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Yay! I'm getting close!

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Okay, I just got back from the MW, and I asked her to check me and she said that I am 2-3 cm dialated and my cervix is mush! YAY!
The MW anticipates that I'll go into labor by Monday!
I really needed a little encouragement, I was really feeling desperate!
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Would you mind sending some of that my way??

I have an appt. with my mw in 30 minutes, and will have my first internal exam.

I just have to remember to try not to be disappointed if I am 0 and nothin'...
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How exciting!! Please keep us posted!
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Eagerly awaiting updates.....:
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Wow, that's great. I can't wait to hear your birth announcement and birth story!
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Still nothing . . . maybe they were wrong. . .as soon as my MW said that all contrax and any signs just stopped. Do you think maybe I'm holding back?
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