussion on here somewhere about it, including instructions for drying and capsulating placenta (that's how we did it, but some people eat it fried up or in small raw slices).

Aussiemum, you're finally back! I've been wondering about you since the board went down. It's hard to keep track of each other here, would you like to email me? clanmclaren@bigpond.com

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That's fascinating! I have never heard of that! If I have another I may try it! I wonder if a doctor would let you?
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unfortuanately, no doctor in their right mind would even let you have your palcenta after giving birth in the hospital. It becomes "hazardous waste" and you would have to do some pretty heavy duty screaming for them to let you have it. It is next to impossible in most places. It isn't even up to the doctor.
then of course, the hospital sells it to companies and it is made into cosmetics. No s**t! They profit off of OUR organs.
I think you gotta have a homebirth for that one
Then you can do whatever you want with it. Mine is still in the freezer waiting a home of it's own...
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