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Family Caribbean Vacation

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We are trying to plan a vacation for next January (2004). We want to go to the Caribbean with dd (will be 2 1/2), dh, myself, and my parents. Anyone been someplace that you would recommend? I've been to the islands many times, but never with a toddler, and never on a family vacation. We'd prefer to stay away from the big casinos. Thinking maybe Turks and Caicos... have you been there, or have another island/resort to recommend?
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Have you heard of teh Sandals resorts on Jamaica? Well, they have a relatively new resort called "BEACHES" which is for families ( their other resorts are couples only, and no kids allowed~dh and I honeymooned in Ochos Rios at one..so fun). IT is all inclusive which means you pay one price and everything is included- room, all food, including drinks, and activities. They have activities geared to adults only, kids only, and families together. So, say you and dh want to go to an activity and leave dc with grandparents for a few hours you can. I know they have babysitting type activities, but your dc is kinda young for that.

We loved Jamaica and the people and loved the service at the Sandals resorts. THey treat you like family, and were so sweet to all the guests. We also liked not having to worry about carryiong money and having to budget meals. I'm sure they have a website, hmm lets see....
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Well it's not exactly the Carribean (although there is a Carribean side), but we just returned home last month from spending 4.5 months in Costa Rica w/ our 2 yr old...
It was wonderful and i highly recommend visiting. It is beautiful, very non-resort-like, they adore children, care about the enviroment, and there is so much to do and its amazingly beautiful!!
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When I wsa 6 mos preggo we did a week in Puerto Rico with out 2 1/2 year old. It was blissful. The only thing I would suggest is staying somewhere that you don't have alot of travel time. We had to have 4 hours on the plane (plus one hour checkin at each airport) then an hour ride to the hotel, a 1/2 hour checkin, etc. Then where we stayed had pools, but a huge resort (El Conquistador) we had stayed before. Have their own private island you take a boat to. Except then you ahve to treck to the tram. Tram to the boat, miss the boat, wait 1/2 hour in the hot sun. Boat 30 minutes to the beach. KWIM ? Took over an hour to get to the beach/ocean. Next time it is resort close to airport with everything at my doorstep (can you say Disney?? ) ROFL

Have fun. It was really great. LOTS of sunscreen tho for us all.
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