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Naps and nursing

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I think dd may have outgrown naps. I have mixed feelings about it. I will admit that I enjoy the quiet time when she's asleep, but the nursing down for a nap was killing me. So, in dropping the naps, we drop the nursing session & (she doesn't ask to & I don't offer ), which puts us down to nursing once per day for only a few minutes at bedtime.

She's almost 4 and nursing has been incredibly uncomfortable the entire pregnancy. She even commented the other night that she's forgetting how to suck the right way. I hope I don't get flamed for saying I'm really ready for her to wean. I can't honestly say I was ever excited about tandem nursing, but I wasn't willing to actively wean her. I never imagined she'd wean herself during my pregnancy, but she seems to be doing just that- at least mostly anyway.

Wow. How life is changing for us. I'll admit I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.
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No flaming here b/c I can relate to everything you said. It hurts like heck to nurse but its the only way I get him to nap. I think I need the nap more than he does.
We too are only nursing minutes a day. I hope my nipples return to no hurting status after new baby comes.
Remember we are in the home stretch.... (hugs)
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Noah was well on his way to weaning at the time I became pregnant, but I have to say I did encourage it. I couldn't take it. And imo, I wanted to end our nursing relationship on a positive, not with resenting his nursing and the pain, etc...

and the thought of tandeming scared me! But I do admire and applaud the ladies that do it!

I find myself excited to nurse this little one....

Maybe instead of 'nap' time, she could have a 30/45 minute (or whatever) 'quiet' time?


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No flaming here either.... My DD still asks to nurse on occaision I am amazed with you ladies who made it this far! I was in so much pain, no milk, we stopped at about 20 weeks.

And naps, well, they went when she stopped nursing! We have quiet time now. She plays quietly in bed, looking at books or playing with her baby dolls, for about half an hour. Then, I often let her watch a TV show, simply because I am exhausted. So we get an hour of down time in the afternoon. It was hard to adjust to at first, but now she sleeps from 7:30 or 8pm to 8:30 am most days! Pretty much straight through! I will now take the 12 to 13 hours of sleep over the naps.
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No flames from me either! Its fabulous that you were able to give your child so much comfort and nutrition for as long as you did!

My dd seems somedays to give up naps, and she won't be 3 until next week! Early on in this pg we stopped nursing down for naps and now she knows she doesn't get her "eat eats" until after nap, but on days that she doesn't nap she doesn't nurse at all (except for her one time in the early morning) and some days I am SO grateful for the break. We will definitely be intiating some kind of quiet time if she really does stop napping altogether, and like a pp said, nightime sleep for her is MUCH longer without naps, something that I could definitely get used to!
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Originally Posted by PortraitPixie View Post
Maybe instead of 'nap' time, she could have a 30/45 minute (or whatever) 'quiet' time?


My child is like the carbon copy of her father- personality wise, anyway. I've joked with him for years that he is the noisest quiet person I know. Trying to be quiet- or still- for him is like pure torture. He simply can't do it, try as he might. DD is exactly the same. I can see it in her- she truly has a VERY limited ability to be quiet or still. "I just have so many questions, mama!" she'll say So, I'll settle for "entertain yourself" time, which she's getting much better at doing. Sometimes I'll put soothing music on if i'm not needing to be on the phone (I work from home 8 hrs a week) and can tune out some of the constant chatter.
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